Mandazi Network lowers ad prices due to Economy

If you want to advertise on Halal Tube, I have lowered the prices due to the bad economy.  Muslim businesses are probably suffering to as well as everyone else.  Enjoy the lower the prices!

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14 Replies to “Mandazi Network lowers ad prices due to Economy”

  1. @Yousuf – Actually I lowered it becuase I only had one customer and so I decided that the Economy was effecting Muslims who would like to advertise but didn’t want to drop that much money, so I lowered the prices.

  2. Dude, I think MR having over 400 readers makes the site effective.. Unless you got something better. Just sayin’

  3. “dude”, are you retarded? the economy does effect small businesses like MR’s network. For example, i went to the shawarma restaurant in my area the other day…and had a conversation with one of the owners; I asked her how business was and she told me “so so… it’s been up and down lately”…and i asked her why and she went on to explain that the struggling economy has been affecting their business. So that goes to show that many small business are indeed being hurt by the weakening economy 🙂

  4. Wow… look at Muslims nowadays. A tiny thing can turn into an argument.

    MR is the one who lowered the price, and if he says he lowered it because of the economy then he lowered it because of the economy!!!!

  5. Salam guys

    everyone chill out guys he did a good thing. He thought of us which is why he lowered his prices.

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