Bayyinah Institute and AlMaghrib Institute Join Forces

Looks like AlMaghrib will be referring it’s students to study Arabic with Bayyinah Institute, which by the way is the most amazing place to learn Arabic. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan does an amazing job, and anyone who takes his class loves it. I think Bayyinah has a 100% positive student feedback, well maybe 99%, but you get the point. It’s that good!

2 Replies to “Bayyinah Institute and AlMaghrib Institute Join Forces”

  1. salaam’alaykum


    just atteneded Nouman Ali Khan;s lecture at TDC it was awesome…

    this would be good

    i wonder what kind of format they’re going to come up with.

    I am taking an arabic course next semester with Arees, we’ll see how that goes. I plan on trying to take at least 1 bayyinah next semester insha”Allah

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