Busta Rhymes apologizes for Arab Money song after Iraqi Rapper, Narcicyst, responds

An Iraqi rapper from Canada responded to Busta Rhyme’s Arab Money song with “The Real Arab Money“.  After he released it, Busta Rhymes called him personally and apologized for the misunderstanding with his intention regarding the Qur’anic verses in the remix.  It’s amazing how Busta reached out to a Muslim rapper who isn’t that popular or widely known but yet he was noticed by Busta who is extremely well known in the hip hop world.  I am actually happy that we have some Muslims in the Hip Hop world that still have love for this deen and are able to defend it.

I pray that Busta still reads my open letter to him and that he seeks Islamic knowledge.  I also pray that bro. “Narcicyst” also told him to seek knowledge and learn this deen, inshaAllah.

In the UK, the song is banned and an award-winning DJ was suspended when he played he song.  The Muslims in UK did a good job since many of them are listeners to the radio stations.

Another interesting note to all of this is that we all know that the majority of hip hop is clearly haram (without any difference of opinion) but yet many Muslims listen to it and participate in it.  It is these same Muslims such as the rapper, “Narcicyst” and the radio listeners in the UK who complained when they heard the song and brought real change.  This just shows that even those who may not be doing what is right may be promoting what is right.

Allah does as He wills and as He pleases.

Source: Allhiphop.com (Shout out to Ibrahim of Lota-Pani for emailing me this article.)

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  1. Its nice that he apologized for disrespecting our deen to a fellow muslim rapper but how about the rest of the Muslim world he offended i demand a public apology, at least an explanation. Just the other day, by the way i live in Canada, i was standing in those bus shelters waiting for the bus in the freezing cold and this girl was listening to the song. I was completely shocked that the song became this popular, and it was the remix nonetheless.

  2. Salaams
    My fellow Muslim brothers & sisters. Alhamdu lilah the UK was able to get this horrible song banned! Its haram, its haram, its haram. Please pick up a book on this deen. Music is haram. There aren’t any exceptions. Those of you who think there are exceptions to this, learn your TAWHEED! I’ll make dua for you!

  3. Interesting…

    After listening to the song… i smiled .. then i thought… the song by Narcicyst didn’t mention anything about using Quran in the song.. Its more nationalistic than anything…

    Dont get me wrong.. I am happy that Busta called him and tried to clarify his views and intention… yet the part that bothers me the most is… Busta’s song might (and prolly will) be played in clubs for drunk people to dance on!!!…

    I donno ..

  4. “Allah does as he will and pleases” is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! Allah should have stopped them crazy terrorists from flying planes full of people into buildings!!!! Muslims should create a suicide holiday where they don’t harm anyone, but themselves. This holiday you can kill yourselves and have all the virgins you please. Don’t worry about the song, worry about what your people have done to the innocent because of your pathetic religion!

  5. @Bizzle – Allah has given humans the freedom to choose their actions. I can’t control people half way around the world. Just like how you can’t control the criminals in your town.

  6. @ Bizzle…

    I feel your pain man… I know of families who died also in palastine and others who died in chichnia and others who dies in Kashmir… if you don’t know of these places then dont worry about it… its cool..

    Just know that as Muslims we dont have pathetic religions and we dont have a “holiday to kill neither ourselves or anybody else…” We are religion of justice… if you really are open minded and wish to seek the turht … it wont hurt to read about islam from an non-bias source… and them make up ur mind..

    O.. and finally… we dont look at black people and think…gangs…. we dont look at white people and think… KKK… and we dont look at asians and think …communists … … so why in the hell do we look at muslims and see terrorists?? Bigotry maybe? I dono.. you tell me

    Just some food for thought..


  7. My name is raza the g and i am a gangster in all of the america……… I once knew a guy who knew a guy that helped.

  8. yo this song is beast man its alrite but tis joint is a good song and even though it i guess did have verses of the quran but still it was an O.K. song. ike is ownage wario-man is beast!

  9. Bizzie… You are another brainwashed fool. Use your own damn brain for once! Why do you think God gave you a brain? To use it- I suggest you do that. Tsk tsk ignorance is for idiots.

  10. first of all theres no evidence for god, so you’re all idiots anyway.

    secondly, it might be against YOUR laws or YOUR religion, that doesn’t mean you can then impose that on everyone else, its a dope song and us non-muslims can play it as loud as we want, if you dont like it **** off back to your own country then. if its offensive to you then thats your ******* problem.

  11. @wjofifl: Who are YOU to criticize us? Who are you to call us idiots. its clear that you are the IDIOT. God does exist. i laugh at you Atheists… Do you think that you created yourself? And stop cussing… You are a disgrace to humanity. Kalb.

  12. You have no logic whatsoever. Wasakh. Iga amus Shaytaan ba tahay. Hadalkaga ma lo bahna. Waxa tahay damer… Kalb.

  13. to rappers Bust and others…
    those words and money will burn you guys in hell. enjoy your limited life and wait for you “death”, I mean your end of life no matter when or where…just wait 😉

  14. Its a damn song ur not forced to listen to it…..if busta wants to make otha remix than thts his choice freedom of speech people…..stop acting lik little a** kids grow the f*** up

  15. well busta knew that arab won’t like his gay-lyrics
    he sang this stupid song to attract attention cuz he is a fu**up
    i mean he is not even considered as a rapper he just got the beat.
    and he apologized just to show the world that he is a “good-guy”
    and i don’t think that he meant it cuz if he do ,he won’t even sing it.

  16. Busta had no idea what he was rapping about. At least it wasn’t full of hate. And while there is usually such a thing as freedom of speech, there’s nothing wrong with Busta apologizing to people after they address him regarding how they find the song offensive.

  17. May Allah forgive Busta his sins and guide him aright..thats all I can say….May Allah strengthen his faith…then songs like this wud neva have come out of his mouth…

  18. كلامك جداً رائع وجميل

    والمغني باستا يجب عليه الإعتذار

    فالعرب لم يغنوا على أمريكا بشيء غير لآئق


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