HalfOurDeen.com – Ummah Films’s Baba Ali’s New Marriage Site

I wrote a post a while ago saying how all Musilim marriage sites were wack because of their imitation of non-Muslim sites with a lack of how Islam defines how we find our spouses.  Baba Ali of Ummah Films has decided to create his own website geared towards this.  I feel this could be something good for the single and looking ummah.

5 Replies to “HalfOurDeen.com – Ummah Films’s Baba Ali’s New Marriage Site”

  1. A muslim matchmaking site? I don’t understand it. Go to the nearest masjid and get married… It’s not like complicated Christian or American dating where you have to get to know the person on many levels and see if you can live with them and blah blah blah. If you are both Muslim it should work out. So go to the Masjid and ask to marry someones daughter when you are ready.

  2. Brother, that’s the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I can tell you’re not married. You don’t just go down to the Masjid, find someone with a daughter and propose. If you did that in most Mosques, the uncle would probably hit you on the head to make sure you’re not crazy, there’s more to getting married to just having the same religion.

    By the way the site isn’t working for some reason.

  3. SA brother I look foward to trying out ur site InsAllah, I had given up along time ago on the other sites, alot of guys have other intentions that u meet from the web, btw dont listen to the above comments my friend met her husband from the masjid, so anything is possible, Especially when u r a believer, Wa Salam, Allah Hafiz

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