Dua – The Strongest Weapon the Ummah has

Seriously.  What are we waiting for?  All the protest, letters (even the one I wrote to KSA), campaigns, donations and anything else are nothing compared to the dua of the believers.  We need to make dua.  We need to make dua!  We MUST make dua!

Ya Allah!  Protect all the innocent under oppression!  Protect their homes and their lives!  Ameen!

6 Replies to “Dua – The Strongest Weapon the Ummah has”

  1. ayo MR do you honestly think prayer works. I’m not knocking any aspect of your belief system but..In the centurieS that the mid east conflict has taken place, do you really think no one prayed for the conflict to end. Do you think ANY war ended because of prayer? “The Strongest Weapon the Ummah has” ….? Prayer is less effective than protesting…Once again not going at the “dua” aspect of Islam..but when you look at prayer..it DOESN’T work 99.9% of the time.. that .1 can be paralleled with the events in the Quran that became so due to prayer…

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