Deepak Chopra on CNN talks about how America influences terrorism

This is an interesting video of an Indian physician and philosopher, Deepak Chopra, who blames America’s policies on the rise of terrorism:

6 Replies to “Deepak Chopra on CNN talks about how America influences terrorism”

  1. Salaams

    Deepak has been courageous to clarify that violence perpetuates itself when confronted with violence. Peaceful options promote peace.India is being deceived by Israel to pursue confrontation with its muslim minority. It will lead to destabilization and disharmony.


  2. deepak also explain the fallacy of the koran,
    how mohammaed was a camel merchant who copied the abrahmic religions before him, in the treachery of the hordes mentality

    islam is a joke, deepak said it.. loll

  3. salaams

    Where ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise.The level of the response indicates prejudice. Islam and muslim lives are also precious.Life is precious for all.When muslims are slaughtered by the west to further their colonial imperialist ambitions, it is noted by all muslims. your acidic ignorance is the breeding ground for blind hatred of muslims.Allah is enough for us. The deen and message of Muhammad shines everywhere. I do not know what impact the haters of Islam will have though in terms of real greatness. A million dead iraqis blood says enough .as muslims we will bleed for our brothers and sisters. may oppression find a Moses to challenge the pharoahs of the day.

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