Israeli invaders built settlements faster in 2008 than previous years

Jewish settlements and outposts in the West Bank expanded more rapidly in 2008 than the previous year, Peace now reported on Wednesday. The timing of the report is no coincidence, and it was released on the day US Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell was scheduled to arrive in Israel.

Forget this two-state plan, its time for a one-state plan.


3 Replies to “Israeli invaders built settlements faster in 2008 than previous years”

  1. We must remain patient and pray for there to be some substantial change. With that in mind, I still think the two state solution is the most feasible, there just needs to be more international pressure on Israel to actually meet the terms of it and make settlers leave.

  2. Two state solution is a great way for Palestinians to cut their losses and move forward as well as advance the region. However, enough Israelis have decided to dig their heels in and ruin the plan.

    Once that window closes, all that is left is a one-state solution. Israel could either try and forcibly expel as many Palestinians as possible; and watch as the rest of the world turns on them for it for ethnic cleansing, or it can give them the vote; and lose their “jewishness” as a country, or it can go the apartheid route. I suspect they’ll do apartheid, but that never lasts when a government tries it.

  3. Sulayman pretty much nailed it on its head. Sadly, there’s little that’s being done to stop these course of events that’ll eventually play out.

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