Help the Victims of the Gaza Massacre

Islamic Relief has set up a emergency fund for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip, Palestine.  Click here for more information.

Where does Israel get its oil from?  If Israel gets it from any Muslim country, they should should cut off all petroeloum exporting to Israel.  That should be really effective, but then again America might come in and share some of their own oil with Israel.

10 Replies to “Help the Victims of the Gaza Massacre”

  1. Palestinians have no one but themselves to blame for their current situation.

    They voted for the current band of killers (otherwise known as Hamas) they have.

    Palestinian leadership has no intention of living peacefully side by side with Israel. They have proven this over and over again for the last 60 years.

    They always falsely claim, “if only the JEWS would leave the occupied territories, there would be peace”. What horseshit!

    What happened several years ago when the Gaza strip became “Jew” free?

    Did Israel get peace from Gaza? No, what it got was rocket attacks within 30 minutes of the JEWS leaving gaza.

    Western civilization, WAKE UP. You are under attack from barbarians that follow no rules, have no morals, and will lie, cheat, and mislead you into destruction.


  2. eh, Israel always goes all out despite those Hamas missles killing noone. You’d think Hamas would learn their lesson. I think they want it this way so a larger war can form. It’s not the way to go. The blood is on Hamas’ hands.

  3. Treating the symptoms rather than the illness.

    Relief funds can only temporarily ease the pain — it’s like putting a band-aid on the stump of a newly severed arm.

  4. The biggest disgrace is the insecure idiots who blame Hamas.

    If you starve a people, remove their basic needs such as Water, Food, Fuel and Power etc. Resulting in closure of Hospitals and Schools etc. Do you think they won’t react?

    Israel has been isolating and starving Gaza, yet stil points the finger at Hamas. Well, i guess the irony is lost on them

  5. Either there is something wrong with the American governments moral values and mental status or they know everything and they are gaining something. I’m thinking there must be something more beneath the surface.

    Oh well… time to digg up some conspiracy theories.

    A cry from me to Palestine and Gaza :'(

  6. if jews would leave gaza and end this war hamas wouldnt be doing all this:: its the jews fault they started this mess they killed more then 200 people but hamas only killed 4 of their soldiers come one open your eyes whos doing most of the murders? jews. PALESTINE INSHALLAH YOU BECOME FREE:: & I HOPE YOU JEWS AND US MUSLIMS SHARE PALESTINE WITHOUT VIOLENCE

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