11 Replies to “I wish that shoe hit Bush! Americans please watch this video…”

  1. This video is going to put the mujahideen back into mujahideenryder–a lot of angry comments coming soon…maybe lead to some irrational acts? :S

    The Iraqis saying, “Yes, yes yes…” while the soldiers say those things is a perfect example of how Muslims suck up to non-Muslims. Of course, they didn’t know what the soldiers were saying– but they just kept saying YES–no different than how Muslim leaders deal with non-Muslim leaders. This image is a perfect metaphor for our current reality. I mean, how much more literal can it be?

    I think this video is a testimony to the hadith:
    “Laughter deadens the heart.”

    The soldiers think it’s just a big joke, just some laughter right? Just goofing around…and their hearts are dead. They killed their hearts and did so laughingly. And look what they’ve become. What could be worse?

    I think Muslims here even, need to think twice about laughing and joking too much (starting with myself!) because this could end up being the stuff it leads us to do, may Allah protect us from such a fate, Ameen.

  2. Truly disgraceful. You can imagine what one of these soldiers would do if they were put in charge of a prison. If that is how they treat the Iraqi police then what about prisoners.
    In US high schools and colleges they try to identify suicidal kids to prevent shootings that we have seen. I think this video has just identified potential Abu Ghraib abusers.

  3. Subhanallah… how sad…

    Aameen to what SaqibSaab said earlier.

    However lets try to keep in mind that not ALL US military personnel are that arrogant and abusive! We should definitely be angry – but lets not direct our anger to all people in the military – many of whom are sincere in what they do – the real evildoers are those higher up in command.

  4. What a disgrace to this country, and to humanity itself.
    They don’t deserve to be called humans anymore, these ‘soldiers’ are lower than dirt.

    May God help the oppressed and increase the oppressors in nothing but their own destruction.

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