Urban Outfitters selling bracelet with “Allah” in Arabic on it


Urban Outfitters is selling a “Leather And Rope Bracelet” here. I really have no idea why the Allah in Arabic is on there nor do I even know why they fail to mention it in the products description.  Shout out t0 Muslim in America for sharing this with me.

Here are some more pictures of it:




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  1. I can’t help but to feel a bit suspicious about this… they’re up to no good.
    maybe they want us to … enter into the washroom with it on!!!! haha. that’s all I could come up with. lol.

  2. The first sentence in the description for the bracelet is “Give ’em enough rope.”

    “Give ‘Em Enough Rope is the second album by The Clash, released in 1978. The album’s title was inspired by the line “hang myself when I get enough rope” in The Tubessong “White Punks on Dope”, featured on their debut album The Tubes in 1975.[citation needed]Both the song and the album refer to the expression “give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”. The title of The Clash’s album reflects their belief that the earlier generations of rock stars were now hopelessly out of date and musically irrelevant.”

    hmm fishy?

  3. I don’t condone us purchasing these bracelets from Urban Outfitters. Not to sound pessimistic, but I doubt that this business has the best interest of the Muslims in mind. Cocacola and Nike used to do stuff like this on the low…now its blatent. lol. That was a joke…but really, I think they are looking for more than just the next fad (like Japanese script) but if thats the case why choose “Allah”.
    Bottom line…if it was a Muslim selling these I would have no problem.

  4. Farooq, pig skin is najas and haram to wear in all four madhabs.

    If non-muslims buy this, they’re going to be wearing them to the toilet…
    Some Muslims might too… This aint good.

  5. I feel like we have a problem with the language it is written in more than anything. Allah is the arabic word for God and therefore if there was something written in English and it said God, would we be as offended or offended at all? We need to ask ourselves that before we cause a ruckus. Allah is the arabic word for God, it’s upto the individual person which God they believe in.

  6. @thelegacymaker – Honestly My bro had those nike shoes and I did NOT see the world Allah written on them at all (though it was after they discounted the letters). But when I first saw even the original shoes I saw AIR, and even after CAIR “exposed” it, I still did not see it. And the Coco Cola thing saying la mecca or something, couldn’t see that either. Now this is obvious, hell they even got the shadda. But I doubt their trying to be offensive.

  7. Why on earth would anyone buy this? I never understand the reason of buying items that have “ALLAH” written on them: tshirts, posters, stickers…Does it really make you a better Muslim? I can’t help but wonder. It is pretty to look at though.

    @Muslim in America: Allah does not just mean “God.” I’m not going to go in the linguistic details of Ismul Jalaalah but a better translation of Allah would be: The One and Only Deity worthy of being worshipped.

    Allah knows best.

  8. lol it’s really funny how Muslims become SOO angry when something like this is brought…Yet we still indulge in ribaa, we do not wear hijaab, our stores sell haraam products…Worry about the blatant haraam instead of these small petty issues. We’re so ignorant subhanAllah. Allahul Musta’aan.

  9. @Amatullah The ottoman empire and I believe during the abbasaid period but not sure about that. Muslims did put Quranic verses or the word Allah on their clothes (it was embroider). Hence when see paintings of Mary you see like Arabic on her clothes. It’s because the model these painters used got her coverings from Muslim lands. However it does not make you a better Muslim
    THOUGH I AGREE with your second statements. Muslims made a HUGE deal about the nike shoes (which I never saw the world Allah on it) and Coco COla (which I think is dumb). But on things that really matter we ignore.

  10. This just proves how insane the muslim community can be at times. I hope this doesnt reach the epidemic level of hysteria that the cartoons did. The way I look at it. This product line is a way to hype up UrbanOutfitters. I doubt they want negative publicity. Then again, even negative publicity has its advantages. Yet ultimately negative publicity has negative consequences. Remember Tommy Hilfiger and what he said about minorities wearing his clothing and the reprecusions it had for his sales? Coca Cola has suffered in its advertising in places like China where their word choice and imagery had a different meaning due to the difference in cultural paradigm under which that society operated. All in all, not everything is a conspiracy, not everything is an attack, get over yourselves. Buy it if you want it, dont buy it if you don’t want it. In any case UrbanOutfitters was alot coller back in the day when it didn’t have such a huge following. Back then their prices were cheaper also but alas, I dont wear that style anymore, so I’m going to take my own advice and get over myself and stop whining about the irrelevant.

  11. is it right having quranic text, and Allah’s name on your clothing?
    When it comes to these things i get confused.
    Dont u feel its a bit disrespectful? wearing the all-mighty’s, the highest’s, the 1 only worthy of worship’s, yor creators Name.
    i mean no harm seems to be dun. and i dont think it wud be a problem if sum other arabic waz put on.
    Allah knows best

  12. Seriously, urban outfitters is a store for posers.
    Muslims shoudln’t shop there b/c we shouldn’t be posers.

  13. I think I’m going to call them and ask them to change the description of the bracelet to include what the bracelet says on it and what it means and stuff like that. I think it is important to let Urban Outfitters know what’s the deal.

  14. And I dont think this is some conspiracy or anything, they probably just dont know any better on how it can be disrespectful if the bracelet is in someones hand who cannot handle it properly.
    that is something us Muslims should be aware of.

  15. This is the email I sent to service@urbanoutfitters.com I called them first and they said that they respect our faith and that they are currently taking feedback on the bracelet and to email it in written form so that it can be better handled.

    btw, I edited what yaser sent them.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    While browsing your site, it came to my attention that your company offers a product called the “Leather and Rope bracelet”, on which the Arabic word “Allah” is inscribed. This word is sacred not only in meaning, but in letter as well; it is held in the highest regard in the Islamic faith and in Muslim tradition, it’s translated as “God”. The word “Allah” cannot be brought into any impure atmospheres, like the bathroom, etc, and to those who may not know about it’s importance in Islam, doing such things will be sure to cause some level of controversy.

    Before any controversy is reached, I would like to kindly ask that this product be recalled and/or changed. At the least, the description should be changed to reflect the true meanings of what is stated on the bracelet.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at Subhan@YMsite.com or call 347.306.1911. I hope we can resolve this in a timely manner.

    If Urban Outfitters does decide to remove the product, I would be willing to help find buyers for the rest of the stock of the merchandise.

    Thank you for your time and have a great day.

    – Subhan Tariq

  16. i was at urban outfitters the other day and all of a sudden i hear the quran being recited! surah fatiha and the first few lines of surah baqrah! and then this song started! it was crazy…i went up to one of the employees and asked her if she knew the track name, she said they had no idea. urban is odd…but their clothes are nice.

  17. @farooq.

    I don’t know which fiqh you’re quoting from but it doesn’t sound like the fiqh of any of the 4 madth-habs and definately NOT PETA’s fiqh.

  18. I love this bracelet….and i just want to tell everyone to take it easy….if someone wears it to the bathroom…they will get punished for it….so y the fuss about this??

    RELAx…..im serious…i love you all for loving allah and fighting for him…but i honestly think u should all take it easy…and i respect urban outfitters 4 actually loving islam to a point to put Allahs name subhanaho wa taala on one of their products…


  19. I agree let’s relax a bit. I doubt they had an dubious intentions with this. I mean muslims wear Allah necklaces, t-shirts, etc.

    Let’s not get too emotional, it will not help our cause.

  20. Does anyone here even know how retail works, especially a store like this that wants to buy “cool, folky things” from overseas and sell them here for accessories? Leave it to Muslims to ascribe a nefarious intention to every little thing any non-Muslim is doing.

    Most likely: bought it in bulk from some leather dealer in West Africa, who didn’t care enough to tell them what the calligraphy said, or didn’t think it was as big a deal as the pampered Muslims of the West would think it is.

  21. authentic Hadith reported by Imam Muslim and others the Prophet (S.A.W.) said: “When the Ihab (skin of an animal which died by itself or was not killed according to Islamic law) is tanned, it becomes purified.”

    Now someone please bring some kind of evidence for why they saying wearing pig is haraam.

    seriously I am curious, never heard that opinion before

  22. This is so random. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they made these or even when urban outfitters bought them from whoever made them. I don’t see it as a good or bad thing- only a very unusual product to be stocked in a major western fashion shop (isn’t everything in uo random anyway :S) . It is down to the consumer to decide how to use any product- it depends upon their own intentions.

  23. I don’t know why the pig issue came up, but it is impure in every form whether it’s ingesting it and even touching it is najas and you have to do ghusl if you do happen to touch a pig. We’re supposed to avoid them completely.

    I don’t think the bracelet is a big deal although I do think they should’ve said it is the arabic word for God in the product description . But I do think it is completely unrealistic to think that saying it is impure to wear it to the bathroom will stop people from doing so. If Muslims don’t care about practicing why should other people? Let’s fix ourselves first.

  24. There are no 4 madhabs in Islam, there are 4 masliqs:
    Imam A’azam abu Hanfia
    Imam Maalik
    Imam Shaafee
    Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal

    I totally agree the PIG is haraam in any way or form!

  25. nobody can give a proof yet that can they? I don’t necessarily want to wear pig, its just I can. Unless I find out that it is haraam.

  26. Thanks Muslim in America, I was going to just leave it but that answer was ridiculous. I followed that link it doesnt say anything except someones opinion. Not one ayah, hadith, logical reason of inference (qiyas).

    And Haneen I did not need anyone to agree with me unless they had some more type of proof for this argument. Your comment doesn’t add to this discussion. We Muslims are not peoples of opinions when it comes to our religion. Lets respect our scholars who worked tiressly their entire lives, so that we may know the PROOF of why we do what we do.

    Text is hard to have a tone, so, don’t think I am angry at you guys or anything, just a little frustrated at you and at myself for not studying enough.I have to become a scholar insha allah so that I may know the proofs for myself.

  27. Oh Muslim in America….sorry, i just noticed ur link…i thought the same way as Farooq at first, that its some random dudes opinion…But then, it seemed correct, so jazak allah khayr for ur help….

    Oh and farooq i wasnt agreeing with u so u can feel good….i just was agreeing that there is no solid proof therefore it is HARAM to say that it is HARAM!

    another point that i want to make clear is that i will not wear pig skin even if it is not haram because it is just too disgusting!

    Thanks Muslim in America 😀

  28. I had a similar experience as HM at Urban Outfitters where I heard the name of Allah on a sound track while looking around. As for the name of Allah on a band, maybe not too cool when it comes to respect for the name of Allah, but the message is getting out there….. By the grace of Allah.

  29. Farooq, Assalum alakum. I had this same question many years ago when I converted to Islam. I asked the Imam at our masjid and he told me that the only two skins that are not purified from tanning are the pig skin and human skin. So therefore I made my decision based on his knowledge. I found it interesting that even in the bible, in the book of Leviticus, the believers are forbidden to eat pig or even touch their skin. Many of them believe that Isa (pbuh) came to earth to change the revelation, but indeed he tells his desciples that he has not come to change the law but to enforce it. It is easy to tell if it is from pig or not, if the leather or suede has large pore holes spaced apart that you can see in it then it is from pig, where cow and sheep leather is more supple and the pore holes are much smaller and close together. If any information I have given you is incorrect please forgive me.

  30. I believe in the one and only God and I know how to spell it in Arabic.

    “the only two skins that are not purified from tanning are the pig skin and human skin”

    That makes us all swines!

    I also think baby pigs are cute.

  31. Well, that is a bit far fetched David, but if you really need clarification on the Imams justification for stating that the only two skins that are not purified from tanning are the pig and human skin, is unfortunately there was a time not so long ago that human skin was tanned and used as lamp shades and what not. This clearly goes against the beauty of Islam. So because the Sheiks have sought out this knowledge to extend to us to keep us on the straight path then we should not joke with it and call ourselves swines. A good sense of humor is nice to have as long as it isn’t used towards haram. Sincerely, assalum alakum , Dawn

  32. Muslim in America – Allah is the name of OUR God…not just the general arabic for a God.

    Honestly…I think these things get too much buzz. Seriously. Maybe their master plan was to vex us?
    Who cares? We’re paying them so much attention!
    It’s not about what their plan was or what they’re trying to do. Life is not one big conspiracy theory and I don’t think people should get bogged down in these things when there are bigger issues at hand. I feel like the Muslims of the world today are just getting too sensitive.

    I would buy one of these though…I think it’s nice =]

  33. Okay. This is a harmless bracelet. It is made simply as a bracelet. It is not meant to make Muslims feel offended, in fact I think it’s pretty neat that Allah is on a bracelet. I dont think it was made with any intentions of offending us in mind. So relax, there are much greater and far more important issues that should matter to us muslims than this

  34. and to Ayoub, Urban Outfitters is a very nice store to shop it. I love their clothes, and i would definitely buy this bracelet. Its just like those gold Allah necklaces that are made, and many many muslims wear those. So why a conspiracy on this. Exactly, it doesnt make sense.

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