Sh. Kamal el Mekki – Why the Scholars need to be used to fight Extremism

This is an extremely important topic in which Sh. Kamal el Mekki explains why Muslim scholars need to keep Muslims in check. He defends Sh. Tawfique Choudhury’s article explaining it further.

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This answered a lot of my questions I had in my earlier post here. May Allah (swt) bless Sh. Kamal and Sh. Tawfique.

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  1. Defend it from whom? “Imam” Anwar Awlaki – a man who discourages Muslims in America from voting – effectively trying to convince our children to throw themselves to the wolves? A man who glorifies suicide bombing without any jurisprudential evidence in its favor and without mentioning its toll on innocent civilians? Who needs defense from his kind? It’s unfortunate that more Muslim scholars don’t ostracize him and expose him for the extremist fraud that he is.

  2. SubhanAllah. Beautiful lecture and reminder by Bro. Kamal

    The statement of Umar ibn Abdul Aziz ra when asked about the battles of the Sahabah before him is definitely something to ponder over.

    “That was blood that Allah kept away from my hands, then why would i want to stain my tongue with it?”

    May Allah swt guide us to that which is pleasing to Him and fill our discourse with adab…ameen

  3. Kamal doesn’t do a good job of defending Tawfique. Tawfique has said he is against extremism not Jihad but why then does Kamal mock those who think of going to help their brothers in Iraq?

    It seems what they are really against is th Jihad.

  4. Anonymous Muslim dissing Imam Anwar. Really brave.

    You might be committing a sin too. You may want to read Suratul Hujurat and check out that part about backbiting. It’s very enlightening.

    As for voting, I’m neither for it nor against here, as there’s ample evidence on both sides. But I won’t completely disagree with Imam Anwar’s viewpoints.

    The last President was heavily supported by Muslim Americans and fat lot of good that did us. Not to mention the thousands of Muslims worldwide killed and imprisoned because of him.

    And while I kinda like the new guy, he’s already headed in the same direction. Check out this article:

    Anyway, I don’t know why I’m arguing with you. Anyone who has to be “Anonymous” on a blog can’t have too much legitimacy.

  5. I dont think people realise the grave position the western governments are taking.

    This is a leaked anti-terror code in the UK

    According to a draft of the strategy, Contest 2 as it is known in Whitehall, people would be considered as extremists if:

    • They advocate a caliphate, a pan-Islamic state encompassing many countries.

    • They promote Sharia law.

    • They believe in jihad, or armed resistance, anywhere in the world. This would include armed resistance by Palestinians against the Israeli military.

    • They argue that Islam bans homosexuality and that it is a sin against Allah.

    • They fail to condemn the killing of British soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    If you believe in any of the above, you are an extremist. The policy is not far from what other countries are adopting.

    Although I agree, extremism should be curtailed by scholars, also the reality of Muslims in the west should be considered also. The government positions towards Muslims is a zero-tolerance one and that in itself is a cause for concern when it comes to becoming allies.

  6. Imam Anwars position is weak – he is very disconnected or not in the right mind of thinking it seems . He considered everyone a target, but in Islam this is not possible and is against it.

    I do however wonder where the western governments are headed and what brand of Islam they are prepared to accept. And more and more it seems that they are not even accepting of orthodox, sufi or traditional Islam.

  7. Bismillah-hir-Rahman-nir-Raheem.

    As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Dear brothers and sisters,

    May Allah reward all the Muslimeen and Muslimaat, the ‘aammah and the aimmah who are sincere in promoting His deen in any way, shape, and form in accordance of Qur’an and Sunnah. Aameen.

    I want to say at the outset, that I do not wish to sound emotional or as if I have found the need to defend or debase (na’oodhobillah) anyone. However, when something is said about a Muslim brother that is incorrect, I feel it is my responsibility to correct that whether I completely agree or disagree with him/her.

    Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki has stated his opinion of the killing of innocents very clearly in one of his blog posts as the following:


    My opinion which I have stated in past recordings and is still my opinion now is that non-combatant women and children cannot be targeted.”


  8. Salaam, I don’t want to hijack the thread, but I would like to respond to Ahmed’s and “Converting Christians” comments:

    First CC: The issue has nothing to do with “bravery” I’m not sure why you would even suggest that. The fact remains that every major Islamic organization in America encouraged Muslims to vote, so who is the Imam in Yemen to tell us not to vote? Should we set aside the opinions of our leaders here in America for him? Absurd, it’s a dangerous idea in this day and age to encourage Muslims to “separate” from Western societies on the notion that our presence here is “temporary,” such as he claims. Those were the same foolish ideas that led to the creation of Takfir wal Hjira, Al Jamma Islamiyya and other takfiri/jihadi groups. The Imam would do better to criticize child rape and marriage in his “perament” home than criticize Muslims here in America.

    Ahmed: It’s wonderful lip service by the Imam to “clarify” that innocents “cannot” be targeted. Meanwhile on his blog he supports suicide attacks in Iraq/Afghanistan the practical results of which have been the deaths of thousands of innocent women, children, and noncombatants. Interesting how the Imam doesn’t address the actions of the so called “Mujahideen” he is offering his unqualified support to. By making no distinction among the groups he allegedly supports, he is calling for Muslim youth to also support the actions of these terrorists. Again – the ENDS which may be noble – do not justify the means which are the deaths of innocent people and clear violation of Islamic law in the process. He has openly stated that he regards the West as the “enemy”, what message do you think that sends his supporters in regards to citizens of the West? Sometimes you have to loo past the lip service and see what the logical consequences of one’s statements are.

  9. Sometimes I wonder why I bother…

    Anonymous, I have no need for you to inform of the benefits of voting nor of life in America or the West. And my statement was not for or against voting…as you can see I said I am neither for nor against it since there’s ample evidence supporting both sides.

    Your stating the obvious benefits of voting instead of what my argument was shows your initial statement was wrong. I don’t care if you think voting is halal or haram. I don’t care if Imam Anwar thinks it’s halal or haram. That wasn’t the point.

    The point was that you are blatantly speaking ill of, and quite possibly backbiting and slandering, another Muslim. And this Muslim (Imam Anwar) was imprisoned for no other reason than the fact that he was Muslim and speaking out against the oppression against Muslims.

    And that’s the difference between him and you. He disagrees with someone, and he lays out his argument in a disciplined, respectful, and detailed manner. Whether you agree with him or not, he did not say anything disrespectful or derogatory towards Bro. Choudhry.

    You, on the other hand, have to resort to name calling and insults. So even if he is wrong, you nullify your point by stooping to a lower level.

    Imam Anwar may very well be incorrect in his position. But the last time I checked, the politicians we Muslims voted for here in America were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Muslims.

    In the words of Stan Lee….’Nuff said.

  10. Not to take sides, but the whole argument that Sh. Awlaki should have advised TC in private is bogus. Sh Choudhury’s comments were made in public and whilst it could be argued AA’s rebuttal could have been nicer it is important that the public hear it. Bottom line, Sh Tawfique has to respond in a more substantive manner. Kamal Mekki’s speech was a good reminder.

  11. AnonyMouse makes excellent points… The line between supporting jihad and terrorism is being blurred by Awlaaki. He needs to draw a clear distinction, otherwise he is confusing youth and helping breed extremism of the worst kind. Why the crazy murder-supporting websites such as revolution cheerleading every post by Awlaaki? I think Awlaki needs to come out one way or the other: either he supports ALL types of jihad, INCLUDING the perverted form by Bin Laden and crew OR he condemns bin laden and other similar terrorist organizations. I will be waiting for this clarification, otherwise it is difficult to give benefit of doubt considering the way that the binladen crowd is crowning him…

  12. what terrorism are we talking about here?

    9/11 => inside job
    7/7 => inside job
    madrid => inside job.

    we all know who the terrorists are. and as for the palestinians, please don’t even bother condemning anybody there until you go and live just 1 day there.

    as for voting in the west, you would be naive to think that you are exercising some democratic freedom. whoever you vote for, won’t change a thing, because the ppl pulling the strings know who is going to win.

    it’s high time, ppl realise the war that is going on against islam and muslims and stop putting down other muslims.
    and even this is criticised as “tribalism” …what nonsense is this???

    we are one ummah. the blood of every muslim is precious to Allah and so the bloody, honour, name of every muslim should be protected .

    may Allah reward Anwar Awlaki and others who speak out against falsehood. amin.

    by the way i am not salafi but i don’t care in this time.
    i love the ummah, i hate kuffar, who are worse than animals. simple.


  13. CC: the reason I didn’t respond to your comments were they were collateral to the points i made and of little consequence. thanks for the manners lesson, but i think you need to reassess your values if you think being being “respectful” while exhorting our youth to terrorism such as the Imam Awlaki does is somehow honorable. besides, he may not have directly “insulted” Sheikh Tawfique (that’s a subjective determination regardless) but when you claim a Muslim scholar has allied himself with “terrorists” what greater insult or attack exists?

    Thanks LESSON, you made great points as well, in fact the clearest example of why we need our Muslim leadership to take a bright line stance on this issue is the last post by Ibrahim. The ironic thing about these Al Qaeda apologists is the ease in which they are willing to cast blame for violence in the name of Islam on anyone BUT another Muslim, despite the fact that Al Qaeda (and affiliated groups) have taken credit for all the aforementioned attacks, and established conclusively that they were the ones responsible! Which one is it guys? Are they “hero Mujahideen” or just cowards taking responsibility for the CIA/Mossad’s dirty work? Incidentally, if the CIA were really responsible for all these “inside” jobs, such as these confused fools claim, they might as well give up and surrender – any organization capable of fooling the entire world, enlisting the support of “radical Muslims” to take credit, and able to operate in every corner of the earth simultaneously is surely the work of the Divine!

  14. i cant believe the level of naivety of muslims – it’s no wonder these kuffar play us like sheep.

    deception – you know the meaning of this word?

    dajjal is going to have easy life.

  15. @Anonymous

    “Reassess my values”?!!!


    You’re backbiting another Muslim! And you seem to be enjoying it! You’re certainly justifying it, and have yet to use one shred of Islamic evidence. No Quran. No hadith. Just your supposition and opinion.

    And you say I need to reassess MY values?!!!!

    I’m advising you to refrain from a sin. If you’re upset about that, then go ahead. Sin away. But here’s a little reminder:

    “O you who have attained to faith! Avoid most guesswork [about one another] for, behold, some of [such] guesswork is [in itself] a sin; and do not spy upon one another, and neither allow your­selves to speak ill of one another behind your backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would loathe it! And be conscious of God. Verily, God is an accep­tor of repentance, a dispenser of grace!” Hujurat verse 12.

    Most people who fear Allah, would at least be concerned about incurring His wrath.

    But you seem to be okay with it.

    1. You have no problem backbiting another Muslim.

    2. You use no Islamic evidence to support your stance.

    How about you show some proof where Imam Anwar has “exhorted our youth to terrorism”. Where did he say it’s okay, or where does he support young people committing acts of terrorism against civilians? You accuse but show no proof of said accusation.

    Really, this thread has gone on long enough and it’s starting to bore and depress me. Respond or don’t respond. I couldn’t care less. Your responses are just a reminder of how difficult it is to be a strong Muslim in America.

    This is why I can’t stand blogging.

    No offense MR.

  16. Using “WTF” followed by Quranic verses is not appropriate. We know what WTF means, acronyms don’t delineate the meaning.

  17. i think anonymuslim made valid points and did not back bite anwar awlaki. from his blog and his recent lectures, he clearly states that he supports suicide bombing of civilians and he continuously praises the acts of al-qaeda in iraq and shabab in somalia. both these groups rely on youth and suicide bombing btw. you dont need quranic ayats to proof that.

    i support the efforts of duaats in almaghrib and alkawthar to enhance the islamic knowledge in the americas and europe, and no sane muslim would deny the fruits their efforts bared.

  18. salaam,

    “that he supports suicide bombing of civilians and he continuously praises the acts of al-qaeda in iraq and shabab in somalia.”

    He didn’t say he supports suicide bombings of civilians, he supports suicide bombings.Period. There is a difference between going to a daycare and targeting little kids, or targeting the enemy at a military checkpoint.

    As far as I know the Shabaab in Somalia don’t use suicide bombings. They are an Islamic Movement dedicated to establishing Islamic rule in Somalia. I can’t think of an act more noble than that.

    “i support the efforts of duaats in almaghrib and alkawthar…”
    While they have done much good in the west as far as teaching the correct aqeedah, fiqh, etc… They will never openly support Jihad. This is the problem, we can’t just ignore our Muslim families being raped.
    We cannot ignore Jihad as if it isn’t part of the religion.

    “no sane muslim would deny the fruits their efforts bared”
    No sane Muslim can deny the obligation of Jihad to defend oneself.

  19. Reading through the comments of people on this page makes me sad because it is the very kind of behaviour these Western governments would want to see: divisive and unruly arguments that lead to division and further weakening of the ummah.

    While we argue, remember that there is a BIGGER picture we need to keep in mind. Do NOT sell out your Deen and Muslim brothers for a pittance from the kuffar like those faasiq organisations like Quilliam Foundation are doing for example!

  20. Asalamu’alaykum Muslims…

    Firstly, I advise all Muslims to make sure all actions they do is from the way of the Prophet(saw). Secondly, the only person who does not make mistakes is the Beloved Prophet(saw) Cos He(saw) was corrected by Allah(swt). As for Imam Anwar Al-awlaki i do not know anything except good of him. Any oppion he has he tries to provide evidence from the Qur’an and the life and way of the Prophet(saw).
    May Allah(swt) increase us in Islamic knowledge and keep us away from ignorance and Bid’ah. Ameen

    With Regards to Jihad, We must learn about is in detail and also learn about the the battles of the Prophet(saw) and the missions He(saw) sent His companions on. we need to love jihad and have it in our hearts and do not let the west as well as the muslims make us think that jihad is something bad. jihad is the peaks of the religion. the Prophet(saw) said,
    ” the one who dies without having the desire or love for jihad in his heart dies a death of hypocrite.” Saheeh Muslim

    Jihad is a part of our eman our faith. but like any action it must be do according to the way of the Prophet(saw) and not according to our wims and desires. May Allah(swt) Guide us all.ameen.

    your Brother in Faith Hamza

  21. I’d rather follow a sheikh that has knowledge of both fields ..

    i.e. A Senior Mujahid Scholar

    rather than one sided Senior scholars having experience in only one field.

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