Reviving the Islamic Spirt – Better than any other Convention I have been to!

Here is the trailer for RIS 2008:

Out of all the conventions I have been to, Reviving the Islamic Spirit is the best convention in North America. Hands down!

I wish I could go, but unfortunately I will not be able to make it.

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  1. TDC > RIS

    LOLOLOL… just paying you the same favor πŸ™‚

    Just kidding indeed ..

    RIS from what I have heard is an awesome convention and if I had the means to go.. i would … (even tho I am the biggest fan of TDC


  2. @haytham – I have never been to TDC, so I can’t compare it. This is post is based on all that I have been to and seen. πŸ˜€


  3. Ya Mujaheen Ryder πŸ™‚

    If you want (since you are not going to RIS this year), I can arrange for a car pool for you from Nurayn (some of the brothers are driving down from there) and I would love to see you at TDC…. you got my email πŸ™‚

    Either way.. its always a good thing to have a balanced dose from different scholars, mainstream ideologies, and environments…

    I take off my kufi and pay my respects to the effort put in making RIS come to reality… for I know puting something like this together isnt really easy at all.. …May Allah accept.. Ameen.

  4. @haytham – Unfortunately marriage life and family life has a priority over any convention this winter break. πŸ˜€

  5. @haytham – I agree with you on that point in staying single, although the benefits of marriage heavily outweigh that of staying single. πŸ˜€

  6. LOL.. (btw.. the link in my post is not correct.. there is an exta ” at the end .. can you please fix that πŸ™‚

    I concur with you.. tho i ve never been married.. tho I look forward to it.. (poor her… LOL) jk

  7. Talk about reviving the Islamic Spirit ! Look towards India. After the Mumbia terrorist attacks, Muslims are finally standing up for the ethics of their own religion, the tenets of their faith. India’s Muslim Council has declared that the bodies of the Muslim terrorists killed in the 3-day attack on Mumbai can NOT be interred in Indian soil — not anywhere in the country. Wow! This could be the first openly defiant act against “Islamic terrorism.”

    “Most Muslims are not terrorists!” is a cry heard over and over since 9/11. But it’s a statement that has been difficult to believe for victims of Islamic terrorists, and for those who fear becoming future victims — including Muslim leaders perhaps. This is especially true when so many Muslim leaders have refused to condemn the terror or even acknowledge the attackers as terrorists. By their silence, their omissions, they have invited the perception that they, and other Muslims, could be co-conspirators in the terrorism. We do not know each other.

    Ethic Soup blog has an excellent article on the Indian refusal to bury the Muslim gunmen of the Mumbai attacks at:

    Sharon McEachern

  8. Interesting observation Sharon…

    Thou I think that that Muslims have spoken against terrorism in so many other forms and in so many occasions… but your point hits home the best i think…

  9. Salam alaikum everyone,

    MR – did you attend MANA? No matter how ‘supafly’ RIS’s presentation may be, I’d be willing to bet it’ll be nowhere nearly as filled with darkskinned Muslims, as MANA undoubtedly was.

    MANA’s for the field Muslims, and RIS is for the house Muslims πŸ˜€

    As for the observation on India’s ulema refusing to let the gunmen buried in India – let’s not make mountains out of molehills. It’s a symbolic gesture, a political gesture designed to placate the ignorance and fears that swirl around the nonMuslim psyche, on us.

    What we SHOULD be asking is – why do Muslims have to constantly apologize, en masse? Did Christendom as a whole apologize for the Branch Davidian cult back in the 1990s (Waco, Tx)? Do Rabbis have to apologize for the actions of extremist settlers and other ilk in and outside of Israel? NO.

    So why do Muslims accept a second class position in this world, and gloat when we don that robe of slavishness?

    Dare to dream, of a different future. Insha’Allah…

  10. >>> looks great…..too bad the sufis like ali jifri got to ruin it. sincerly may allah guide us

    Yes may Allah guide you. May Allah give Sayyids like Habib Ali al-Jifri a long life to carry on serving the deen, ameen.

  11. please don’t turn this into a bashin contest. Comments liek those are just excuses not to go and listen. Similar to comments on that Al-Azhar is a bad university. those sufi comments are literally excuses not to go and study. Make dua that Allah makes you retain what good is said and forget whatever wrong is said ad then shut your mouth SPECIALLY if your gonna bash people and go learn.

  12. When someone slanders a scholar (like Habib Ali), it immediately tells you the low level of understanding of Islam they have (similar to Bilal Philips when he slandered Shaykh Hamza Yusuf & Shaykh Nuh). Unfortunately, this behaviour seems to perpetuate mostly amongst the Salafis/Wahabis, which should immediately tell you how misguided they are. May Allah guide us on the straight path.

    To Abu Dharr: Your comment sounds very arrogant. Toronto’s reality on the ground is very different than MANA. It is very multicultural, and yes, there are many dark skinned Muslims (more Somalian than anything else). If you notice, some of the scholars are African (background) as well. We take knowledge from whoever has it, it has nothing to do with skin colour.

  13. please don’t turn this into a bashin contest. Comments liek those are just excuses not to go and listen. Similar to comments on that Al-Azhar is a bad university. those sufi comments are literally excuses not to go and study. Make dua that Allah makes you retain what good is said and forget whatever wrong is said ad then shut your mouth SPECIALLY if your gonna bash people and go learn.

    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Though I myself do subscribe to the Sufi nor Ash’ari aqeedah, I still try to mix it up a little. Bashing others publically like this has not done much of good to Muslims in the west in the past 15 years… so what make us think that if we cont. doing that.. we will get any better.. this is beyond me.

    As for the Azhar comment… my mother graduated from AlAzhar with a BS in Tafsir and working on a dual Masters/PhD program right now also from AlAzhar and she is not Sufi nor her adviser is sufi.

    AlAzhar (and Egypt in general ((where I am from))) consist of both, some sufis some salafis and lots of ikhwanis… so one cant just judge the book by its cover.

    I tried to talk more about this labeling business here:

    Part I:

    Part II:

  14. Hey, do you guys call it R.I.S. (like saying the 3 letters) or do ya’ll call it Ris (like a word)?

    Or is it MANA or M.A.N.A.?

    Just wondering…that’s all. πŸ™‚

  15. Ah and yes, remember this hadith:

    Hudhayfah radiallahu anhu said that the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasalam said: The slanderer will NOT enter Jannah. (Imam Ahmad)

    So with that in mind, whether you like a shaykh or not- don’t slander them, at all. And may Allah forgive you. If there is an issue, be sensible and let your scholars address them- problems are created by the students, rarely is it the shaykhs so only speak khayr. This is part of adab and part of respecting people. That is all that needs to be said.

  16. @haytham can your mom get me any of the application of Al-Azhar, because I want to attend there iA. And I know it isn’t sufi but people tend to slander the entire university Specially the over passionate brothers or who I like to call the super-salafi. (the concept of salafi is a relle beautiful concept but these SUPER-Salafi who are overly passionate and not knowledgable ruin it). And personally my Mom is from Jamaatal Islamii which has very close ties to ikhwan so like I actually like their views lol. However I tell my friends I wanna go to Abu Nur or Al-Azhar and IIUM and he goes ” so you wanna go where they teach the bidah” Now Abu Nur i can understand but IIUM and AL-Azhar i have no idea why they slander it.

  17. >>>Salam December 7th, 2008 at 2:10 pm
    Unfortunately, this behaviour seems to perpetuate mostly amongst the Salafis/Wahabis, which should immediately tell you how misguided they are. May Allah guide us on the straight path. <<<<

    Being open minded and speaking the Haq does not misguide you but your above statement shows the level of ignorance you withhold so may Allah guide you.

  18. I can’t believe they got dr. tahir ul qadri in their too!….i can see him in shaykh habib ali jafiri getting a long real nice,

    this RIS is going to be awesome, last year they had Imam WD Muhammad (RA) and Rubin Hurricane Carter, too bad every winter i visit family in amreeeka, damn, whats the point of being canadian?!

    and to all my slandering brothers out there, just don’t be a hater, nobody likes a hater. haters aren’t cool (now say that with a desi accent!)

    hope you all enjoy the conference!!!!

  19. @Abdulkadir.F Open Minded?? Half the Super-Salafi’s (and yes I have nothing against Salafiyyah, it is a beautiful concept that we all should strive towards, I have a problem with the Super Salafis who slader.) go to medinah university or anyother Saudi university FAIL the arabic coruse so they drop out and come back to America and all they do is slander and talk about our differences. And this is TRUE and a regular Salafi (who follows the AThari aqeedah that they teach in Saudi and the hanbali fiqh) told me this.

    As for the refutations, leave it for the scholars of each group. As a regular person on the Blog, Shut up and stop making excuses to study. And PRay to Allah that he guides us all..

    Furthermore it seems the only “ulama” are the ones from Saudi universities and NOT Al-Azhar or IIUM or the different Darul Ulooms around the WORLD.

    @haytham and @Abdulkadir.F read this ull relle like it


    also search the Rise and Fall of Salafi dawah by Umar lee..which is ABSOLUTELY TRUE SPECIALLY WHEN TALKING BOUT THE BREAKING OF ENTIRE COMMUNITIES!!!

  20. @ The Ghazzali Blogger…

    My mother is at Hajj right now so she wont be able to get you the applications.. but if you really really want to do this… i would send an email to Imam Suhaib.. he can hook u up..

    FYI: to all. just as there are super salafis who are some what harsh (i am their bigger criticizer) there are also those who bash them like crazy.. calling them things that arent true.. so yea.. at the end of the day.. one can not say its because of those salafis we are having such a harsh labeling issue.. … it goes both ways.. so yea..lets be fair please.

  21. @haytham yea iA w.e you can. I am actually applying to Medinah University and Umm ul Qura of Saudi. IIUM of Malaysia and Al-Azhar of Egypt. Al-Azhar is the only one I don’t have their application or anything.

    Also Haytham is absolutely correct, we should nto bash SUPER-Salafi’s either for their intentions are good and iA we PRAY for ALL of US.

  22. Ya Ghazzali Blogger…

    come on man…those “super salafis” that you are talking about are like 1/100 of the total population that actually subscribe to this school of thought…

    And yes.. most of them are now recognizing that they are (were) wrong to a certain extend.. the end of the day.. I wont listen to some of the sufi scholars simply because I dont agree with some of their views and believes .. and you wont listen to some of the salafi scholars (i.e. AlMaghrib classes for example :)) because of whatever past experience or something that you have heard)

    So its all good.. you are still my brother.. and I am (i hope) still your brother.. so lets just live with that..

    I argue with my (biological) brothers all the time.. but they are still my brothers…. i hope we all get it now………………please..

  23. I ain’t sufi I’m more of an Ikhwani (which have the same aqeedah as salafis) lol. And yes I am kinda harsh with supersalafis and soemtiems forget their good intentions, but that’s because Day in and day out I have to deal with them and soemtimes lose my patience and with my martial arts/Wrestling background from my HS days I’m used to dealing with problems with Fists. Which is NOT correct. Instead I have to remember all of us are striving towards the same thing. And thanks for reminded me of that.

    Furthermore I am not a sufi, though I do like Junayd of Baghdad’s works (Sober sufism/Zahiri) which Salafiyyah accept (even the super salafi if they know what it is)!! I liek to think imma spiritual non-slandering Ikhwani Salafi. lol. Hence I am applying to Medinah and Umm Ul Qura. Where ever I can get knowledge i will go.

  24. Yup, and this is how we Muslims like to get down…by arguing or semi-arguing about…about…well I don’t even know what you guys are even talking about anymore.

    Seeing an empty masjid is more interesting than this conversation…

    TWO Words baby:

  25. Dear Abdulkadir.F
    Subhanallah, you proved exactly how the common Salafi/Wahabi thinks. Notice that I ended my statement by saying “May Allah guide us”. You ended your statement by saying “May Allah guide you”, assuming that only you are on truth, and everyone else is wrong! My question my dear brother, when you recite Surah Fatihah, do you skip the ayah that says “Ihdinas seeratul mustaqeem”? If you claim only you are correct, then I suggest you skip this ayah when reciting Surah Fatihah, b/c you are in no need of the truth since you already have it.

  26. my first time going to RIS inshallah i hope, the comments have gone way out off topic i was expecting some good comments about how RIS changed me or better yet revived my islamic spirit, or memorable moments in RIS.. could we plz come back to the subject of the post .

  27. Oh the decisions are so hard to make! There’s Darussalaam’s annual fundraiser on the 27th of December, there’s the RIS on the same weekend AND there’s also the FINAL TDC! My mind is all boggled up! πŸ™

  28. Yah, but the three Yasirs and everyone else… A tough decision lol. May Allah give all three efforts blessings and the organizers Jannah. Ameen. Btw, ISNA’s Muslim Youth Retreat is on the same weekend too πŸ™‚

  29. Asalam alaikum my dear brothers and sisters Now you can watch previous RIS convention lectures for $1.99 each.they have six lectures available now and great for the brothers who want to compare πŸ™‚ and for some of you who will be attending for the first time just a great way of knowing what its like

    Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
    The best awareness is for a man to have self-awareness. And the best knowledge is for a man to stop at the limit of his knowledge.
    Judge yourselves before you are judged, evaluate yourselves before you are
    evaluated and be ready for the greatest investigation (the Day of


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