Journey to Mecca with Ibn Battuta (IMAX Movie) [Update with trailer!]

Update: Shaykh Khalil sent me the trailer. I can’t embed but it’s on facebook here.

Movie synopsis:

Ibn Battuta is one of the greatest travelers in history, journeying three times further than Marco Polo. JOURNEY TO MECCA IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF IBN BATTUTA tells the story of Ibn Battuta’s perilous and awe-inspiring two year journey from Tangiers to Mecca in the 1320’s, and includes extraordinary footage of the Hajj as it was experienced in the 14th century, and as it is experienced today by millions of people — images never seen before on the Giant Screen.

Belal from Leechon says:

I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to go see this film in the IMAX and bring ALL your friends along. The movie is about 45 mins long and follows Ibn Batutta beginning his journey with the Hajj.

Visually this film is a beautiful eye-candy treat. They’ve taken you into the past of what it was like to go to Hajj in the olden days and have paralled it with what it’s like today.

The filming of this movie was done last year and they’ve done a mighty fine job.

I just need to find out if it’s showing near me.

Thanks to David, here is the official movie website (currently under construction). You can also find it on IMDB and Big Movie Zone.

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  1. Before I was muslim, i read about Ibn Battuta. I never knew why he was soo underrated in the west; he pretty much travelled further than Marco Polo.

  2. Actually, Ayoub, there are some scholars who are convinced that Marco Polo never went any further than about Tehran, and he just plagiarized Ibn Battuta since Europe had no way to check sources. Most damning is the fact that there is no record of Marco Polo in China, and their records are very detailed, so much that there is record of Ibn Batutta even though he didn’t claim to have been in the royal court, etc.

  3. cool…is this going to be a DVD release? because I doubt it will get any significant IMAX exposure. I really want to see it.

  4. Osman,

    The company that’s distributing the movie has projected for the revenue to be many millions of dollars. They’ve actually made two versions of the film. One with Music and one w/o Music to cater to the Muslims throughout the world.

    The major target of this production really is Muslims. The release is indeed limited, but the distribution plan is setup to be quite strategic and focused.

    Although its rare for film to make a profit in the theatrical circuit, I’m pretty confident that these guy’s will do just fine in that area due to their focused approach.

  5. I have seen the movie, It was very well directed and Very well acted, I pray to Allah to grant him Paradise.

  6. this movie was amazing i just saw it today and i was in awe. I cant express in words how amazing this movie was and made me realize how convienent it is for us to go to Hajj compared to what our elders had to go through.

  7. I just saw the movie today at IMAX Keong Emas, Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s a magnificent movie, well directed, well delivered, and well pictured! I’ve recommended all my friends to see this while it’s still avail. It brings back all beautiful memories during hajj. Haram and Mecca are different today, compared on on what we see in this movie. Many buildings are gone and we’ll see the new Mekkah in two or three years from now.

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