Wearing a Kufi makes you smarter? Jay-Z explains

I was unfortunate or fortunate to be present when a classic song by Nas in which he was dissing Jay-Z (actually he was obliterating him verbally) came on which then reminded me about this line from Jay Z:

“Cause the nigga wear a kufi, it don’t mean that he bright”

That was in a diss track entitled “Blueprint 2” towards Nas, another rapper who was a Muslim sometime in his life.

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  1. Nas was never Muslim akhi. He was aligned with the Heretical Mushriq filthy group known as the five percenters, (The Nation of Dogs and Dirt), he is christian now from what I know, or perhaps a lapsed 5 percenter.

    However 5 percenters use alot of arabic words and Islamic vernacular but are grounded in shirk, so it is quiet understandable when brothers get confused and assume rappers like him and busta rhymes are Muslim, because they say true Islam is 5 percent theology (hence the famous youtube clip where busta rhymes says he follows Islam, he means 5 percenter theology)

  2. I think it is interesting.. @huh – Though we look at people’s actions, I think we should be careful in labeling people mushriqs or from the Nation of Dogs and Dirt. At the time of the Prophet (S), he knew who the munafiqs were and yet he did not call them out on it. We must have that sort of patience when dealing with people. We must continuesly give dawah to people and not just cast them out as being mushriqs.

    May Allah guide the hearts of all of Humanity and give us all a better understanding of Islam.

  3. it attracts attention so MR’s blog….”there is a reason to his madness me thinks…”- the play Hamlet, Shakespeare

  4. I hope young Muslims can begin to see through the nonsense of hip-hop culture and reject it for the farce that it is. Empty posturing and regurgitated old styles. Hip-hop died in 1992, kids. Learn your Arabic and listen to some qasidas and nasheeds instead.

  5. Hip-hop died in 1992, kids. Learn your Arabic and listen to some qasidas and nasheeds instead.

    @Burhan. Do not be so hasty my brother to make up other people’s minds for them. Especially not so hastily. I for one know many Muslims that were brought into Islam because of hip-hop. It is meaning for some people therefore if you wish to truly critique it [and I’m with you on that hip-hop dervers pertinent critique] then you must respect its popularity and draw. If you wish to get through to many young people today, of which hip-hop speaks their language, then you must come with a bit deeper stance. It is not for you to make up other people’s minds for them. I for one can’t really stand most nasheeds but it’s not a musical form that speaks to me. Either be patient with people as they move through their own jahiliyyah, and provide a helping hand or get out of their way and let them work it out on their own.

  6. Religious caps tend to absorb solar rays. This makes the person wearing the cap feel special. The solar contact, however, has been received by people that misunderstand the laws of the universe and uses the so called “powers” that they think they have for extremely menacing purposes.

    It is possible to use this power in a peaceful manner. To create a solution for our planet and its inhabitants and to guarantee that the solution will be put to use. I’d say there is about a 0.002% possibility of anyone accomplishing this with their cap but we should remain hopeful.

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