Israel Attacks Aid Boat Carrying Medicine For Palestinians

An Israeli patrol boat struck a boat carrying medical volunteers and supplies to Gaza early Tuesday as it attempted to intercept the vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, witnesses and Israeli officials said.

CNN Correspondent Karl Penhaul was aboard the 60-foot, Gibraltar-registered pleasure boat Dignity when the contact occurred. When the boat later docked in the Lebanese port city of Tyre, severe damage was visible to the forward port side of the boat, and the front left window and part of the roof had collapsed.

The Dignity was carrying crew and 16 passengers — physicians from Britain, Germany and Cyprus and human rights activists, including former U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney — who were trying to reach Gaza through an Israeli blockade of the territory

Source: CNN & CNN Video here.

Israel claims they are justified in what they are doing, but can they justify this! If home-made rockets are being used against you, then attack the rocket launchers. They have the most sophisticated technology and advanced weaponry, yet they need to attack a boat full of medicine to stop home-made rockets?

The world is seeing the true mission of this Israeli war on the Palestinian people. They don’t care about the rockets. They want to kill the Palestinians by any means necessary.

Shout out to Abu Yusuf for blogging this.

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  1. You use the word “attack”.

    That particular Israeli patrol ship claims that they wanted to check them out because they were sailing through a blockade and a collision occurred.

    Both sides want to kill each other or at least don’t care if it comes to that. Kind of like America in Iraq.

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