CEO of Bridges TV Accused of Beheading Wife

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A suburban Buffalo man who founded a cable TV station to promote better understanding of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested on charges he beheaded his wife.

Orchard Park police arrested Muzzammil Hassan, 44, on Thursday for investigation of second-degree murder, The Buffalo News reported.

Police identified the victim as Aasiya Z. Hassan, 37. Her body was found at his business, Bridges TV.

Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004 amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light. Its slogan was “connecting people through understanding.”

According to authorities, Aasiya Hassan recently filed for divorce and had a protection order against her husband, the Buffalo News reported.

“Obviously, this is the worst form of domestic violence possible,” Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said Friday.


Many of the Muslims in America may have heard of Bridges TV which is the only Muslim TV channel available on cable. The main vision of BridgesTV is to portray Muslims in the positive light.  Apparently the CEO wasn’t falling his own companies vision when he decided to kill his wife because they were having marital issues.  This further proves my point of an increase in “extremism” in all sorts of Muslims.  This is why we can’t really label people as “extremist” because it’s such relative term.  From the TV shows that I’ve seen on Bridges TV, I can say that they are very open minded and liberal in some sense.  So what made this guy do such a horrible crime?  Many people will look at this and say “this guy is an extremist Muslim”, but the reality is.  This guy is just a criminal who is Muslim by faith, that’s all.  The act had nothing to do with his religion, unfortunately many non-Muslims will bring this up and blame it on Islam and many Muslims will brush it off with “he’s an extremist Muslim”.  Both are wrong.  Let’s be real and treat it as it is.  He’s a murderer who happens to be Muslim.

May Allah (swt) forgive our sister with all of her sins and grant her jannat-ul-firdaus.  May Allah (swt) make it easy for her family.  Ameen!

Edit: for those who don’t think he’s guilty, he’s guilty from before sine his wife filed for a restraining order to do the physical abuse she endured.  According to Islam and Allah’s words, this is forbidden.  We don’t need to wait for man-made law to declare him a crminal.  And Allah knows best.

Aasiya Hassan had filed for divorce and obtained an order of protection on Feb. 6, barring her husband from their home in Orchard Park, police said.

“There had been problems before — there had been prior incidents of physical abuse,” said Corey Hogan, whose law firm, Hogan Willig, represented Aasiya Hassan in the divorce proceeding.

Hogan said discussions were being held about continuing arrangements for the couple’s two children, ages 4 and 6, and two older children, ages 17 and 18, from Muzzammil Hassan’s previous marriage.


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  1. That’s messed up.

    And yeah, all over the world, many people look at a lot of things the wrong way. We all can relate. Most people can be educated about things, but they will remain ignorant about certain things unless they stumble upon the knowledge or have it shoved down their throats.

  2. Ameen to your duas. I would say though that we should not be so quick to judge before the investigation is over.

  3. Umm, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I don’t think he has confessed to anything. Until he does, or until some tangible evidence is found to prosecute him, we shouldn’t assume guilt. It’s a basic human right, upheld by both Islamic & American law.

    Ameen to your Dua for the sister. It is truely a gruesome and disturbing turn of events.

  4. Domestic violence is unfortunately common in some marriages or relationships, regardless of religious affiliation. Women are almost always the victims to men who do not know how to value a woman. It angers me that some men thinks its okay to assault women for whatever reason.

    As for some muslim men who do assault their spouse, what ever happen to the teachings and examples of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? The noble Prophet (pbuh) NEVER hit any of his wives! Clearly, violence is not the solution!!

  5. Dang it… I wish these Muslim criminals could see the crap that we have to deal with after they commit these crimes is damn near ir-reversible. It’s like taking one baby step forward with Dawah efforts, and then something like this happens and we take 5 steps back.

  6. What?? This is crazy! I hope in some wild way this is not true… somehow… subhanAllah everyday something worse.

    Have you read about the 13 year old father in Britain? A link to a video and article are on my page.. I think you should post it here, as you definitely get more hits than myself, as an example to the impatient ones subhanAllah. Allah help us! ameen

  7. whatever his reasons were (assuming he validly turned himself in as news reports are suggesting) this animal is a human piece if refuse for holding himself out as a “community leader” and “defending Islam” the real question is why didn’t anyone in the community see this coming? Was no one aware of their marital problems in the community? Did the local imam/masjid not have a marriage counseling program..we haveamy social issues to address in our comunitites but don’t for a second let the anti Muslim forces exploit this tragedy to incriminate islam

  8. This is why we need to take a pause and work on ourselves, before we jump to working on others. This reminds me of Keith Ellison not standing up for Palestine, and that Muslim CIA officer who raped muslim women in morocco or whatever or those stories of mullahs who rape and stuff.

    THAT is why we are messed up- we don’t work on ourselves- quick to preach but not practice. We don’t need TV channels to broadcast Islam- we need MEN and WOMEN to broadcast Islam in a way more powerful then any TV channel, with their actions and their khulooq, with their spiritual understanding and not their materialistic understandings.

  9. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    As I said over at Muslim Matters, the way this woman was murdered doesn’t sound like your average domestic murder. It sounds like the work of some psycho who kills women (plural) for kicks.

    He might be guilty, he might not, but his prior record doesn’t make him a murderer.

  10. Here are the facts. I’m just your average white American male. I worked for these two directly day in and day out – trips around the country with them, etc. This has nothing to do with Muslim extremism or the religion in any way. The fact is that Mo Hassan is just a piece of HUMAN GARBAGE. The only emotion he would ever show other than anger is complete blankness. He just plain is NOT a good person and did this out of anger. He had been abusing Aasya for some time, ran the nanny off the road with HIS kids in HER car. I believe this to be premeditated as there’s nothing in that television station with which he’d be able to do this. From what I know they still haven’t found the weapon even though he allegedly drove directly to the police station less than a mile away. The attack occured directly in front of a security camera that he placed. The police have the tape. I just want my mental image of this horrible event to go away.

  11. iMuslim…innocent until proven guilty? I believe he confessed when he walked in to the police station. Did I also mention the police have the tape? See previous post. Just because you’re Muslim doesn’t mean you defend any Muslim without knowing the facts. MO MURDERED AASIYA IN FRONT OF A SECURITY CAMERA THAT WAS RECORDING AND DROVE HIMSELF DIRECTLY TO THE POLICE STATION. CONFESSION!

  12. Alot of this dont judge or i wonder what it makes “us” look like stuff is why being a muslim is so weird in the american context at least. Peope over do the whole minority status and the need to be “ambasadors” crap to the point where its almost as if one belongs to a cult. I think the community needs to stop reinforcing the idea that muslims are different, the outside world does that enough. The more muslims start behaving as though our musliminess isnt a wall or an indicator of seperation, the more relationships, genuine relationships can be built with the outside world. I genuinely feel that most muslims in the non-western world are far better off psychologically. They know they are muslims and they’re comfortable with it. They don’t need to exagerrate or try to recreate an entire corpus of law, spirituality etc. which comes across extremely ingenuine and inauthentic for anyone who has the ability to reflect and feels uncomfortable in fantastical make belief social constructs like those which the muslim community in the united states create. I think we sometimes believe this problem is true only in “extremist” cricles but its just as tiresome in “progressive” and in “moderate” circles….for example in the “moderate” communities you get people who always want to represent islam as beautiful or peaceful, you have people who want to claim that women have more rights in islam than in contemporary western societies, that minority rights are better protected etc. and they will engage in every form of historical revisionism, ideological subterfuge and misanalysis needed to turn the arabs of 1400 years ago into the equivalent of peaceful loving moderate moderns who are peaceniks, feminists, liberals etc. when nothing could be further from the truth. Love your faith or hate your faith but please dont white wash it.

  13. Now we can see the animalistic behaviors that westerners know way to well, and will never understand, no matter how many attempts are made to put “lipstick on a pig”…. it’s still a pig. Eventually, the ugly monster rears it’s head, and shows it’s true face….. sad. A lesson learned for all.

  14. Religion aside, how about the man is just plain old crazy??? But, let us not forget that abuse against women is widely acceptable in some cultures.

  15. When I heard about this murder, I felt like throwing up. I felt so many things at once.

    As a human being, I felt sadness at the murder of an innocent woman.

    As a brother and son, I felt anger at the pattern of abuse and eventual killing of a woman/sister/wife/mother.

    As a Muslim, I felt devastated, depressed, and just plain beleaguered at the fact that an individual associated with what was seemingly a progressive Muslim cause, who looked like he came from a normal background, would commit some horrific crime straight out of Fallujah. The implication, I thought, in the mind of the average American is that ‘Oh hey, any one of them could just turn into Zarqawi at the slightest instigation.’

    As an American Muslim, I thought, “Why do I have to belong to the same community as this freak?”

    Domestic violence is a problem that afflicts most countries and communities. It exists in the Muslim world. It exists in the United States. It exists among American Muslims.

    We have to create spaces in our communities in which women can find a safe haven in the event they are abused. Imams need to educate husbands and fathers in order to prevent violence. And mosques need to provide pre-marital and marital counseling.

    With that said, I cannot believe that this murder was simply the product of domestic violence. It was gruesome and medieval. The former Bridges TV employee said this was not about religion. That was my initial observation too and remains so.

    This man is perhaps mentally ill or just plain evil. In the end, I don’t think I care. He killed a woman. And he should receive the most severe punishment New York state law has to offer.

    The news reports show that he drove straight to the police after the murder. On top of committing murder, he also has six or seven children. What an inhumane, selfish bastard.

    The local masjid/mosque and ISNA should work together to create a foundation in the name of Ms. Asiya [I would put her maiden name here, but I don’t know it] to create awareness and programs to combat domestic violence in the Muslim community.

    Again, I think the man is just insane or evil. But aside from punishing the murderer, we need to remember this Muslim sister of ours by combating violence against women in a very determined fashion.

    Forget how the media presents this. This is about human lives. This is about Muslim lives. We need to ensure that our community is a healthy one within. Once it is, then those outside it will be able to see the light shining. Until then, we will be seen as forces of darkness.

    And in the end, this is about an innocent human life taken in a cold and gruesome fashion by a Satanic man.

    May Sister Aasiya rest in peace. May Allah forgive her for her sins. May He have made her departure from this world as painless as possible. And may He grant her ease in her time in the grave, shade on the Day of Judgment, and Eternity in His Paradise.


  16. It goes without saying, that any nation that disrespects the feminine spirit is a nation that never reaches it’s greatest potential. Take a look at every nation on the face of the earth that holds women in low regard and measure their heights of attainment or the lack there of. This was an act of viciousness that the human senses can not grasp without questioning our humanity. My heart cries out for justice for a soul that can not surely rest until justice comes in this life , as well as in the life to come.

  17. Maybe he did murder his wife and maybe he did have anger management issues but can you rule out the possibility of someone taking advantage of this situation just to defame Muslims?

    i mean so far only charges have been pressed against him. He hasnt been proven guilty of the murder. Think about it.

    In addition to poor Asiya, the whole Muslim community is the victim here as BridgesTV (although not a household brand) did represent moderate Muslims in the US. Its a deliberate attempt to soil the reputation of Muslims, in the US and elsewhere.


    wtf you talkin bout Willis?!?… HE BEHEADED HER AND IT WAS CAPTURED ON VIDEO ffs…

    It’s not a deliberate attempt of anything…. It is what it is. The man (and his beliefs)… are animalistic.

    Wake up and see what’s in front of you.

  19. This issue is simple.

    A man brutally murdered his wife.

    He drove to the police station and admitted his crime.

    He should receive the highest punishment possible.

    This was a crime of one individual against another.

    The only other relevant parties are the children, who are also secondary victims.

    Bridges TV is not a victim. You are not a victim. The Muslim community is not a victim.

    The local Muslim community should make sure the husband is brought to justice and held accountable. They should also work to take care of the children and spearhead an attempt to tackle the issue of domestic violence.

    Muslims outside of the local community should pray for Sr. Aasiya and her children.

    This is not a conspiracy against Muslims. It is the murder of an innocent Muslim by a deeply depraved and Satanic “Muslim.”

  20. Uneducatable hatred filled animals… This comes directly from his teachings, and his beliefs, And_he_was_considered_a_moderate_muslim__and_a_leader_in_the_so_called_”moderate_muslim”_community_ (if there is such a thing?!?). If he was a leader in the “moderate” muslim community, think of what goes through non-moderate muslims heads?! Yes, the Koran is inevitably responsible for his behaviors. Yes, I said the Koran. There are many many recent similar incidents (and also many ancient ones) that the muslim culture has had a chance to demonstrate the same mentality as this man has. FITNA at it’s best….. Geert Wilders hit the nail directly on the center of the head! Search on google or youtube for “FITNA” and watch the video… make your own conclusions. Link the dots… It’s fairly comprehensive, and self explanatory. Run it through YOUR head….. before it falls to the floor…


  21. the qu’ran is not responsible for anyones behavior….people are responsible for their own behaviors, hence, a judgement day, hence, free will, hence the call to reflect, hence, guidance, hence we are human beings, neither pure animals nor purely divine, hence…..(i can keep on going)….what another person does, he is responsible for.

    The entire community will not be brought up on the day of judgement to be asked, did you chop of a womans head? No.

    The only person who will have to answer is Mr.TVStationGuy. So thats for starters.

    Secondly, yes we are our brothers keepers, so we should condemn this action rather than excusing it. Love the sinner but hate the sin comes to mind and killing is no small thing irrespective of what ones beliefs are about the nature of existance.

    In essence, how can muslims teach anyone else aqeeda or quranic principles or islam or anything when we are so busy playing the politics game especially when its played on the defense. If islam says that a person is responsible for his own actions, then obviously, the community doesnt need to apologize for it.

    The response to ‘we look bad’ is let the people know. Send Ibrahim Cooper on TV and have him say, we believe every soul bears its own burden.

    One cannot get rid of bad PR by confirming its erroneous assumptions, ie, the entire community is responsible for every action ever taken by a nut job who is a member of it. Its just not healthy and it sets a bad example for the next generation.

    Islam should just be normal, like every other faith and its divisions and dimensions should also be normal like every other faith. It doesnt need to have this “super” status and be paraded around on fox news and cnn etc. The solution to the alienation which is what it truly is, when others treat muslims as though they’re magically different cannot be to confirm and solidify that alienation. Alienation can only be confronted by normalization.

  22. He was SATAN! I worked at Bridges TV and was harrassed by this nut for months. He was a piece of trash.

  23. How is he convicted with second degree murder? Second degree murder means when you kill some when you didn’t intend to kill and you grab something out of anger and kill the person when you don’t intend to kill. He beheaded her, there is no equipment or weapon that you can grab in an anger in any office, studio or home and behead someone unless you plan to behead someone. It was preplanned, and the detectives should go back on training or look for other profession, if they call this a second degree. HE SHOULD BE HANGED OR SHOULD BE RELEASED SO SOMEONE WITH AN ANGER CAN KILL HIM BY MISTAKE.

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