Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz Recite Qur’an in Arab Money Remix!

May Allah (swt) forgive us all! I recently blogged about Busta Rhymes song, Arab Money, and how it was insulting to Islam, Muslims and Arabs, but now his remix has gone way to far!  Although this is a huge dawah incentive, becuase many people will inquire, “What is Busta saying?”. This is an open letter to them:

Open Letter to Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz


Asalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh my dear brothers in Islam Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon and Swissbeatz.

All praise is due to Allah (swt).  Lord of the worlds.  It is Allah whom we worship and only Allah we go to for help.  It is Allah who has given us everything and it is Allah who will take everything away.

Busta – I recently heard your song called Arab Money and I was disappointed at it.  I posted my reflection here.  Now you have a remix with Akon, T-Pain and Swissbeatz who are also Muslims a long with other rappers like Diddy.

All of you understand that the Qur’an is the word of Allah (swt) and that it should be treated with the utmost respect.  I am not going to judge your intentions but only give you sincere advice.  I am not sure if you are aware of the ruling on music in Islam but I advise you to seek knowledge, read the Qur’an, the Hadith and consult with Muslim scholars in America regrading music in Islam.

It may be your intention was to praise Allah and give thanks to Him for all the money you have been blessed (or tested) with which is a good thing, but the way the song is presented is disrespectful and may stir emotions amongst the Muslim community.

I sincerely ask you to check out Halal Tube and listen to some lectures there.  You can download the audio lectures in MP3 format and add it to you iPod/iPhone and listen to it while you travel around the country and world.

Anything good I have said is from Allah (swt) and anything bad I said is from myself.  Please forgive me if I have offended any of you.



Here is the audio clip:

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  1. @waqas:

    I understand that it’s disrespectful. I lament that stupidity like this has to broaden the gap between our cultures. What I was hoping to emphasize is that even though this song is so bad, there’s SOME good comming out of it: I went ahead and did a little research on Islam (that’s one good thing, no?), I now understand what the controversial words mean, and I truly do understand why it’s disrespectful.

    I think with the way the world is right now, I’m going to take that little bit of extra understanding of the Muslim world that I stumbled upon through this research process and call it a positive.

  2. salamalaikum
    I have been following this fiasco since busta released the original track. TBH i was more offended by the original as they were just speaking a “gibberish” form of “arabic”. I understand people’s concern of this remix however, I refuse to criticise them. As has been said: YOU CANNOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! As muslims we should know this by now.
    Also, I think that it is refreshing to at least hear the quran being recited in a fairly mainstream hip hop song. We all know that music is catchy and in this way incorporating Quranic verses is positive. As a muslim who listens to hip hop (new & old) which so often refers to unislamic concepts, this song helps to REMIND US TO PRAISE ALLAH.


  3. Roberto

    ya u r right it dpends how a person takes it but t can be positive and negative depending on thinking for instence some one can think muslims are bad right? hey im sure you did not know it had regards to muslims by listening to the song right? may inernet or what

  4. imran i disagree with you praising god by listening to music.. what form is that my opinion is better to say bismillah then to listen to this song to praise god.WOW!

  5. in response to Waqas:
    I was not suggesting that this song replace prayer or anything of that nature. All i am saying is that we are living in a time where God has become secondary and anything which helps people to remember Allah is a good thing.

    Also, I dont know whether any1 has mentioned this but Busta has since apologised and stated that he did not intend to offend anybody.


  6. This is not acceptable. The Person should apologize and understand the situation and refrain from such things in future.

  7. I warned those people who make, and compose of this song. Be afraid of Allah’s punishment from this Earth and after life. Ask Taubat and forgiveness from the Creator, Allah (s.w.t.). That you may forgive you. We may be patient about all this insult but we know Prophet Muhammad (saw) won’t let things happen like this. But we must stand and fight for the truth.

  8. estagfiriLLAH im saying here that those motha fyckas aren’t muslims or if they where they are now murted-deen let ALLAH s.w.t punish them with the worst punishment i hope that u who says and declaire ISLAM i hope that u all dont think that those shits are muslims
    they where an they are Kuffars let ALLAH s.w.t punish them .

  9. As a non-muslim who lived in Dubai for ten years, I feel offended by this song and wish Americans would become a little more educated on political issues in the Middle East before commenting on them especially in the mainstream media. Dubai has worked hard to acheive a balance between western and Islamic values and made non-muslims welcome in the city and allowed them to practice the religion of their choice to create harmony amongst different ethnic groups. Having almost run out of oil, much of the money has been generated from hard work, trade and tourism. Gambling is illegal in Dubai and the reference to Arafat shows ignorance and insensitivity. I hope these rappers show some respect and appologise, such comments towards their own race would not be tolerated in the US.

  10. I am really not insulted by the ignorant rappers who think fame is everything, because they are without intelligence. Infact I feel for them for not being able to defferentaite non-muslims from muslims. The worst thing about most Americans is the lack of not being able to pronounce words or fraces. Disrespecting other religions, culturals, traditions etc. is something I see as self insulting. Becuase no matter what race you are, there are millions of that race who fall in some if not most of these categories. But like the wise man always say ” Let ignorance carry its own burden at its own pace”

  11. Bro, I really respect your clear n concise protest to this song. Even as a non-muslim living in a muslim country, I took a bit of offence to this song myself. At least the original was just good humoured(arguable) racism bringing to light the lavish, sometimes careless opulence of people here. They really shouldn’t have added the quran verses in the remix.

    On an additional note, rock musicians have been distorting and making false reproductions of ideas/images/beliefs of my religion(hinduism) since the advent of hippie culture in the 60s.

    Music is expression, and what is politically correct in music will gradually change with the times. This kind of song may be candidly viewed in the future, but today, we are just not ready.

  12. Salaam

    Criticizing is a very strong feature of Muslims. Alas, doing the right thing is not at all the good thing. Here I see so much lambasting of the rappers that I go ‘Huh’…what are you Muslims doing to at least represent Islam in a good way?

    Perhaps the rappers need to find atonement in their field of work but this song tells me one thing. The despair of some Muslims to tell the world they are Muslims and living life without fear…while i also see that many here are tender, soft and at times naive Muslims who are good at criticizing and lambasting only.

    In Malaysia, where I live, singers of all kinds of songs will say ‘Alhamdulillah, Shukur to Allah’ I won an award…and I will do better by the help of Allah. And they sang some darn stupid songs too! I don’t really see any harm by these rappers trying to tell the rest of the world they are Muslims by singing a song of this nature. The harm is from those who know how to condemn only and do nothing else to promote Islam to the Muslims in the first place and to others altogether.

    I don’t say the rappers effort is laudable but it has a message in it: It is the despair in which the majority of Muslims are into that is expressed in ‘Arab Money’.


  13. You are so mean. and Akon. i thought you were muslim.
    You know that songs are haram in the muslim culture and tradition and the fact that u classified all muslims as being arab only is in my opinion something that will stir up trouble – no doubt.

    Inshallah Allah (swt) will forgive you.

  14. lol.oh wow. how is the remix worse????? omg. i hope you all stay like this and realise how much time your wasting complaining about a song and maybe you will realise how idiotic it is. all of those who see negativity obviously have nothing better to do than to find something wrong with this song. i wish for those who dog this song to stop analyzing the song and just listen to it. its a pretty good song that actually shows us in a much better light and i have to say the remix is not worse . the remix in my opinion is much better because you get to hear this man praising allah subhanatallah. but none of you seem to see that instead you choose to take things out of context instead of listening to the whole song entirely. by the way busta rhymes is an african american who lives in a country that gives you a right to freedom of speech such as yourselves and if he really wanted to insult us arabs and muslims than he could have done so by just insuilting us instead of sugar coating it. but he has not. so i suggest everyone to let it go and give this song another chance. may you see that he is showing the world the type of class arabs live in that we live a high life and show respect. i love arab money. i would play it on my wedding because it kicks ass.



  16. why are they apologizing? they shouldnt. they didnt insult us or allah (swt) . honestly people are sick. they dont know how to let it go

  17. ok MR i saw it. but than what about sami yusuf ? lol. wait dont answer that . thats another topic on its own. i have seen another video of busta apologizing to but thats not right the muslim community was so quick to jump on busta but not on sami yusuf unbelieveable. thanks for the vid link..

  18. http://wfol.tv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1225&Itemid=1

    I think its a gud debate after all as its an eye opener. Read my story which I wrote a few days ago on Muslims singing and making music…perhaps its time to accept the facts. Fact 1: We can’t escape having Muslims doing such music – it helps them and many survive in this coarse, harsh world, fact 2: it also brings to life a hadith of Rasulullah (S.A.W) on the day that Muslims will use Quraan as music. Yet I do not find much to reproach to Busta, Akon and others. Let them be…let us live life man!

  19. I second that Kazi. just let it be. I agree it was a good debate. just be happy people and dont pick on things. you are only making life even more difficult to live than it already is. before you know it they will debate on whether a woman should debate at all . peace

  20. as salamu alaykum- Honestly though, how much different is it from other “Muslim” music. I don’t listen to either one, but really guys..Sami Yusuf uses instruments, Yusuf Islam uses instruments. These rappers may not be the persona Muslims would want to immulate, but looks like they made “Arab Money” because there are an abundant amount of “Arabs” who would love this song, thier music, this style….At this point let them do what they want without a fight, perhaps other non Muslims will listent to it, question it & convert?…but just because they are not practicing Muslims does not make them any better or worse than Sami Yusuf & other Muslim musicians who use instruments and have “Islamic” words in their songs….just a thought

  21. i just found put about this song and the effects of its wording today and decided to look up on it and all i can say is wow thats alot the beat hot but none the less disrespectful

  22. actually ..whatever their intentions are, we should not condemn them as they even come out to be Muslims. For those of us who see this as something wrong, let us understand there are some Muslims out there who are happy about it. The presnt state of we Muslims calls for Unity in any form it comes not to condemn or critisize ourselves due to our actions

  23. If songs like that are not to be condemned, the precious source of such information–the Qur’an, would have evaded it. Let the rappers read Suratul Muminun the third verse of which I think would suffice if only they would take heed.

  24. Allah has given many things to mankind, many things on earth but has clearly banned a few n made a few more ‘makhruh’ or lesser Halal depending on its usage or consumption…

    To outright condemn what these young men did is unfair coz Allah is the ONE who gave such talent to them and they used it to fine tune it in this song…

    Who are we to banish them? But lets advise them to use the talent in a mild manner and not to abuse of it…


  25. ok, i do belive what busta has done is wrong, but u cannot blame him for reciting the quran wrong.He is a convert and a non-arab its not his fault if he cant get it perfect. but you can blame him for singin it as that is haraam. BUT. as i have had met many sheiks(muslim scholars) they all said the same thing about praying. it is your niyaat that counts.niyaat is your intention. if an angle came and just grabbed u while u were praying and asked what are you doing. you should say with no pause or hesitation i am praying -…- with -..- rakaats wajib qurbatin il allah. (Sorry if i made a mistake) And as busta said right off the bat he isnt trying to make it look bad for arabs and muslims but the other way around.His intention is what counts although he has made many mistakes

    – Please correct me if im wrong as i am only 12 and my view of this may be totally different.

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