MR improvements for dial-up users

MR went into seclusion for a breif period in order to re-evaluate its purpose and current status on the server.  After a few hours of some hardcore dhikgrading it has return better than ever.

In other words, my site should load faster by a few hundredths of a miliseconds.  Only those viewers who are using dial-up connections (yes I have readers that are still on that) will experience a much faster load time, alhamdulillah.

One Reply to “MR improvements for dial-up users”

  1. Hi Folks.If yoou are using Dial Up I have a Code I have been using since 1997 to double the connect speed of any modem.I have never had any problems from running at 112k with a 56k modem.I did have one email servicce to threaten to shut me off if I didn’t get my computer fixed.They said I was connecting too fast for their server.That was in 97.

    If you want more info about this code I have send me a emailat><

    Be happy to hear from you.

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