The End - 2000 to 2009

Egyptians Attack Palestinians at Border

The Egyptian government needs to be changed. Seriously.

RAFAH, Egypt (Reuters) – An Egyptian border guard and a Palestinian youth were killed during border clashes between Hamas and Egyptian security forces on Sunday in turmoil triggered by Israel’s assault on Gaza.

An Egyptian security source said forces of the Palestinian Hamas group had also shot an Egyptian policeman in the leg.

The incidents took place near the main border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, where Egyptian riot police fired in the air to try to drive back Palestinians who had managed to penetrate the border wall.

The events are likely to aggravate tense relations between Hamas and the Egyptian government, which says that Hamas is largely to blame for the Israeli onslaught. Israeli air strikes have killed nearly 300 people in Gaza in two days.

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Why doesn’t American bring Democracy to Egypt? Oh wait, then they’ll elect a “terrorist” organization, which basically means any organization that is not in the best interest of the America. Egypt is worse than Israel.

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