The photos of Mecca you don’t see on walls

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  1. Assalamu alaikum

    When you go to do Hajj or ‘Umrah, it’s like the fanadiq/burooj (hotels), mostly Abraj al Bait, are towering over Masjid al Haram. There are some rumours going around about some crazy government project to destroy all the small, decent hotels and only have these three huge hotels (Makkah Hilton, Dar at Tawheed, and Abraj al Bait). We asked a lot of hotel employees about it, and they all said their hotel was probably going down within the next two years. Anyway, they should really do something.

    Ismaeel, long time no see… so you got internet in Makkah? I saw your blog was “under construction”.

  2. hmm….the city needs some colours! spending money of 2 million pilgrims a year could be put into good use to make it a beautiful city as it deserves to be

  3. Salaam,
    my father made Hajj in the 1970s and he said it was SO beautiful, you could see everything, the mountains, the masjid of Bilal rAa, and so many historical things without going anywhere. Then they started building all these buildings and getting starbucks and all these other things right in front of the masjid. My father took our family to Hajj in 2005-2006 and was SO shocked at how different the cities looked. We went around looking at historical sites but my father told us it was so much easier to see all of that before. And the more and more we keep changing the place, the more and more we lose the idea of the beautiful city of the Prophet saws. We’re losing the preservation of our history! Since i’d never been before 2005, I still found it IMMENSELY beautiful, breathtaking.
    But man….they have SOME nerve to build something so much higher than the masjid al haram. SubhanAllah, may Allah forgive them. I would be SO mad if I lived on the other side and that eyesore was blocking my view to Baitullah.

  4. SubHanAllah! They are turning Mecca into a tourist atrection when it should be only for Masjid Al Haram and the descendents of the Sahaba and The Masjid Al Haram should be the Highest building. And Kafir companies have no business in there just as kafirs have no business in there. Starbucks a major sponsor of Israel is in Mecca. SubhanAllah! InshAllah the day of Judgement will come soon and put and end to such acts of Kufr. All the kafir sponsors of Israel are available in Saudie Arabia such as Mac donalds, starbucks, burger king, kentucky fried chicken, soon they will open bars and all kind of other Haram businesses instead of opening Moslim healty restaurants they poisin people with such fastfood chains and then people say you should not stand up against the leaders. Leaders in Islam are supposed to lead Moslims to Halal and not to Haram and surely not take Christians and Jews as protectors and want to be like them. Arabs invented coffee and now they buy it from Kafir stores like starbucks in the Middle of the Holy city of Mecca. May Allah curse those who deserve to be cursed and may Allah protect the Ummah from its own NAFS!

  5. Subhanallah – This is really sad though. I went to Hajj in 2006 when the Mall in front of the Haram was first being opened and it was really sad because they were boasting to make the tallest mall in the world. We all know the hadith that naked shepherds will be competing to see who can make the tallest buildings but we thought that was only reserved for Dubai. Now we see it in our own Holy Land. This is just the beginning – the following url is a true portrayal of what the Saudi government wants to do in the upcoming years. They are many people living in Mecca who are being evicted because the government wants to build new hotels on their land and the compensation they are getting is very little when compared to the value. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) save us all…

  6. I think it looks promising mashAllah! Brothers and sisters please don’t look at this issue emotionally. I’m sure the construction is being done under the supervision of knowledgeable scholars, so there is nothing wrong with these construction projects, and these are two issues I was able to identify alhamdulillah.

    2 points here:

    – One of the rules pertaining to the signs of the day of judgement is that they cannot be used to obtain ruling. So for example since one of the signs of the Day of Judgement is the building of skyscrapers amongst the Arabs, this does not mean that building skyscrapers is haraam or makrooh or anything. It’s just a sign, it doesn’t mean its bad.

    – Modernization (in the context of buildings and skyscrapers and construction) is not a bad thing in this situation. Where are all the Hajjis and worshiping Muslims coming from abroad going to reside comfortably while they worship Allah swt? In the rules of fiqh we can see that the Shariah does not wish to put hardship on us, so therefore why not make it easy for the pilgrims and house them to gain ajr (be hospitable with the technological means available). Plus remember it has always been a point of interest for the Makkans since before the Prophet (saw)’s time to be hospitable to the pilgrims, its something they’ve always put their effort into =).

    Same goes for commercialization, Makkah has always been a commercial centre as we know from the Seerah, they’ve always made use of the pilgrims for commercial means. Its the culture of Makkah, it’s always been a seasonal business metropolis as well as a sacred city.

    I’m personally really looking forward to this project! Makkah’s going to look amazing all-futuristic. Plus people can now focus on their worship without having to worry about other hardships =).

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