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My sister showed me this article. Very intresting, but with a lot of incorrect statistics and false facts. Although I must say that this historical heritage of jihad is dead amongst many of the Sufis of today.

Mystical power
Why Sufi Muslims, for centuries the most ferocious soldiers of Islam, could be our most valuable allies in the fight against extremism
By Philip Jenkins | January 25, 2009

THIRTY YEARS AGO this month, the collapse of the Shah’s government marked the launch of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, and since that point the topic of Islam has rarely been out of the headlines. All too often, we hear about Islam in the context of intolerance and, often, violence — of Al Qaeda savagery, of Taliban misogyny, of nuclear weapons in Pakistan and perhaps in Iran itself. Even in Europe, many fear the growth of a radical Islamic presence. For three decades, Western observers have worked fervently to comprehend Islam’s global power and appeal, its ability to inspire the poor and to topple governments. But in all that intense attention, most observers have missed a crucial part of the story: a global web of devout religious brotherhoods that by all logic should be a critical ally against extremism.

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Iraq gives salams to Blackwater

Iraq will not renew the licence of US security firm Blackwater, which was involved in an 2007 incident in which at least 14 civilians were killed.

That’s some good news. These American thugs in Iraq killed many innocent people and some are being charged with these crimes. Click here if you don’t remember Blackwater. Unfortunately, another security firm is necessary:

An interior ministry spokesman said the US embassy had been told it will have to use another security company.


Video on Blackwater:

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Israeli invaders built settlements faster in 2008 than previous years

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  • Date: Jan 28,2009 | 10:38 PM

Jewish settlements and outposts in the West Bank expanded more rapidly in 2008 than the previous year, Peace now reported on Wednesday. The timing of the report is no coincidence, and it was released on the day US Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell was scheduled to arrive in Israel.

Forget this two-state plan, its time for a one-state plan.


Wearing a Kufi makes you smarter? Jay-Z explains

I was unfortunate or fortunate to be present when a classic song by Nas in which he was dissing Jay-Z (actually he was obliterating him verbally) came on which then reminded me about this line from Jay Z:

“Cause the nigga wear a kufi, it don’t mean that he bright”

That was in a diss track entitled “Blueprint 2” towards Nas, another rapper who was a Muslim sometime in his life.

This was President Barack Obama’s interview with Al-Arabiya TV. Shout out to Tariq for this. The interviewer is Hisham Melhem who is the bureau chief of Al-Arabiya TV in the DC office. Al-Arabiya TV is partly owned by the Middle East Broadcasting company (MBC) and is head quartered in Dubai.

Part 1:

Part 2:
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Morgan Freeman has a really good point.

I’d love to hear what Bro. Tariq Nelson, Imam Johari Abdul Malik or Imam Luqman Ahmed have to say about this.

Hamas Offering $52 Million for Palestinians

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  • Date: Jan 26,2009 | 09:21 PM

Hamas officials stepped in yesterday to offer cash handouts worth a total of $52m (£38.1m) to Gazans who had lost family members, homes or businesses, as fresh evidence emerged of Israel’s destruction of civilian infrastructure in Gaza, including the territory’s largest concrete factory and the only operating flour mill – both of which are now in ruins.

As well as the heavy toll on human life, more than 21,000 buildings and apartments have been wholly or partly destroyed, including at least 219 major factories, among them several industrial sites, including food processing plants.

May Allah (swt) bless the people in charge of this good deed and the generous donations of the Muslims.



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Tony Benn to BBC, “People will die because of the BBC decision”

I love how he clearly states Hamas is the elected government. has more details on the BBC refusal of airing information on how to send aid to Palestine.

I just came back from the event entitled, “The State of the Union: The Muslim Experience,” and I was [insert a word that has the feeling you get when your iman is at the highest it has ever been].

Hopefully they’ll put up the video or audio of the lecture.  I’m trying to get my hands on it.  I’ll post up my thoughts and comments in the upcoming posts.

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