Dislike Shaykh Hamza Yusuf? Listen!

May Allah (swt) preserve him. Ameen!

This is a lecture entitled “Advice to the Seekers” featuring Sh. Hamza Yusuf and Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi.

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  1. Swarth Moor,


    I never said I had emotional ties I am just standing up for fairness. there are many issues on which I could equally complain about the softy softy approach some are advocating, but hey, its HARD to go on national television and have to face direct and tactful attacks, so I’m being honest in saying that had I been in his shoes I might have made greater mistakes, and so would many of us.

    There is nothing wrong with exposing major mistakes, but don’t abandon the minor rules of engagements i.e justice and good manners.

    K, I only wish you would have felt that concerned and disturbed at the ferocious and relentless attacks being directed at Sh Hamza, who happens to be a ‘person’ too, and not a ‘devil in disguise’…. and beyond my ‘anger’, truth exists above your respect or disrespect for me, so thanks… but I don’t need it.

    I would be more flattered if you came to the defense of another muslim before giving me the psychoanalysis (Grrrrr… another young and ANGRY muslim youth, keep reading those tabloid)

    But you are still muslim and I would readily challenge that ANGER!!!!
    towards someone who said the same vicious things about you in public, even if I don’t know you.

    Sometimes betrayal comes in the form of silence.

  2. Gold,

    The Qur’an says of Ahlul-Kitaab and the mushriks that they are the worst of the creations. (98:6) That is an anti-Jewish statement–to say otherwise is nothing more than an unadulterated lie. Point blank. Period. The problem here is that the open enemies of Islam want Muslims to forfeit the subject of kufr/riddah (disbelief/apostasy). This is their STATED objective, and Mark Hanson is facilatating this. You already have ignorant people who self-identify as Muslims but don’t want to say the Christians and Jews (those since the advent of Prophet Muhammad) are condemned to Hell forever. The Prophet said, on the other hand:

    “Any Jew or Christian who hears about me [An-Nabiyy, sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam] and my Message, but does not believe, then he is condemned to Hell.” (Muslim related)

    This is a basic aspect of the Islamic doctrine that Muslims don’t budge upon. Period.

    This is not a game–the enemies of Islam wish to undermine the most important aspect of the Deen–i.e., the `Aqidah, and the distinction between the Muslim and the kaafir. Mark Hanson writes a twenty page screed therein he attempts to obscure the distinction between being a Muslim and a kaafir. Why? Why would a person write such a piece when HE ALREADY KNOWS many are confused about this essential matter of `Aqidah… and you have all sorts of modernists/apologists crawling about saying that so-called “good” Christians and Jews will go to Paradise–despite the fact they insult God, slander Allah’s Messengers, and call the Prophet of Mercy a liar?!? A`udhu billah! A`udhu billah!!! Because he, Mark Hanson, whether for money, fame, or the joys of breathing (or a combination thereof) is willing to distort the Deen. This isn’t something new. The enemies of Ahlus-Sunnah have always planted deviants and agents amongst us. The problem today is that we are so collectively ignorant that many Muslims can’t x-ray this fraud and see him for what he is… and what he’s not.

    If you are sincerely concerned about non-Muslims, as i am, you don’t tell them to remain content in their kufr, but that they need to save themselves by embracing Islam–otherwise, they will be fuel for a Fire that does not cease. And furthermore, if you care about Muslims, you don’t start using this modernist/apologist rhetoric that would make some Muslims think that those who rejected Prophet Muhammad will be hanging out in Jannah.

    Regarding the Jews, the Qur’an is a Book that opposes kufr and testifies against the kuffaar. Jews are not Muslims; hence, the Qur’an opposes and testifies against them. Nonetheless, the Qur’an invites the Jews to abandon Judaism and embrace Islam. Some Jews did that, and some of them went on to become amongst the best human beings whoever walked the face of the earth. However, as long as they remain in their state of disbelief, their acribing to Allah unbefitting Attributes, their slandering of the Prophets, and rejecting of Prophets Jesus and Muhammad and the Qur’an, then they are as the Qur’an describes them, and they are among the people whom Allah has condemned.

    With Allah is the success.

  3. K,

    Simple question: Saying that the “Jews are amongst the worst of the creations,” (98:6) is that a pro-Jewish statement, an anti-Jewish statement, or is it a neutral statement? What do you think Abe Foxman would think of that statement? Now given that it is kufr to belie the Qur’an, why would a person voluntarily say that there is nothing anti-Jewish in the Qur’an when he knows there are Verses that BLATANTLY say otherwise?

    No one is saying that the Jews are beyond the pale of EMBRACING Islam. (And the Muslim objection to Judaism is not the ethnicity of its adherents.) Of course, we do not want to see anyone in kufr, and would love to see more Jews embrace Islam. At the same time, we are not going to distort and belie the Deen to appeal to the Jewish people or anyone else. Furthermore, and this is a grave danger, many people self-identified as Muslims are already shaky about the matter of the kuffaar in the Hereafter. This is especially true for converts and weak willed assimilationist minded Muslims many of whom have to come to grips that their kaafir relatives and friends (if they die or have died on kufr) will be FOREVER in Hell. This idea (of salvation for those who ascribe to Allah unbefitting Attributes and reject Prophet Muhammad) is spreading like a virus in Muslim communities, and the open enemies of Islam have STATED that they want to propagate this idea… and Mark Hanson is helping them do this.

    Yaa Allah, please wake us before we die–for then it will be too late.

    With Allah is the success.

  4. Swarth,

    Who told you I was defending kuffar and mushrikeen?
    I agree with what you said about limp wristed reverts and weak muslims on the issue of Kufr, but why are you addressing me on that issue?

    Tell that to the people who say jews are only ahl kitaab, atheists are only muslims in the making (cause they beleive in la ilAha…. which is already ‘halfway’… and that mother theressa is in Jannah)

    I am not vouching on behalf of atheists and other kuffar, but don’t tell me I should also have to ‘kaffirify’ every muslim you don’t agree with.

  5. As-Salāmu `Alaykum السلام عليكم

    Swarth and Gold, “limp wristed reverts?” How is that constructive? That is one of the most insulting generalizations I have ever heard from a Muslim. It is really disheartening.

    I am having a hard time convincing myself that your comments are meant to help Muslims better understand Islam. I mean, what is your intention here? Seriously, your posts are so vitriolic it is hard to gleam anything of value from them. The delivery is destroying the package. This is too bad because I am actually interested in what you have to say, and that is not just lip service – you are both articulate and seem knowledgeable…but I am having a hard time digesting this “time-to-get-tough” ‘tude you guys are projecting. I mean, your lack of etiquette and lack of restraint is alarming.

  6. Gold,

    I extend an apology for misreading/misunderstanding your statement. Nonetheless, if someone (claiming to be a Muslim) knowingly belies/denies/rejects what he knows to be part of the Qur’an, then the person is a kaafir–no doubt. And if it is confirmed that such a person said or such, then we have to deem that person kaafir, as well.


    Okay K, i will turn it down… for now at least, in-sha’ Allah. Let’s start from the beginning. Muslims believe that Islam is the only true religion (3:19/3:85). The Christians and Jews (Ahlul-Kitaab) are kuffaar and condemned to Hell (as per the Hadith mentioned above related by Imam Muslim). Yes, regarding Ahlul-Kitaab, Muslim men can marry their women, and we can eat from their meat (if slaughtered properly). And yes they can live in the Islamic state (which doesn’t exist today) under dhimmitude. These are standard positions in Islamic doctrine and law. Contrary to what some of the apologists may claim, what i mentioned is not the position of the extremists (and yes, there are extremists who commit acts of terrorism and have corrupt `aqidahs–but for the time being, we are not talking about the radical extremists (we’re talking about the apologists)).

    There has been a movement, especially by the apologists/”modernists,” that has tried to blur the matter of disbelief/apostasy and what constitutes it. By leaving the door wide open regarding who is a Muslim, they want to include all sorts of deviant ideologies and characters–that CLEARLY contradict the Qur’an–to be included in Islam and amongst the Muslims. Obviously, there must be a distinction between Islam and kufr (disbelief). To make that easy to understand there are three general categories of disbelief:

    A. Ta`teel: that is, negating the Attributes of Allah that are necessarily known that Allah would attributed with, such as, Oneness, Eternality, Absolute Incomparability, Absolute Non-Dependency, Knowledge, Will, etc.

    B. Tashbih: that is, resembling Allah to the creations (explicitly or implicitly), such as, claiming Allah is a human, a celestial body, an idol, a material or spiritual body, goes thru changes, or anything similar to the creation.

    C. Takdheeb: that is, intentionally denying or rejecting what one knows to be part of the Religion, whether it be the obligatory prayers, fasting, the hijaab, the permissibility of eating meat (properly slaughtered), polygyny (and prohibition of polyandry), prohibition of swine, alcohol consumption, etc. or, for example denying that Islamic is exclusively the religion of salvation. Simply put, if the person cannot accept what Allah revealed and the Messenger conveyed, then he can’t be a Muslim (for he (or she) has not submitted to Islam).

    It is deeply disturbing to see some individuals/organizations attempting (somewhat subtly) to undermine the foundations of Islamic Doctrine (from both within Islam and from with out). They are altering the Deen to comply with the precepts of global consumer secularist culture. The issue of “salvitic exclusivity,” blasphemy/apostasy are among those matters that they wish to efface from the Religion. What is also disturbing is how so many people are blindly following those who are calling to Hellfire–that is why my posts have had the tone they’ve had. I’m not irrational or blinded by anger, but i do get a little frustrated dealing with hard headed people.

    Lastly, although Muslims believe that the kuffaar are condemned to Hell and have the (lowly religious) status that they do in this world, that doesn’t mean that one cannot be kind and generous to non-Muslims, or help them (in what doesn’t constitute disobedience to Allah), or contribute to the society. Nonetheless, the one who fears Allah, he (or she) would not DARE deny what Allah revealed and change the Religion for anyone or anything.

    With Allah is the success.

  7. Salamaleikum,

    Apology accepted and brother Swarth, for my part of the story i apologise equally for my missunderstood delivery, the objective was not lost as i beleive we were both seeking to protect the Deen from our own sides, its all good InshaAllah.

    Sister/Brother K, I sense some dissatisfaction and disappointment in your messages and I’m honestly saddened by that, although I stick to my message of non apologetic expression of Islam, my statement about reverts can be applied to born muslims to a greater and more verifiable degree, but my statement about reverts is due to the FACT that in some cases they are less willing to accept the concept of Kufr as they may still be emotionally tied to their non muslim heritage… fair enough, but we cannot allow people to service their emotional ambitions by altering the solid core of our religion, a Kaffir is a Kaffir on any given day and its how it is, if they don’t want to be Kaffir then they can be muslim, no one is banning them from it, but to expect Jannah and the favour of Allah at the same time…. with muslims making crazy excuses on the way, that cannot be allowed.

    If it makes a difference, it is well known that reverts are the most vocal defenders of Islam unlike the professional sellouts we know from our born muslims, but we expect more from a community that embraced Islam AS IT IS not AS THEY WANT IT TO BECOME.

    Don’t take it too hard, with so few muslims speaking up the frank and uncomfortable truth these days, you won’t encounter my rhetoric too often…


  8. May Allah preserve Shk Hamza! He is a beacon of light in islamic scholarship in a time when darkness exists….thank God we have him in our midst.

  9. Zakariyya,

    Mark Hanson (HY) is an apologist, who is distorting basic matter in `Aqidah. The man is a menace to the Muslims and he is misguiding tens of thousands of people. May Allah protect us from his evil.

  10. No one has even considered that the Sheikh might have been percieved as ill and prescribed stupid drugs to eliminate strange behavior (anti psychotics) like the majority of the people who are considered to have imbalances in their brain chemicals (mental disorders/ chemical disorders) street drugs are not the only impurities?

  11. Salamaleikum,

    “And let not a people mock another people, because perhaps they are better than them. neither should a group of women mock another group of women, perhaps they, are better than them.” (Surah Al Hujuraat)

    Learning to be a Muslim. In Islam we are commanded to speak good or remain silent. if what you have said is true, it would be considered backbiting, and since we know its false, that counts as backbiting & slander.

    “Does one of you like to devour the dead flesh of his brother? No, you would detest that” (Surah Hujuraat)

    My advise to you. Stop looking out the window and start looking into then rea the mirror. Then read Surah Al Hujuraat, it is the “Surah of Manners”


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