The Return to Al-Maghrib: Breaking My Silence [Recovered]

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post was lost due to my former-host’s server crash.  I recovered the content, but not the comments.

For almost two and half years I have not taken a class with the AlMaghrib Institute.  When I stopped it was during the controversy which I will not mention nor will I link to it since it’s not worth it.

Beyond that incident and up until the 2008 ISNA convention, I personally had felt a grudge and animosity towards AlMaghrib (even after the Pledge of Mutual Respect and Cooperation).  I didn’t have anything against the teachers nor the students (after all the students were my family by blood and by brotherhood), but it was against the idea and way of AlMaghrib.  It was pure ignorance and stupidity.  May Allah (swt) forgive me for the hardness of my heart.  I guess you could say I was jealous, because there wasn’t an alternative choice that was similar in the method but pleasing to my opinions.

I have publicly done many wrongs to this organization in the past and I have never sought public forgiveness from it.  So on behalf of my ignorant, close-minded and pathetic two and half years of boycotting AlMaghrib I am officially seeking forgiveness for this.

I am breaking my silence this weekend at Torch Bearers in NYC (Marriot in Times Square, not Javits anymore).  It could not have been a better class to do this, becuase the class is about those who rose above the labels and names and focused on the goal.  For example, one of the great scholars that we are going to study is Imam Shah Waliullah (rah) who is revered by all the Sunnis (both Sufis and Salafis) in the Indian Sub-contintent.

How did Imam Shah Waliullah (rah) captiviate the hearts and minds of the Muslims when they were divided?  It seems Imam Shah Waliullah (rah) was already practicing the Sunni Unity Pledge hundreds of years before it was even written.  In order words he didn’t need the pledge, he had something better: a connection with the Qur’an and he was stepping in the right footsteps of the Prophet (saas).

I am also excited to learn about the other scholars that we plan on studying at the Troch Bearers class.  Another name that comes to my mind is Imam Hasan al-Basri (rah) who is also revered highly by both the Sufis and Salafis. Again the same thing to question.  How did Imam Hasan al-Basri come to be so revered and loved by the Sunnis no matter the aqida differences?

I plan on posting my notes from the Torch Bearers class next week inshaAllah.

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  1. Masha’allah may Allah reward you for taking a situation in your life which is personal and growing from that experience. This blog that I am guessing you created is very inspirational.

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