Al-Maghrib’s and Islamic Relief’s Online Fundraiser for Gaza – Hikmah


AlMaghrib Institute will be doing a unique ONLINE fundraising event in cooperation with Islamic Relief for the needy in Gaza on Tuesday, Jan 13th at 7:15 PM EST:

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As the world watches the grave events unfolding in the Gaza Strip, history is awaiting to document the actions humanity is about to take:

Shameful Inaction or Heroic Justice?

It is human nature to feel all kinds of intense emotions towards the atrocities in Gaza: anger, sorrow, shame, fear, sadness….yet history is filled with stories of these very emotions resulting in dangerously wrong courses of action. It is evident, then, that these natural feelings act as fog: blurring our hindsight and preventing us from seeing the big picture.

The question then is: in these trying times, how do we use hikmah (wisdom) instead of emotion when taking the right course of action for our Ummah?

Join us for a special Ilminar as we answer this very question and in co-operation with Islamic Relief launch a unique ONLINE fundraising effort for our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Be among those whom history documents as partakers of heroic justice, and above all, those who embodied the true message of Islam.

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7 Replies to “Al-Maghrib’s and Islamic Relief’s Online Fundraiser for Gaza – Hikmah”

  1. Wow, the Salafis (Al-Maghrib) and the Ikhwan (Islamic Relief) joining together? This is definitely using wisdom in trying times!

  2. Instead of making false dichotomies or worrying about labels and what not, can’t we just look at it as our brothers helping our brothers?
    Allahu ‘aalim

  3. Both these institutions (Zaytuna and AlMaghrib, among others), agree on like 95%. Why are we shedding blood on that minute 5%? This event is also in that 95% we agree on (I sure hope so!).

    To quote Sh. Yasir Qadhi, “What we don’t take in entirety, we don’t leave in entirety.”

  4. Mashallah that’s amazing! I left the event after about $20,000 was reached, who would have guessed it would have gone that high. May Allah accept it and allow it to reach and aid the people of Gaza.

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