Obama Starts Digg-Like System Called “Open For Questions”

I think this is an amazing idea.  Really innovative and if it really does go to the Obama government then we can bring about real serious change.  Basically how this works is any user who registers at Open For Questions can submit questions and vote yes or no to questions that are already submitted.  I did a quick search for the keyword “israel” and found a lot of positive questions that have a lot of “yes’s” that made me extremely happy.

I request everyone to share 2-3 minutes by registering for this site and submitting your questions as well as voting yes to the questions that matter to you most.  Especially the ones related to Islam, Muslims and the Muslim world.

Where the Obama haters at?

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  1. We’re watching, however, we are not going to be fooled.

    btw, i am not a “hater”, i don’t hate Obama, i am just realistic about what to expect from him and his government over the next 4 years.

    Time will soon unravel and reveal some of its more uglier realities and those Muslims who fell for the lies and propaganda from the Obama machine and have aligned themselves with it and supported it and worked for it, will be regretful.

    Our beloved Nabi (saw) has described the believers as those people who are not fooled over again, yet many of us are blinded by the sweet words we read and hear about Obama and the future.

    The future will be no different from the past, just a different face pushed to the front.

    Our beloved Nabi (saw) said:

    “A believer is not bitten from the same hole twice.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

    Wake up!

  2. As much as I would like to hope that American needs someone like ‘Obama’, I fear that it is just an emergency morale recovery for America – after the idiotic rule by Bush.

    How do you convince the American public to beileve in their government again? How do you turn opinions around and unite people? How do you inspire a whole nation to believe in an ‘american dream’ again?

    What better tool to use than Obama, sure he probably does not know it, but policies will not change abroad, the only things Americans may see come of this, is some internal change (health, economy).

    Obama will not change anything outside of the states, it is evident from his pro-Israel stance.

    So 1 to the recover of American pride and 0 to the rest of the world.

    – the idea is novel, the UK has the 10 downing st website that allows people to have a petition online, but in reality hardly anything like this is effective or put into practice. The PM replies once in a while to make the site legitimate, but really – its his aides that write everything. So don’t expect change from a measley website where you vote, because real democracy does not exist in America, like it doesn’t in the UK.

  3. @Hamza – I don’t expect Obama to do much good for the Muslim word. But I expect him to help the current economy and health policy directly effecting Americans including myself and the American ummah here.

  4. Of course democracy has been stripped down so that the President can respond to only one question from the American people…

  5. I love this idea…but doesn’t it challenge other leaders of other countries? I think it forces them to create something similar, otherwise, a system like this blurs the border lines, with people in Canada voting for certain things from Obama and well, me and MR will become all the closer. 😉

    It’s a new development in “true democracy”- not just the lip service democracy of Egypt. So at least that much will allow Muslims to have an influence, whether they believe in voting or not- now everyone has a chance at speaking directly to the American gov’t. And heck, that could be the door for Islam to spread, bi idhni Allah.

  6. People in other countries have been watching our nation during this campaign because they are looking forward to us having new leadership. The Bush Administration has taken a toll not only on the world but more so on the people in America.

    We are tired of leaders who are not equipped to handle to job. One man can’t do it alone. He has to surround himself with people who are hard core thinkers and with foreign relationship experience. I hope that Obama makes good decisions in choosing the people he surrounds himself with. It is of my opinion that Hilary Clinton was a good choice for head of our State Dept. She was in the White House for eight years and has plenty of experience. The people may not like her or the former Clinton Administration but she is a very well educated and smart woman.

    Let us all pray that our country does make some changes as I am aware that the entire world looks to us. We live here and what happens in our governments affects us directly. I personally am looking forward to the new president and am willing to give him 8 years if necessary to do the toughest job on earth. Be President of the United States of America.

  7. I completely agree with bro. Hamza. When will Muslims stop swooning over a cult like personality and start thinking about the issues of the Islamic UMMAH instead of the american ummah (what a misnomer).

    It’s okay to “hope” for “change” but to rest your hope on a man who has been mentored by someone like zibignew brezenzki and trained by the shadows of the CFR and other zionist orgs. is just not logical.

  8. Asalamu Alaikum

    Anything Obama does in the eyes of the Muslim at the moment is greeted with more than a slight hint of hysteria, this is how far we have sunk, it is very sad to see.

    It can even be seen in the topic of this post.

    Well, Gordon Brown and the UK government is ahead of the game when it come to web 2.0 and receiving questions. Mr. Brown has been receiving questions form the public for a long time now via YouTube


    I aint gonna waste my time and start raving about him though….

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