UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Jordan boycott Israeli fruits

Farmers say much of their produce is being held in warehouses due to canceled orders, and fear a sharp decrease in fruit exports to countries such as Jordan, Britain, and the Scandinavian countries.

“We export persimmons, and because of the fighting a number of countries and distributors are canceling orders,” Giora Almagor, of the southern town of Bitzaron, told Ynet. He said some of the produce had already been shipped while some was awaiting shipment in warehouses.

Almagor said a large number of cancellations came from Jordan. “The produce stays packed in warehouses, and this is causing us massive losses,” he said.

“The longer the fruit waits in storage after sorting, the more its quality decreases. We also have to pay for cooling the merchandise that should have already left, and the cost in considerable,” he added.

Ilan Eshel, director of the Organization of Fruit Growers in Israel, said Scandinavian countries have also been canceling orders. “It’s mostly Sweden, Norway, and Denmark,” he said. “In Scandinavia the tendency is general, and it may come to include all of the chains.”

Even Denmark is supporting the Palestinians and many Muslims (including myself) were hating on them. See how Allah (swt) works. Remember sahabahs who were anti Islam but then became super pro-Islam. We need to act with more hikmah in the future when Islam is attacked, because we never know down the future they may join our side.

Why is even Jordan doing business with Israeli farmers? Wow.

Source: ynet News

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  1. Don’t forget that in 2006, Denmark was boycotted by theMiddle East in response to the “comic things”. It hit their economy very hard, losing over $1.7 million per day [Washington Post].

    They wouldn’t want to risk it happening again. So I highly doubt that their position is pro-islam. Rather its to safeguard the Danish economy.

  2. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    As far as I can see from that report, the pressure is coming from companies, not the governments. People stop buying the fruit and the companies stop re-ordering – it’s simple business logic. Sweden in particular is mostly forest and they don’t need to import fruit from Israel; people go foraging for berries in the woods. Their fruit is mostly luxury, and people would have been looking for things they didn’t need to buy as there is a recession on.

    Remember that even in Denmark, not everyone buys the paper which printed those cartoons and even people who were not that keen on Muslims might have disapproved of what they saw Israel doing.

  3. Most of the comments are nonsensical. Recession or not, boycotts have reprecussions. For someone to boycott a country it requires some consideration. I think the scandinavian countries have a good track record on upholding human rights. Denmark’s actions don’t make sense from a self-preservation pov because no one would fault them for ordering fruits when no one in the public really knows where they get fruit from. Its far more plausible that as a social democracy which has a strong affiliation with a humanist world view, the Danish believe rigorously in both defending the right to freedom of speech, press and religion, hence their stance on the cartoons. Simulatneously the Danish don’t think its mighty nice to fight against relatively defenseless people. It comes from their worldview, not yours. Try to look at it outside your own self-referents. Please.

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