I would give my allegiance (baiyah) to Sh. Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir

I just came back from the event entitled, “The State of the Union: The Muslim Experience,” and I was [insert a word that has the feeling you get when your iman is at the highest it has ever been].

Hopefully they’ll put up the video or audio of the lecture.  I’m trying to get my hands on it.  I’ll post up my thoughts and comments in the upcoming posts.

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  1. ^Ouch!

    Bay’ah to a qari is really a confusing idea lol. As much as I love Sh. Hamza and think he is easily top 5 for the job, I think even he would fall short…I mean, who wouldn’t? But with Allah, all things would be taken care of! 🙂

    I had a feeling this talk would be good but ended up missing it too.
    Keep us posted!

  2. I would give Baiyah to Sheikh Hamza and Imam Zaid as well.. They are the leaders of the Muslim community in this country and it is about time we start showing them more respect.. And they need to come to NYC more often!

  3. @Dawud

    Sh. Mishary is a graduate of MadinahU in the Qur’aan department. He learned qira’ah and tafseer from there. He studied with Qari Abdul Basit as well.

    In your face! 😀

  4. Word too ”they need to come to NYC more often”..especially Hamza Yusuf, ever since I started practicing, he came here only once (last year in April but the date conflicted with another Islamic class) =(

  5. Me to! Scholar’s like them make Islam possible in the west.

    And shaykh yasir qadhi,

    suhaib webb,

    yaser birjas,

    and imam mustafa from king fahad masjid in Los Angeles!

    and many more to come.

  6. As-Salamu alaykum,

    Shaykh Hamza might be brilliant as a motivational speaker but he doesn’t have the leadership qualities that are needed for the job. Imam Zaid has been my leader in America and will remain so because of his sobriety and well-reasoned approach to everything.

    This isn’t an Umar-Less-style knock, just my thoughts on two folks I love and respect.

    Wa alaykum salam,

  7. I would give my bayyah to someone less sufi. Then again if they weren’t suffi they prolly wouldn’t take bayyah.

    just tryin to cause some drama MR!

  8. I’m jealous…I miss those highs!

    Can you share anything you learned, pending the discovery of audio or video recording?

  9. So by this logic since the Prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam took bay’ah – he is Sufi (or at least more sufi [whatever more or less sufi is suppsoed to mean]. Excellent.

  10. I dunno whether to say astagfirullah or Aoozobillah or just be quiet… so i be quiet

    I wanted to attend this lecture… but looked like i had to pay 15 bucks to listen online ?….SERIOUSLY ? ARE YOU SERIOUS ?

    ilminar it MR…. thats all i gotta say

    I would’ve paid to go hear it in PERSON…but online…u mus b maad..


    Imam Zaid 4 Life ! lol…

  11. @Yaser – LOL

    @Imtiaz – Paid online? It was online!!! That’s highly unlikely, because it was not advertised the weeks before. No worries, I got my connections, and I’m about to get my hands on some audio, alhamdulillah.

  12. i love imam zaid and shaykh hamza and know imam zaid very well

    but there is no one even as a candidate after SHAYKH IMRAN HOSEIN

    really, no one else is even adressing whats really going on in the world.

    sounds crazy. but if you havent heard both sides you cant judge correctly.

    like the story of prophet dawud aley salam.


    the major signs of the day of judgement have started and who is adressing this?

    dont assume. if you disagree, ok fine. but atleast know what you are disagreeing with before you assume

    we are living in the gog and magog world order, and dajjal is moving into the day thats like a week.

  13. salaam,

    We have to be more mature and proper in using the word bay’ah. Some people suddenly get the bay’ah fever and haphazardly either give bay’ah to someone whom they are not compatible with or say they’ll give bay’ah to X (although they only say it in words). Giving bay’ah is not just about attending lectures of the Shaykh and getting an Iman rush… although it is a part of it.

    One may be thinking I’m making a petty point, for which I apologize. But the reason I said so was because every aspect of out Deen is holy, rendering it deserving of the highest respect and honor. We would not want such an integral part of Deen as bay’ah, whether in Tasawwuf, khilaafah, etc, become diluted. We wouldn’t want it to become a word just thrown around b/c in that case, the layman who only hears these words will not realize the importance of it and its integral place in Deen.

  14. Do Sh. Hamza and Imam Zaid take people’s bayiah? I know some people do bayiah from others (i.e. Nuh Keller), but often times, many refuse to take it. Just wondering what Sh. Hamza and Imam Zaid’s stances are on this?

  15. If there was a single scholar, to whom bai’ah should be given it would be Sheikh Anwar Al’awlaki. Not only does he have the credentials but also the experience. He has been imprisoned; lived in the west & east.

  16. i’m embarassed as a muslim to read this post and to read the respective comments made thereafter. islam isn’t a joke. i promise you’ll look back on these words later and regret them. taking baiyah, as beautiful as it is, is not a joke. it’s nothing worth typing about and comparing shuyookh. i love hamza yusuf and zaid shakir and would definitely goto them for advice for but blog post is out of hand. life is serious, sisters and brothers–stop messing with islamic terminology and concepts.

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