The End - 2000 to 2009

precious-provisions-food-clothing-fiqh-yasir-qadhiHave you ever heard this before:

“What is wrong with a Big Mac?
If it’s not pork, Alhamdulillah!!!”


“Don’t you know that’s haram? It has gelatin!”
“No brother, I called the company they said it ‘beef’ gelatin.”
“Really, does that mean the gelatin in Skittles is halal to eat?”

The above was taken from a short snippet of the class description that can be found here on the Al-Maghrib Institute website. Al-Maghrib really knows how to grab the readers attention. Most of the quotes above and on their website is exactly what I hear many times over and over in almost every discussion of eating zabihah vs. eating ahl-al-kitab or for short “ak”. I think this class is unique and ground breaking. It’s rare to relate the fiqh of food with the fiqh of clothing.

This class looks to be a tasty and fashionable ilm-filled weekend. Click here to register for the class.

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