Bolivia breaks ties with Israel over Gaza

LA PAZ, Bolivia (CNN) — Bolivia broke diplomatic relations with Israel on Wednesday over the Israeli incursion into Gaza, President Evo Morales announced. Morales also said his government will ask that Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be declared war criminals.

“The Israeli government’s crimes affect global stability and peace and have returned the world to the worst stage of crimes against humanity that we hadn’t seen except in World War II and in the last years in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda,” Morales said.

Source: CNN

Venezuela has also broken ties with Israel over Gaza. May Allah bless these two countries and reward them for standing up for justice and standing up to the terrorist state of Israel.

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  1. @Xf-S – Not our, maybe yours, but not mine. No longer my congressmen. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have my support more than any of the Muslim congressmen.

  2. Talk about trying to be relevant! Why not be part of the solution instead of the problem. Expelling a diplomatic official from the backwoods is meaningless….find a solution so that everyone can live together.

  3. What the Jews think
    about Gentiles (Non-Jews).
    This article appeared in the magazine “Free At Last” under the title
    American Law, Fact, Fraud, and Insidious Insiders
    “Galatians, 4:16: Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?”–
    “We…continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands…naïve Americans…we have TAUGHT them to SUBMIT to our every demand…Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man. We…have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we PROMOTE BOTH SIDES of the issue as confusion reigns.
    “With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is BEHIND EVERY scene. We…toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse. The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of WORLD victory…The naïve politicians in WASHINGTON are gullible. Most of them are not too bright…the powerful…lobbyists influenced…years ago (federal funds to aid Israel) and there is no one strong enough to stop it…some of that money is returned to the United States and spent on Zionist propaganda…through B’nai Brith…Conference of Jewish Organizations… World Jewish Congress…tax free so long as we are smart enough to get away with it…
    “ANTI-SEMITISM does NOT signify opposition to Semitism. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It is an expression we…use effectively as a SMEARWORD …used to brand…anyone who brings criticism against (us)…We use it against HATE-mongers… (we) do so. That’s all there is to it.
    “…I’d say more than 90% (of us) know what is really happening to our people. We have COMMUNICATION unequalled…It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government…the Police, State Police, Army officers and their families and relatives…In Russia, there are TWO distinct GOVERNMENTS – one visible and the other invisible…The INVISIBLE rulers in the communist countries have a world CONTROL over the propaganda and the governments in free countries. The cultural and intellectual influence of Judaism is felt throughout the entire world…MONEY is more important than morality.
    “We can accomplish anything with money…Israel can now win in any encounter…It will also be the base for World Government Headquarters. We CONTROL EVERY MEDIA of expression…newspaper , magazines, radio, television…even your music! We CENSOR…before long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL of your thinking…
    “The richest plum…(we) took over the publication of ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS…could MOLD public opinion to suit OUR PURPOSES. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them…truth or lies. There is no silent majority…only thing that exists is an UNTHINKING majority and unthinking they will remain…their ESCAPE from our rigorous service is the opiate of our ENTERTAINMENT industry. We have castrated society through FEAR and INTIMIDATION. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine…appearance… being so neutered, the populace has become DOCILE and EASILY RULED…their thoughts…only with the present toil and the next meal…You have become addicted to our MEDICINE through which we have become your absolute masters.
    “We pretty much CONTROL the U.N…There will be a forced class warfare here in the United States and many will be liquidated…I’m not boasting…I’m giving you the facts! It is TOO LATE for your Christian followers to put up a DEFENCE …Long, long ago we HAD to become the AGGRESSORS…that is undoubtedly one of our great PURPOSES in life…
    “Religion…our CONTROL of the textbook industry…news media…able to hold ourselves up as AUTHORITIES…our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christian’s stupidity …Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every Christian Church in America. Through our propaganda the church has become our most avid supporter…their believing in the lie that we are the ‘chosen people’ and they, the gentiles.” “These deluded children of the church defend us to the point of DESTROYING their own culture…The ignorant Christians…attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families…Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in WARS against themselves, which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest…
    “Through religion we have gained CONTROL of society, government and economics. The gullible clergy…instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people…These PULPIT PARROTS extol our goodness for loaning them the MONEY to build their temples, never realizing that their own holy book condemns all USURY… pay our exorbitant INTEREST…they have led society into our CONTROL through the same practice.
    “Politically, they hail the blessings of DEMOCRACY and never understand that through DEMOCRACY we have gained CONTROL…DEMOCRACY is mob-rule which we CONTROL through their churches, our news media and economic institutions…These RELIGIOUS PUPPET’S stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily…”
    ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* *
    On Control, you may remember the 8/12/1976 sky-jacking of an Israeli jetliner in Istanbul, Turkey, in which four people were killed and some thirty injured. Aboard was the administrative assistant for then-U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits (a Jew) of New York, 29 year-old Harold W. Rosenthal (a Jew), whose unfortunate murder that day was not from random bullets that killed the others. Evidence indicates that his was pre-planned, making me wonder if it was due to his lengthy, boastful interview with American Christian editor Walter White.
    Please read the full interview at the following link. It is titled ”The Hidden Tyranny” and I hope from the brazen words above you will see why.
    http://www.rense. com/general66/ rosen.htm

  4. Ron Paul had my support in the presidential election. But he lost the republican ticket. I wanted to write to him that he should have ran on the Democrat ticket. (but then again Muslim would of been blinded by all the hope talk).

    Even Ron Paul’s economic policies are on par with Islam

  5. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Dr Paul’s economic policies are on par with Islam. He is a free-market supporter, and Islam does not necessarily promote free-market economics.

    I refer you to the talk Imam Zaid Shakir’s talk at RIS ’08.

    Moving on, it was said seeing so many ‘politically active’ Muslims discount Dr Paul simply because he was a Republican.

  6. In another talk at RIS ’08, Sh. Hamza Yusuf also referred to Dr Paul, saying (paraphrasing here) that he “is among those non-Muslims who is speaking the truth.”

  7. He is one of the Americans who speak the truth, hence other Americans don’t understand him. When lies are so prevalent, the truth seems strange (VICTORY TO THE STRANGERS AMEEN)

    Political active Muslims are usually dumb as well. Can’t see BOTH parties are the same exact shit.

    Furthermore I wasn’t talking about free market views of his but rather his views on Riba.

    only reason I wanted to vote for Ron Paul was because he was truthful. And if he woulda been a democrat the stupid politically active Muslims woulda voted for him.

    But then again read my article:

    to know my views on politics.

  8. Chavez is right when he said ” President of Israel should be taken before an international court, together with the president of United States “… May Allah guide both of the presidents of the countries & its people.. Insha Allah! totally sickening to see muslims politicians are not courageous enough as them..

  9. Why is this Indian from South America so important? He’s in bed with the likes of Hugo Chaves and a disaster to his country. That he’s puffing himself up like a puffer fish and quacking like a macaw to get attention is obvious. Israel doesn’t have to have this guy’s or Chave’s permission to protect the country. You know, Iran and Venezuela are also in bed with each other. Two crazy presidents and their country in trouble and gunning to get the Israelis pissed at them. Interesting to see what will happen to them in the future.

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