Global Qiyam ul Layl (Night Prayer) Campaign for Peace and Justice in the entire World

In the name of God

May the peace, blessings and mercy of God be upon you
Asalamualykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

Many of you have read the news. Many of you have seen the pictures. Many of you are protesting or writing letters. Many of you have blogged about it. Many of you have made dua.

What if we all did something together in unison on one night, Thursday January 1, 2009? What if we all stood in prayer in our homes, offices, schools, dorms or wherever we may be on Thursday night? What if we could get at least one thousand Muslims around the world making the same dua? Think of the probability of one dua being accepted out of a thousand.

Viral marketing spreads like wildfire. So I’m calling this viral dua! Spread this viral dua to everyone!

We will stand on this night to ask Allah (God) to…

  • …end all the suffering of all the innocent people around the world.
  • …bring justice to all the oppressive rulers and regimes around the world.
  • …seek forgiveness for all our sins.
  • …to grant us when we die and all those believers who have died, heaven.

Let’s try to get at least 1 person in all the cities where Muslims live to sacrifice one night to ask Allah (swt) to end the suffering in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all around the world where there is suffering.

I’ll start off with myself. I intend to stand on the night of Thursday January 1, 2009 in prayer for justice around the world.

Join us and comment your location (see example below). Why? The more locations the more people will join, because they’ll realize they are not alone on this night.  You can even advertise a link if you want to.  You can even add your link/name and keep your location blank.

Spread the word on Facebook here.

List of locations with Muslims or online Muslims participating in this Global Qiyam ul Layl

  • MR in Silver Spring, MD, USA
  • Habayeb in United Arab Emirates
  • Isa in London, UK
  • Many more brothers and sisters in the UK
  • Canada
  • Jeddah, KSA
  • Jamila in West Yorkshire, England
  • Dawud Israel
  • Many in Southern California, USA
  • Shaykh Ahmed Abdur Rashid
  • Muhammad Sattaur and 2 others in Albertson, NY, USA
  • Ahmad in Chicago, IL, USA
  • Asiya from Canada
  • H.A. New York, USA
  • Afifa in India
  • Zeinab in Winsdor, ON, Canada
  • Arif in College Park, MD
  • Maitha in Dubai, UAE
  • Yousuf in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Abdul Majeed in Ottawa, Canada
  • Umm Yasmin in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ahmed Malik in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Hajra in Perth, Australia
  • Nusaybah in Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Umm Musa in Medina, KSA
  • Sania in Newington, Connecticut, USA
  • Eman in Windsor, ON, Canada
  • E.P. in Barrie, ON, Canada
  • Khayrat in Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • Zain in Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
  • Mariam in KSA
  • Rahma in Windsor, ON, Canada
  • Abu Eeman in London, UK
  • Kissimmee, Florida
  • STA in Bay Area, California, USA
  • Leila in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aiman in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Ima in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fujairah, UAE
  • Long Island, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Islamabad, Pakistan

Over 600+ on the Facebook event have been confirmed.

64 Replies to “Global Qiyam ul Layl (Night Prayer) Campaign for Peace and Justice in the entire World”

  1. I will stand up in Qiyam al Layl on Thursday insha’allah. Im in the United Arab Emirates

    PS- will be posting this on my blog to spread the word!

  2. I will also stand up in Qiyam al Layl insha’allah. im in London and i will get all my peeps around across England & Scotland to participate

  3. Count me in inshAllah. It would be nice if brothers from the Dewsbury/Batley/Leeds/Bradford/Hudds/Wakefield area could get together and someone knowledgable lead the prayer.

  4. Asaalamu Alaikum

    We are actually having a program thats very close to a Qiyam. Its on the 31 st of DEC….new years eve. the night starts of at 8 until fajr InshaAllah. It consists of small talks and Quran recitation and of course prayers. InshaAllah I hope many people participates in this event=D

    And i will also make Dua inshaallah

  5. May Allah swt bring to you and all who join in thisQiyam ease and comfort in all circumstances and illuminate the hearts of millions and millions of people throughout this world with the humility and the trust that comes from seeking the means to act for the good of all people…all the children of Hazrat Adam / Hawa. We (myself ) and all my beloved friends and students will strive to join you on this occasion. Insh’Allah. Know that the Real the System of the Divine Reality Allah swt wil respond accordingly to your irada and niyyah.
    “Subhaana Rabbika Rabbi-l-izzati ammaa yasifuun. Wa Salaamun alaa-l-mursaliin. Wa-l-hamdu lillaahi Rabbi-l-aalamiin.” Qur’an 37:180-182. Limitless in His glory is thy Sustainer, the Lord of Almightiness,(exalted) above anything that (human bveings) may devise by way of definition! And peace be upon all His message-bearers! And all praise is due to Allah Alone, the Sustainer of all the Worlds.”

  6. Assalamualikum,
    Inshallah I will be participating in this Global Qiyam ul LaylI. I will spread the word as well and make dua for all of our Ummah …I request that in your prayers please also include those who are fighting death because of an illness like my father… please make dua for him….

    Sister Asiya from Canada

  7. Insha Allah T’Ala, I will be standing up for Qiyam on thursday night.
    I am from Ottawa, Canada.

  8. May Allah accept from you this effort and may Allah answer the dua’as of all who are joining in this wonderful effort.

    May Allah give us all the strength to carry on such devotion to Him.

    We hope that all of us are desiring to be counted in in Allah’s record.

    From Islamabad,


  9. Inshallahu Tala, excellent idea to stand infront of Allah swt with a pure heart mind and soul inshallah, asking for forgiveness and freedom from jahannam, freedom for the oppressed muslims all over the world, instead of making “new years eve”, and delaying Salah for the sake of finding a good spot to view the fireworks.

    JazakAllahu khairan
    As-salamu alaikum warahmatullah

    From Perth, Australia

  10. Count me in
    From Ottawa Ontario !!

    and e.p its in the 1st/4 of the night i believe so just prayer before fajr wake up like 2 hours before fajr inshallah tala sis.

    Ps. Let us all renew are intentions

  11. Insha Allah…dua is indeed the strongest weapon we have!!!

    Ponder on the these beautiful ayahs where Allah says…
    “And do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers.” (Ale Imran 139)

    Ï just came back from my tafseer classes [ayahs from Surahs Nisa & Kahf] & SubhanAllah this was the main lesson in both; =)
    “‘…But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not.”‘
    (Al Baqarah 216)

    May Allah bless all the muslims with the best in this world and the Hereafter!!


  12. salaam alaikam
    we are doing a qiyam ul layl tonigh at masjid an noor in acton church road at 12pm there will be lectures and a dedicatd qanoot to palestin and the ummah in the witr all are welcom men and women

  13. Insha Allah I will join and ask my husband also to join this. May Allah bless this event and forgive all those who get part in this and accept their pryaers, esp towards the muslim Ummah. Aameen. Jazakallah Khayr for initiating and forwarding.

  14. Excellent work MR! Some 400 people are going to be making qiyaam, ma sha Allah!

    Here is a motto that we need to remember:
    “Rally to the prayer mat, Petition and Protest to your Lord, in middle of the night if your President won’t hear you- the Most Just will!”

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