May Allah bless Umar Lee!

Sh. Hamza Yusuf haters click here.


I agree with what Umar said in his last post here with letting Sh. Hamza speak for himself.

So to celebrate my agreement withim, this post is dedicated to my brother in Islam whom I love for the sake of Allah aza wa jall.   May Allah bless you.  May Allah forgive you.  May Allah protect you.  May Allah give you what is best in this world and in the next.  May Allah shower his mercy on you and your family.  May Allah make it easy for you and your family to live comfortable in this world.  May Allah accept your and your families duas.  May Allah allow reunite you with your loved ones in jannah.


Now let’s all focus on tomorrow!

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  1. @Dawud – Bro, that’s really dangerous to say. I know Sh. Hamza speaks for himself. That’s my point. We don’t need to defend Sh. Hamza.

  2. Bismillah

    As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    I, too, agree with “letting Sh. Hamza speak for himself”. Unfortunately, our brother’s message still contains various unacceptable entries. Add to that a few disgusting comments by brothers seemingly in need of a spiritual light (the “fa**ot” one being absolutely repulsive), which I hope will be deleted.

    Though, I do agree with him on the issue of hypocrisy when it comes to slander and speaking ill of other Muslims. Even if one does not recognize a particular person’s status as a scholar, proper adab should be observed. It is too bad, though, that one of the reasons for the lack of akhlaq is, in my humble opinion, the imitation of scholars (and/or people who we feel have ‘ilm, thus influencing us) who themselves lack manners. We tend to emulate the people we sit with, read from, or listen to.

    Hopefully, Umar will attend one of Hamza Yusuf’s lectures/talks or the like. We should all make dua for this to happen, so that Umar will get his questions answered by Hamza Yusuf personally.

  3. What do you think Umar Lee has in mind with all these posts? He’s made threats, he’s posted his address and is thumping his chest, and has used violent rhetoric (destroy, etc). He’s had this nurturing hatred of Sh. Hamza for a while now…even on Facebook he’s insulted Sh. Hamza. His argument amounts to, little more than he doesn’t agree with Shaykh Hamza or his scholarly opinions and hates how Shaykh Hamza acts and talks.

    Don’t you remember the Khawarij and all their hateful rhetoric that lead to the murder of Umar, Uthman, Ali and Hasan (ra)? They have attacked Salafi scholars before in Saudi, and the shaykhs there DO fear for their life. Some awful stuff will go down, if this festering hatred isn’t addressed Islamically.

  4. Why are you so eager to be everyone’s friend?

    A man who does not know who his enemies are, he deserved to be laughed at.

    Your latest posts reek of a scramble to make everyone like you by kissing their butts in the name of an ideological kum-ba-yah. Be real MR.
    Don’t sell out to wanting to be liked by everyone.

  5. “Don’t you remember the Khawarij and all their hateful rhetoric that lead to the murder of Umar, Uthman, Ali and Hasan (ra)?”

    The shaykh in question is no Umar. And a couple of blog-based commentators are no Khawarij. A little perspective, please. The gulf between a quick showing of questionable digital manners and great and terrible moments pulled from our history is a wide one.

  6. Dawud,
    Umar, Uthman and Hasan(RA) weren’t killed by the Khawarij and you’re one to speak considering some of the ridiculous things you’ve written on your blog.

  7. Let’s be honest and say that Brother Lee is suffering from Internet Attention Whore Syndrome. IAWS has plagued our fine ummah since 2003. May Allah inspire Mr. Lee to wake up.

  8. Considering I actually know Umar Lee, I would say his behavior is not commendable but shameful. Its the reason why his heart is full of hatred for his own people, and furthermore, as Muslims we should be making dua that Umar Lee can get his life together, since I know his oldest daughter who has recently convert Alhumdulillah, I know the true state Umar Lee is in.

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