8 Replies to “CNN: Israel Broke the Ceasefire”

  1. “Ceasefires” are about as relevant as a Hamas leader. Both are short lived and easily revived. Only to be erased again (surprising no one with half a brain).

  2. Really when I saw this I actually fell in love with CNN for the first time ever! I hope those brave souls still have their jobs..

  3. there you have it people the truth

    its weird how they seem surprised , its like they expected the whole thing to be a lie.

  4. subtleties. A word in a sentence, at the end of the clip, to the effect of: “when we talk about the mid east us americans we’re left with so much subtleties”. These, in life, mean the death of hundreds of palestinians. I’d hate for Americans or the international audience to feel so frustrated. Let’s get it right people so the world can speak with no subtleties about the middle east.

    But yes, kudos to CNN this time.

  5. subhanaAllah! the atrocities committed by the israelis this time are so grave, that even the media can’t spin this one.

    just shows the importance of starting home-grown objectieve media.

    props to CNN, and those who investigated the story. life will get tougher for them soon no doubt.

  6. How can Israel have broken a “cease fire” when Hamas was firing rockets intentionally aimed at Israeli civilians long before any Israeli action?

    If unilaterally not shooting back when its civilians are fired upon is a cease fire, then yes Israel broke it. Otherwise, the story doesn’t make much sense.

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