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  1. Nihal, that’s worse for the person who drinks from it after you use it, haha.

    I thought everyone was using the coffee makers.

    Nonetheless, I won’t take drink from the glasses anymore after you exposed this. I’ll ask at the next hotel I stay at inshallah.

    Jazakullah for the post.

  2. LOL @ the coffee maker

    i recall an E-Zone conference where one of my roommates left the coffee maker on the floor of the bathroom only to have the cleaning lady ask him how the heck it got there 🙂

  3. Bismillah.
    As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh . . .

    Sadly, all this goes for that comforter cover that is put on top of the beds (not the sheets though, we hope and we pray!). They never wash them from what I understand. In fact, I have a friend that used to be front desk manager of a popular Marriott in the Washington, DC area, who was later also the laundry manager, and for YEARS, and he told me that the FIRST THING that you should do when you get into any hotel room is toss that comforter cover in the closet, and then wash your hands with soap!!! He said that he once witnessed one of those infrared tests that pick up on human, let’s call them “fluids” (of all sorts (let’s not get graphic here, ok?)), and well, you know what the results were! He told me that if you saw what was actually on those things you would probably get sick (and I get sick just thinking about it). These realities get worse for less well-kept hotels and motels. God help us…


  4. And in some cases (unfortunately probably far too many), this also goes for the comforter itself. Basically whatever they don’t customarily remove from the room and wash after each guest leaves… Ask about it.

    jazakAllah khair for the info :-/
    And jazakAllah khair sidi khalil for the additional info on the comforters.

  6. yuck, ok i’m officially put off now. who needs hotels, let’s all just sleep in our cars overnight.

  7. lol @ nihal b/c of the lota-thing
    lol @ ibrahim b/c of the istinja ninjas
    you guys crack me up…

    thanks for the information, MR!

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