“America we have a Muslim president. This is sin against the Lord!”

So what if he is a Muslim!  Would Jesus approve of this?  No.  Did Jesus say he was God?  No.  Is America a Christian nation?  No.

Kansas Preacher Pushes Obama Muslim Message

WICHITA, KAN. — A Wichita, Kansas preacher says he will not remove a message on his church sign that says President-Elect Barack Obama is a Muslim.

The sign is staying up despite the fact that Obama is a Christian.

The sign at Spirit One Christian Center reads, “America we have a Muslim president. This is sin against the Lord.”

Obama supporters reportedly got into a shouting match with parishioners outside the church on Sunday.


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  1. It’s ironic that Obama’s mother was a Christian from Kansas.
    This Wichita preacher will do almost anything to get media attention and has a history of creating controvery with his politics and “moral” marquee messages outside his church. By the way, this marquee is higher than the church roof.

    This big signage has in the past emblazoned messages against gays, against planned parenthood clinics, against Muslims, against Mohammed and against Allah. The same church has spent money on large billboards also promoting similiar messages of hate.

    And on the church website ,the welcome message says the church is “a friendly, friendly, friendly church.”

    To read another post with more details on this subject, go to:


    Sharon McEachern

  2. lol, only in America…

    haha i wonder how these ppl are feeling now that they have a “muslim president”. In their eyes this probably means this is no longer a christian nation. I hope this means that they no longer feel comfortable here and choose to leave America and settle elsewhere!!! 🙂

  3. Exodus 20:3 is part of the 10 commandments, it states “Thou shalt have no other god’s before me”. I can think of no way in which having a Muslim president (if that were even the case) would violate that commandment for any Christian. How sad that this is what things have come to

  4. its a great distraction for the muslims and non muslims to be destracted from the tons of depleted uranium (nuclear waste) being dumped on iraq, afghanastan, and soon to be pakistan, with many muslim country’s on the waiting list.
    also the manditory slavery draft for young americans that will constitute the million man domestic defence force that the bankers choice president has told will happen, it will be as well funded and armed as the military,
    its also a great distraction from the 300 plus civillian inmate labor camps ”concentration camps” in an area near you. thats why guantanamo will close
    its a great distraction from the fact that obama has the intention of murdering hundreds of thousands into the millions of muslims around the world searching for a dead cia agent.
    its a good one to distract from the 5 trillioin dollors that the bankers just took out of our pockets in 5 weeks…..thats right dont let the 750 billion fool you.
    also all the world leaders and u.s. leaders telling us to there face that we are going to start a global government, thats right one world gov. n.w.o …they are just saying in the open on the news.
    but i guess we still think its a conspirousy theory, right?
    as if all the hadith about time of dajjal is a conspirousy theory too?
    wake up
    we need to stop sucking on our thumbs
    and being so pleased with someone who openly admits he wants to slaughter the muslims. you think hes going to do something for you while he’s killing your brothers sisters fathers and mothers
    free your mind
    break free, this is the fitna of the time of dajjal. so just stop waiting for it. we are in the time….thats a big part of the fitna is people wont know it.

  5. Muslim or not, Allah knows that, lets hope that he does the things that is good for the nation, and brings about some good coverage for the muslim people, i did hear about his support for the arab americans. so insha Allah as an ummah lets hope for all good

  6. It is too bad that Islam is represented so poorly on this website, just like it is a shame that Americans and Christians are represented so poorly on some of my own favorite websites.

    Tolerance and understanding aren’t words made for rubbing in people’s faces; someone elses intolerance is not an excuse to dismiss them as a person.

    Tolerance and understanding are much rarer than that; cheers to everyone who trusts these words more than they rely on them.

  7. mroe than 50% american’s support BHO; america deserves this.
    obamanation = the nation of Satan

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