The End - 2000 to 2009

A few hours ago an online ilminar and fundraiser called Hikmah: Using Wisdom in Trying Times featruing Sh. Yasir Qadhi, Sh. Muhammad AlShareef and Sh. Waleed Basyouni of AlMaghrib Institute with Dr. Hany al Banna of Islamic Relief took place.  You can here the full lecture here.

MashaAllah, it was an experience to remember.  Alhamdulillah these are the final numbers they raised during the online lecture by country:

U.S. – $113,845
Canada – $38,461
U.K. – $2,320

The final total was $154,626 and all of that was raised in approximately 4 hours online.  Imagine if we did this every week for one cause at a time.  There were over 1,000 people listening in on the phone and online.  If you divide $154,626 by 1,000 you’ll get $154.626.  Did each of those 1,000 people donated that amount.  Probably not, but the fact that we had so much people giving amounts in large sums or small sums it added up to a grand value.  There was also much more people than just 1,000.  This is similar to how Barack Obama was successful in raising funds online with small donations.  I think Islamic Relief and other organizations should do this to raise funds.  It’ seems to be proven successful.

May Allah (swt) reward all those who donated.  May Allah (swt) help and protect the innocent.

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