Rihla 2009 – Only Hajj and Umrah are better than this

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  1. i understand the “marketing” aspect of the title, but it is inappropriate to put something that audacious on something that has music (which is considered haram by the majority of ulemma and all 4 madhabs).

  2. @daal dhaal – I am talking about the Rihla journey to Makkah and Madinah and visiting the historical places of Islam there. It wasn’t marketing. I don’t work for them. I believe that only Hajj and Umrah are better than this. Seriously. Visiting Makkah and Madinah and getting to see all the historical sites and learning about the history of Islam, walking on the same sand as the Prophet (saas) and the companions. What can be better than that in terms of going to Makkah and Madinah, other than Hajj and Umrah. Also when you go to the Rihla and you enter Makkah you have to perform Umrah!

    It amazes me how people are so quick to look for the bad and not the good.

  3. Nuh Keller says about music:

    “For those of tawqa and Iman the ruling [that music is haram] is clear… That the primary basis for musical instruments is that they are haram…If you want to poison your Ruh (soul), listen to music…[Music] is the pure unadulterated expression of the Nafs.”

    wal-‘iyaadhu bi-Allah min ash-Shaitan! Allah protect us from the evil of our nafs!

  4. @aamer khan – JazakAllah khair for the post. Here is the full lecture of Sh. Nuh on music in Islam. Since you listen to Sh. Nuh, do you know his opinion on photography?

  5. no. and i don’t follow him in fiqh. i just posted up his opinion on music for the benefit of those who do.

    the people who legalize music can be counted on your fingers.

    the fact is, none of the 4 imams said anything about photography, due to it being a medium created in the last century. but all of them said music was haram.

    there is enough of a split between the ulema regarding photography for a valid difference of opinion. the split on the issue of music is much much smaller.

    and Allah knows best.

  6. so what if they are side by side? at haj and umrah, everyone is side by side, men & women are all together. geez people grow up. you live in america, when you go on a bus or subway, you sit or stand beside a man/woman, so whats wrong if the women take a picture with their teachers?

  7. thats lame justification

    at Hajj or Umrah you do not pose with men or women – both men and women are there yet both are expected to maintain their distance – just as you go to the mall and while both men and women are there, you maintain your distance –

    i havent see men and women sitting like they are sitting in the video even on hajj. its best to accept that their maybe a mistake then trying to justify it unnecesarily

  8. @the above comments regarding the picture of women around the scholars – I am not going to bash them. I’m going to assume and give excuses that they are the daughters/wives/sisters of the scholars around them and then the non-mahram sisters in the outer area. Forget about the picture taking. The journey itself is good. Visiting the historical sites of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (saas) is amazing.

  9. As Muslims we should make excuses for our brothers and sisters and assume the best. whether it was ok for them to sit together or whether they made a mistake is an unnecessary discussion and we’re better off leaving it.

  10. I think that all of you offended by the music need to go on this trip, perhaps it will open up your mind a bit. = )

  11. Salaams,
    I would just like to say I am one of the sisters who attended this Rihla and I am also one who is in that group picture. For all those who feel obliged to know this was towards the end of our journey and those women sitting next to the shayukhs are either their wife or daughter and around are fellow sisters, like I, who attended the course. Hand on my heart this was ultimately the best experience I have ever had and I am so blessed that I was ever apart of it and had personally been taught and engaging with some of, in my eyes, the best teachers of our time. These amazing scholars are responsible for embedding so much immense love and grattitude in my heart for the nabi (SWS) and making him become so personal to me and for that I am so greatful. May Allah bless and preserve them so they are able to enlighten others. Ameen

  12. I agree with Zakiyah, and I am also one of those who attended. Astaghfirullah, it is real sad that something petty like this is even brought up. Go to the program first before making judgments of others. Also, be careful who you speak ill of, they might be a friend (wali) of Allah.

  13. Why Hamza Yusuf is in the middle of hundred beautiful women?? taking pictures and videos? whats the purpose of this? Why does he keep gotti? either you keep beard or don’t… what is this?

  14. Alamin..why don’t you look 2 comments above you. There is a sister who is actually in the pic and says the women are related. And im guessing the ones directly around the shaykhs are the related ones.

    Furthermore on the Beard. Make a pro and con chart and write all the good and bad you did. And then fix yourself before you attack someone else. Well no actually do attack him so he can get all your good deeds πŸ™‚

  15. LOL, people some ignorant people stays ignorant. If I am bad, does it automatically makes Hamza good? so you are saying that his beard is not according to sharia, but you are trying to justify it by my bad things… nice.

  16. Regarding the picture. doesn’t matter relative or not, even if all 100 of them his relatives, this picture is not accordingly sharia. you can try to justify it many ways to save your shiek from being pointed at, but this issue remains unjustified and haram. wake up people. if something is bad admit it. this is the least you can do and the lowest level in imaan, but for you to defend a bad thing, this is ignorant.

  17. 1st he is NOT my shaykh I have NOT studied under him. I studied with others.
    2nd I remained Quiet on the beard. Yes I am of the opinion that a Muslim man should have a full beard. Hence I grew one. But I am also of the opinion that if soemone doesn’t I don’t have to go and trash him on the internet infront of everyone. Because he will take my good deeds AND it is not fo rme to judge I give my brothers excuses.
    However if he said NOT to grow a beard (gave a ruling) I would say I do not agree with it.
    3rd Check your intention. DO you care for your brother Hamza and hence want to tell him to grow the beard or do you just want to be a keyboard trash talker. If you care about him do what the scholars told you to do before you bash (or warn against him). ADVISE him. Get his E-mail or number and call him. Or say it to him in person. Shaykh Rabee Al madkhalee advised a deviant for 5 years before he wrote against him. How much did you advised Shaykh Hamza.
    4th About the picture, same as above. Or maybe could it be he knows something you don’t.
    5th I am ignorant so please pray for me.

  18. If I was talking about just about any individual muslim, then all of your point above make sense. But we are talking about some one who calls himself sheik and scholar. So now it’s different story right? Two of the above issue that i mentioned would never have been approved by the Prophet sallallahu ‘alhi wasallam, nor his followers. So it is not according to sharia. So how good does it look for a scholar of shari’a doing things that goes against it?

    Regarding trying to communicate with him, well, not me, but Yusuf Estese and other scholar tried communicating but he rejected to listen to them. Yusuf Estese even published an open email letter about his experience with him and his institute.

    So when it comes to scholars, you MUST judge him before you judge yourself. For everyone else, it’s the vice versa.

  19. 1) “So when it comes to scholars, you MUST judge him before you judge yourself. For everyone else, it’s the vice versa.”
    Provide evidence of that please.

    2) Yusef Estates contacted him THEN wrote the e-mail. Why don’t you contact him and maybe he will listen to you? And just because others have already done it, gives you the right to write what you wrote about him? What if Allah don’t like it and gives all your deeds away? you willing to risk that?

    3) A lot of what was on the E-mail of Yusef Estates was accusatiosn made against Zaytuna by peopel claiming to be zaytuna students. These peopel contacted Yusuf Estates and complained about jinns and what not. Then Yusef Estates without verifying the information wrote that E-mail. However I know people who learned hanafi fiqh at zaytuna and learned arabic there and NEVER have they seen the things Mr. Estates accuses Zaytuna of. And Mr. Estates I believe wrote a clarification that he didnt check all the facts. Furthermore on his accusations fo Hamza Yusuf going too much into Arabic. Well Yusef Estates can’t even pronounce words properly sometimes. So With that accusation that Hamza goes too deep into arabic is void because well Yusuf estates doesn’t know Arabic as well as Hamza. Now if soemone like Nouman Ali Khan disputed Hamza’s Arabic tangents, THEN it would warrant credit.

    4) Whatever the deal was between Hamza and Yusef and w/e the deal is with all the scholars. As lay people we shoudl stay away from the arguemnts of scholars. Because then they will inshAllah reach an agreement faster. But if people like me start giving our own 2 cents on who is right it just causes more division. (and no im not saying to compromise I’m saying to let them argue and lay people like me WAIT for a final verdict inshAllah.)

    5) Allah isn’t going to question you about Hamza, he’ll question you about you. Now if you think you need to warn people about someone. You can do it without insulting others who give an excuse to that person (i.e. calling me ignorant)

    6) One of the only times a dua is 100% accepted is when you have wronged someone. hence it is said to fear the dua of a kuffar you have wronged. So thread lightly on this stuff.

    P.S. don’t bother calling me an Ashari or Sufi because I’m neither. I’m an athari/hanabali aqeedah.
    I’m just a guy telling his fellow brother to stay out of the affairs of scholars so they can be more productive and reach a verdict on who is finally right.

  20. To clarify what I mean by staying out of the Scholars way I will quote this by Imam Shafi,

    Never do I argue with a man with a desire to hear him say what is wrong, or to expose him and win victory over him. Whenever I face an opponent in debate I silently pray-O Lord, help him so that truth may flow from his heart and on his tongue, and so that if truth is on my side, he may follow me; and if truth be on his side, I may follow him.

    and another from Imam Ghazzali

    The hypocrite looks for faults; the believer looks for excuses.

  21. The prove of the Judging scholar is simple. Ask yourself if you will ever study under shi’a scholar, or salafi. Just like I will never study under a sufi scholar. Because if you don’t judge, you may end up learning different aqeedah, which may be contradictory to sharia. And prove from Islamic point of view is that Prophet sallalahu ‘alahi wassallam said, that there will be 73 sects only one will enter jannah… so obviously we have to judge from other sect’s scholars by comparing them with sharia’ provided by the Prophet.

    Anyway, i think this conversation will not be fruitful because of the grouping differences. When people particularly belongs to a group and adhere to it’s own aqeedah, then it’s hard to communicate with each other.

  22. i think its time to stop bashing shuyookh. time in our lives are short, use it efficiently. i think it would be better if MR deletes all of these posts so that it doesnt create any more rifts between brothers.

  23. Thanks for the links, although they don’t run by Yusuf estese. But PLEASE change the title of your post. This is not only misleading, but also fraud to your muslim brothers and sisters. This kind of false bold statement comparing to Hajj and Umrah to bring people to your blog is really not necessary (I was victim of that while searching Google).

    We need to learn Islam from Scholars who value Qur’an and Sunnah and adhere to them, not from the ones who don’t mind bending and modernizing to fit under their desire.

    Ramadan Mubarak.

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