What color is “Jewish”? Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

Morgan Freeman has a really good point.

I’d love to hear what Bro. Tariq Nelson, Imam Johari Abdul Malik or Imam Luqman Ahmed have to say about this.

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  1. This is an extremely complex topic.

    Black History Month, actually began as a single week by Carter G Woodson – who himself is black. So it’s not like whites decided to give one month to blacks to recognize and educate others about their history in this country. It was chosen for a specific reason (Abraham Lincoln’s and Frederick Douglas’ birthdays are in February)

    It was a vehicle in which blacks and others could learn about the achievements of blacks in this country. It was eventually expanded to the entire month.

    Apparently it became so successful that people like Morgan Freeman – who I have a lot of respect for – have learned that our history IS American history and now see it as insulting to limit it to a single month. However, Black History Month is one of the vehicles that helped people to make this possible.

    That being said, I can see his point that there probably is no more need for a Black History Month – as it has served its purpose in getting people to recognize what we contributed to this country. I can also see his point (though I am not sure that I completely agree) that we can’t heal racism until we stop talking about it. On a personal level, I try to look at everyone as a human being and not by their color. But pretending that it does not exist will not solve it either. He is essentially agreeing with people like Ward Connerly that we should make it illegal for govt’s to ask one’s race. Sounds great, but it is impractical and would make it impossible to identify genuine incidents of racism.

    With Barack Obama as President, we will see where these old arguments take us…

  2. At least give equal time to the reclamation of black culture and history, the time to heal the wounds and to equip the black community of America to reclaim their EQUAL share of power and influence in this country (at least a little proportional), then we can talk about forgetting the race equation.

    How many inner-cities do you know of in America where the ghettos are white-ghettos? What proportion of blacks live in poverty vs. whites? What proportion of blacks are educated vs. whites? The disproportionate numbers (not in favor of blacks of course) tell a story. They are not accidental.

    It’s actually quite simple.

    Compare the child of an average white man in the suburb against the child of the black man in the inner-city. The latter’s children have access to the low-grade public schooling. Your bet is on who for which child will do better? Which child will claim a white-collar job 10-20 years from now? And then this white child, now grown up to be man in the white-collar job will grant access to his own child to the best schools again. While the black child who ended up in blue-collar job because of the opportunities available to him will grow up to have his own child perhaps still in the inner-city, and the shabby schools. Repeat the process.

    This is a vicious cycle, and many of us don’t see it because the only thing we know about inner-cities is to how to avoid them.

    You just don’t break this cycle by ignoring the reality and pretending that everything’s cool. Our government needs to pay back, by affording better schools in inner-cities, by spending to revitalize those neighborhoods, and yes, to support affirmative action. I have believed in this for the 15 years, and it has stuck.

  3. Black people need to stop whining and crying to move this concept forward. Morgan Freeman is ignorant of the reality.

  4. When one demands that better schools are afforded to inner city denizens, what precise measures is one advocating?

    When one demands that money be spent ‘revitalising’ inner city neighbourhoods, what precise measures is one advocating?

    What do these ‘measures’ mean to an inner city child on an individual level? What do these ‘measures’ mean to an inner city family?

    Its interesting that you chose a white, middle class, suburban family as a comparison point to the black, working class, inner city family. Apart from the usual differentials of money, location and quality of education, what else separates these two examples?

    Could the habits and modes of thinking of a middle class, suburban family enable them to deal with and thrive in the American environment than those we find in the homes of the inner city working class?

    Is government coddling and preferential treatment really conducive to a long lasting break in this cycle of poverty and disenfranchisement?

  5. I thought the clip was great.

    But it’s not just whites that keep it going. A new high was being built, in a predominantly white area. The African Canadian Association lobbied for a special “Black History Room.” in which posters, artifacts, reading resources and more all pertaining to Black History in Canada would be avaiable. The First Nations community spoke up, and said they should have a special history room too. The ACA agreed. A Scottish man, who was known for playing in the Highland games, and has two daughters who each play the bagpipes stood up. He said, “What about Scottish History? 70% of the kids have a Scottish heritage?” Both of the Blacks and the Aboriginals jumped down his throat and said it wasn’t the same. So, he backed down.

    The high school was built with one “black history” classroom, one “first nations” history classroom, and 6 more “History” classrooms.

    By standing up to get themselves noticed, they made they removed their history from Canadian history.

  6. thats tru. like why do we have “mothers day” or “fathers day” are we supposed to show our parents love and affection only on those days?! no! all these days and months dedicated to different things are pointless.

    may allah protect us all from this fitna….ameen

  7. Simply ignoring racism and ignoring reality is going to cure racism? Sorry freeman, wrong answer.

    BTW, wasnt freeman the guy who played the “moor” in Robin Hood with kevin Costner, his character was clapping his HANDS during SALAAH!

  8. @Modern Girl
    Canadian history is first nation history , we never neglected them in our history classes like ever except when you got into the 18 and 19th century then it was more french Canadians vs English Canada, but still there are a very important part of our history like a nice 70 percent no joke, but when it comes to black Canadian history I’m at lost.I don’t see ur point in removing either of them from Canadian history since Canadian history is based on multiculturalism.

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