Going to Hajj, Hajj Group Recommendations, Tips and Advices [Updates:3]

I need some help from everyone who reads this blog and anyone else who comes across it to share hajj groups that they would recommend and any other tips.

So what are some of the hajj groups in America that are leaving from NY-NJ area or the MD-DC-VA area?

If you could discuss the arrangement for accommodations such as naming some of the hotels that are the better ones in terms of providing a healthy and blessed stay.

Please let me know about pricing as well.

JazakAllah khair!

Hajj 2009 Research Data

Hajj Group Name Yes No
Abu Mu’aaz 1 0
Al Manasik 2 0
Caravan 0 1
Dar el Salam 5 1
Rendezvous 2 0
Sacred Tours 1 0
Sara International 1 0
ZamZam 1 0

I’ll update this chart as people share more comments inshaAllah. I’m also updating based on emails, phone calls and in person discussions.

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  1. assalamu alaikum,

    I would recommend going with Rendevous Travel based out of Washington D.C. because they have a great shaikh, Br. Safi Khan, and excellent amenities. It usually only takes a small group of people and the agency does its best to ensure the comfort of all its members.

    Being with Br. Safi for the duration of the Hajj is a great experience. He gives excellent talks not only discussing the fiqh of hajj, but also on the spiritual aspect of hajj from an authentic viewpoint.

  2. I would probably recommend to you Sara International Travel or Al Manasik Hajj groups as those two are the ones that I was recommended to go with strongly by friends and family.

    though i would not recommend dar elsalam – they tend to have many problems

    fyi : i have been with all 3 groups

  3. salaam ryder… i went to hajj with dar el salam and it was a great experience… alhamdulilah we didnt encounter any problems… i cant really tell u bout the lectures cuz i didnt attend all of them… i just asked my murshid bout the fiq and spiritual aspects of hajj…. however they did have one shaykh who was hanafi and provided us with a few important rulings… also if it is at all possible, i would go to madinah first cuz then you will avoid the long wait in jeddah… as far as pricing is concerned, i think my package (which had a direct flight to madinah with saudi airlines), was about 7K per person… i’ve heard thats a lot so you should look into that.. but alhamdulillah i had a great experience with them, as did my parents

  4. As salaam. May I suggest http://www.sacredtours.ca . Its a Canadian company but they also offer US packages. The Shuyukh affliated with this group are of the highest caliber, such as Shaykh Ramzy Ajem, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Shaykh Zahir Bacchus and Shaykh Zahid Ally.

  5. My dad went with ZamZam/Dar es Salam with Imam Magid. He said they’re awesome!

    He also ended up being with Abdul Malik Ahmed throughout the whole trip. (For those who don’t know, Abdul Malik Ahmed is one of the singers from Native Deen.)

  6. If you got money and want to have the smoothest ride possible – Rendezvous is easily the best. My friend (The Muslim Blogger.com) had gone with him and he said that even when they had to wait at one point, the staff had provided everybody with complementary lunches and all. The Imam that goes with them, Shaykh Safi Khan of Darussalaam, is pure amazing and he is always studying or dispersing knowledge. One brother told me that he would see Shaykh Safi huddled up at night reading books all night with a large stack of books near him. He also said that only one or two luggages of Shaykh Safi’s was clothes/hajj material and the rest were all books.

    If you want to go on a rather cheaper one, but excellent service, go with Al Manasik. I went with them two years ago (I have my experiences of the first few days on http://hajjiexperience.wordpress.com) and they were awesome. I went with Shaykh Karim from PGMA (Prince George’s Muslim Association) and he was a very humble person. In our group was also Shaykh Muhammad AlShareef (AWESOME Experience:) as well as Saad Tasleem and other students from University of Madinah. They have the largest staff, from all the groups I have seen, with more than 20 ppl all the time “lugging luggage” or preparing the food. Our Zabihah meat was given to us as fried chicken as well as rotisserie. That’s good the group was Masha’Allah…

  7. Hello there.

    I googled your blog cause i was hoping to fine a blogger who could share with me their insight on this islamic issue.
    The Forced of Conversion into Islam upon marriage. Why is it compulsory?

  8. @clarriseteagen – There is no such thing as forced conversion in Islam. God guides whomever he wants to Islam. We have no control over this. We simple speak the truth and to tell everyone to worship God and nothing else. That is all. Please get in contact with your local Mosque and meet with some of the active Muslims there. If you are at a university, seek out the Muslim students association there. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Dar El Salam…hands down, the best

    They are one of the biggest and well known groups there, they’ve been doing it for years so they know what they’re doing…highly efficient group with good ties, no problems whatsoever

    MR, I went with Dar El Salam, no complaints, no regrets
    Amazing Experience! walHamdulillah

    I know its a while from now, but when you’re there, make dua for all of us man

  10. Going with Shaykh Qureshi’s group this year, insha’Allah.. They go through Caravan.. I wish it was with a different travel agent, but I guess it really doesn’t matter too much, Shaykh Qureshi is awesome though! And I heard nothing but good things about his group 🙂

  11. I went with Sara International Travel last year. The group leader was Br. Syad Hydarali and Hafiz ahmad of ICLI westbury along with about 6 others and Imam Zameer Sattaur of New york city. I recommend them for you because their prices are relatively the cheapest I found amongst the others and we stayed at the Zam Zam Towers and Hijrah Towers hotels both 5 stars (you can read my hotel reviews online at hajjbuddy.com). They had members of the Habaib (living in Saudi) come and conduct the Ziyarah for us and a couple of other local Shuyukh from Saudi also. It was a good program, plus Shaykh Abdullah Fawal conducted many programs throughout the journey alhamdulliah.

  12. Yeah, so….I do not recommend Caravan. At all. Especially if people are planning on taking their wives and daughters…

  13. I went with Al-madeena travels last Hajj, and I would not recommend this group if they were the last standing Hajj group. They are full of bid‘ah, and they have lied to us about everything within their packages. Everyone got the same room and terrible service regardless of the package that they have purchased, the Makkah accommodation was in a building that needed to be condemned, we never made it to Madinah, and they have stranded people at Arafah until 2am to the degree that the older Hajjes spent the night outside of Muzdalifah. If we did not know the language well, we would have been in much trouble, and our Hajj would have been questionable. If anyone needs proof of their service, please contact me at saintamin@yahoo.com and will share the entire saga with you. Here is their website and you have been forewarned http://www.al-madeena.com/hajj2009.htm.

  14. Salamu Alekum Brother;

    How are you doing?! I read your request. As The Hajj & Umra Groups Manager for the Leading Operator for Hajj and Umra in Canada, I feel that i am responsiable to explain to you the following Facts;

    1- Canada has Authroized Companies in Canada, but that doesn’t mean that ONLY those authorized Companies, sell Hajj…Some of those companies sell Visas to other an-authorized Companies.
    2- Out of those companies, there are only 4 Companies who is allowed in the VIP (Upgraded) camp in Mina and Arafat, which is right across of Jamarat. The rest of the companies are located in Al Moaisam which is 4 to 6 KM walking from Jamarat. and very far from Al-Rahmah Mountain (Arafat).
    3- Those Four companies also have their own private Ground Transportations and Catering, the rest use the Government Transportation which is always delayed and crowded. and for the food they use the Dry food.

    So if you are going alone, then yes it doesn’t matter..but if you are going with your wife or family, then Check these four companies first, speak wich each of them and compare the facilities and the packages.

    The Four Companies in Order:
    Falcon Travel
    Contact Person: Ahmed Elkholy
    Address: 1515 Matheson Blvd, E, Suite A105 – Mississauga, ON – L4W 2P5
    Phone: 905-282-9989

    VIA Travel
    Contact Person: Muhammad Ismail
    Address: 3355 Hurontario St. unit#7 – Mississauga, ON L5A 2H3
    Phone: 905-281-1700

    Salah Ul Din
    Contact Person: Imam. Ali Hindy
    Address: 741 Kennedy Road – Scarborough, Ontario, M1K 2C6
    Phone: 416- 264-3900
    Note: That Salah Ul Din is a Center and the Imam Dr. Ali Hindy is the one who takes the Group, as an Imam and a Dr. he is more into Dawa, the rest are Travel Agents and their main Profession is Hajj and Umra

    Dar El Salam Travel
    Contact Person: Yasser
    Address: 5160 Explorer Dr. #21 – Mississauga, ON L4W 4T7
    Phone: 905-212-9990

    I hope that is helpful to you, May Allah (SWT) accepts your entention for Hajj, and guides you to what you are looking for.

    For anyhelp, Contact me.

    Note: Most of the Companies you have listed, are un-authorized companies so they deal with other bigger companies that provide these services, so if you to recommend anything to someone, it would be adviced to go to the Origin.

  15. Salam,
    I perfomed hajj many times(ALHAMDO LILLAH) and i suggest that private tours operaters are doing there job much better then gourement,who wish to go then M/s al-ibad travel and tours are much better then others.visit http://www.al-ibad.com.

  16. InshaAllah I will be going to Hajj this year. We are going with Sara International with Shaykh Faisal Abdur Razzak as our spiritual guide. Cant wait!

  17. I woud recomment Kashmir Travel N Tours http://www.kashmirtravelsonline.com Hey I went with these guys for Hajj and Umrah and My family and I had a really good expierence. They dont bring groups to big or to small so you get the attention you deserve. Also package are much cheaper than Darelsalam Hajj packages but still maintain service.


  18. Assalam Aleakum,

    My wish for a very long time is to go for Hijj please assist me if I can join a group of ladies going for Hij from Virginia USA.

    Please respond back to me if anyone have information,

    Allah hafiz,

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