Get MISTified 2009

Note: Video contains music.

What is MIST? Muslim Interscholastic Tournament.

Basically its an Muslim organization that organizes competitions for High School Muslim students. They have regional competitions in New York, Washington DC Area, Houston, Atlanta, Toronto, and Dearborn.

Edit: Forgot about Boston (and no it’s not becuase I hate every sports team from there!)

So if you know any Muslims in High School, let them know about this. High school for any Muslims is probably the worst jaahiliya part of any Muslim. May Allah (swt) bless the efforts of the MIST organizers and make their programs successful. Ameen!

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  1. What an awesome initiative! I’m glad to see the youth in America are stepping up, to bad Canada doesn’t have something similar 🙁

    I was wondering, do the sisters have a chance to compete in their own separate sport activity?

  2. …in fact, i heard this non-muslim kid won the debate competition two years ago in the southeast regional!

  3. Thanks for the plugging MR.

    You should be a judge at the DC Mist. That’d be hot.

    Tranquilityfromwithin – What city are you in? I’m looking to expand MIST all over Canada inshAllah.

  4. Does that mean muslim high schoolers in like IL, specifically in the Chicago area can compete in this program as well? Though i think it would take some time to get the program running at our school.

  5. Assalaam’aaleykum!
    Nice video! Very well edited.
    Shouldn’t the security guy be more MACHO kind of person?:P Was he Hamza Moin from

  6. Go Darussalaam! For those of you who don’t know, Darussalaam has been representin’ at DC MIST since it started (actually the first MIST was at Darussalaam:) and for four straight years, we have consistently been making first place. May Allah help us to dominate once more!

    – Arif Kabir
    Darussalaam Dynasty

  7. I didn’t see any information about the dates of the MIST Program in Houston on the website, like what days the program is. If kids want to come from out of Houston for example, would they be able to stay that week in Houston, or is it more geared towards Muslim youth originally living there already.

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