Obama Will Make Weekly YouTube Videos – Here is the first one:

This is something new. I actual feel important and part of the Government now and I know what’s going on.

7 Replies to “Obama Will Make Weekly YouTube Videos – Here is the first one:”

  1. EUDAEMONION: “Where is he going to get the money for all these programmes. Your country is broke!”


  2. ….brings back yearnings of Roosevelt and his fireside chats….promising….even if its PR….at least he cares about relations with the public–an important aspect of being the leader of anything….let alone a country as great as ours.

  3. the queen of Jordan already has her own youtube channel and has been putting up podcasts regularly for a while now, so if they think this is an ingenious peice of work, it for sure aint original.

    having said that, it is a relatively good idea and sure does make the american community feel smaller and closer knit. I wonder if he will talk about proposed legislation and wait for comments on his ideas. Doubt it. As democratic as it would seem.

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