Mahmoud Ahmadiniejad’s Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama

This letter is much better than Ralph Nader’s.  More positive and opening.  I am impressed by President Mahmoud Ahmadiniejad.  It is very surprising that out of all the Muslim leaders, only the President of Iran has the intellect (or insanity, some will say) and braveness to write to the President.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. Barack Obama

President-elect of the United States of America

I congratulate you on having gained the majority of the votes of those who took part in the election. As you know, the chances that God gives to his subjects pass swiftly. They can be used for the perfection of humanity and to the benefit of nations or, God forbid, to the detriment of nations.

I hope you will choose to honor the real interests of people and justice and equity over the insatiable appetites of the selfish minority. Use this chance to serve to the extent you can. And leave a good name behind for yourself.

People expect an immediate and clear response to the pressure for fundamental change in the American government’s policies, both foreign and domestic. This is the desire of all the world’s nations and of the American nation as well, and it should be the objective and basis of all your future government’s programs and actions.

On the one hand, the American nation, which has spiritual inclinations, expects your government to focus its energy and will on serving the people; dealing with the current economic crisis; restoring the country’s standing, morale and hope; eradicating poverty and discrimination; and renewing respect for individuals, their safety and their rights. It also expects policies that will strengthen the foundations of the family — part of the teachings of the holy prophets, who are also revered in America.

On the other hand, the nations of the world expect an end to policies based on warmongering, invasion, bullying, trickery, the humiliation of other countries by the imposition of biased and unfair requirements, and a diplomatic approach that has bred hatred for America’s leaders and undermined respect for its people. They want to see actions based on justice, respect for the rights of human beings and nations, friendship and non-intervention in the affairs of others. They want the American government to keep its interventions within its own country’s borders.

In the sensitive Middle East region, in particular, the expectation is that the unjust actions of the past 60 years will give way to a policy encouraging full rights for all nations, especially the oppressed nations of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The great civilization-building and justice-seeking nation of Iran would welcome major, fair and real changes, in policies and actions, especially in this region.

If steps are taken in the path of righteousness, toward the goal of carrying out the teachings of the holy prophets, it is hoped that almighty God will help and that the enormous damage done in the past will be somewhat diminished.

I ask the high God to grant all of humanity and all nations health and happiness, honor and prosperity, and to grant rulers and officials the ability to learn from the past and to use every chance to serve, to spread love and kindness, to eradicate oppression, to do justice and to follow the holy guidelines.

Mahmoud Ahmadiniejad


10 Replies to “Mahmoud Ahmadiniejad’s Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama”

  1. Obama’s trainers have prepped him well. Did you see how he responded to a question in today’s press conference? The question was about whether and how he was going to respond to this letter, and in his answer he started out by asserting how it was unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon! Antagonism from the very start! Isn’t it common decency to acknowledge a letter that wishes one well? Something I’m missing here?

  2. A straight forward letter which I hope should evoke a positive response by President Elect Obama.Not the one he gave in the press conference.I wonder why the leaders in the West especially USA opt for complex solutions for simple problems.

  3. Obama, just another puppet, but wait… its a black puppet.

    Funny you know, all the rap artists will begin to smack him down with lyrics of hate, once they know he aint different from the rest.

    Obama had his eyes set on the presidential box and he’s got it now, he will do whatever he wants to stay there. Hand him the script guys.

  4. WE pray for a kinder and gentle nation for that is what the citizens of OUR nation wants for real.

  5. Its time for Obama to put his words into action, so that the history he created by being the first Black President of USA goes into history for all times to come in golden words. Mr elect President, “the world is watching”.

  6. Nice!, we got some akhtar’s in the house – woooooooooooooo!! This is akhtar time, baby, ive been waiting for this all my life!

    crazy ahmedinajad, anybody who hasn’t seen, i highly recommend seeing his interview with charlie rose, ahmedinajad kills him.

    or even a funnier video, ahmedinajad hugging jews! lol:

  7. I do admire the quick thinking and opening up of communication with Obamah.Also the clarification of the immediate needs/concerns of humanity at this dangerous juncture in history . I think that all like minded individuals can also take the initiative to express their deep concerns about the malaise of society . If this man can avoid World War 3 , we must mobilize support and gain his attention . The alternative is to dangerous to contemplate .

  8. I know I admire him too, the man has class. This letter is refreshing….its very out in the open and that what makes it so genius,

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