Youth Fighting outside the Prophet’s (s) Mosque in Madinah, Some Arrested

Update: Here is a video from the incident:

News articles:

MADINAH: Madinah Gov. Prince Abdul Aziz bin Majed ordered yesterday the release of all youths under 18 detained in connection with a fight near the Prophet’s Mosque early this week.

The order was issued on the directive of Interior Minister Prince Naif.

The youths are to be released on guarantees from their guardians.

The investigation into the involvement of other detainees in the fight would continue, Col.

Mohsin Al-Radadi, Madinah police spokesman, told Arab News yesterday.

The youths clashed with worshippers at the mosque on Monday evening but there were no casualties.


Another source claims it was a Sunni vs. Shia fight. The Shia were pilgrims, while the Sunnis were the mutawwa or religious police:

Nine held in clashes at Madinah

RIYADH: Saudi authorities have arrested nine people following clashes at the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Madinah, an official said yesterday. Some pilgrims clashed with worshippers at the mosque but there were no casualties, interior ministry spokesman Mansur al-Turki said.
Turki declined to comment on reports on Shia websites that the clashes were sectarian and pitted Shias against Sunnis.
“The security authorities will issue a statement later to clarify what happened, the nationalities of the participants in the fight and their motives, once the investigation is over,” Turki said.
Saudi newspapers have reported that on Friday religious police at a shrine in Madinah clashed with pilgrims, who responded by hurling stones at a police station.
Iran’s Arab-language satellite channel quoted witnesses as saying that on Monday evening two Saudi Shias from Al-Qatif in the oil-rich east of the kingdom were killed and four others wounded by anti-riot police.
Saudi group Human Rights First said religious police had attacked Shia pilgrims in Madinah. They condemned the attack, calling on the government to launch an investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice. – AFP


I don’t really know where the truth is, but I’ll update as I find reliable sources, inshaAllah.

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  1. Wow, this looks so predictable. I will certainly be interested in hearing the facts and regardless of what they are I’m not going to judge any of the parties involved.

    If indeed it turns out that it was of sectarian motivation, it’s not a surprise that neither side took the upper hand and came up with any other ideas than violence. I’m a shi’i muslim but in no way am I going to blame this on the Saudi, by this point have there not been literally an infinite number of instances of intolerance from individuals on both sides? How can one from either “camp” claim to be outraged at this? Those who bemoan the attack on the shi’a (IF that turns out to be what it was) ought to look closely at how little rights the sunnis and baha’i are given in Iran. Those who blame the shi’a for starting it (IF that turns out to be the case) need not look far either for individuals transgressing standards of morality on behalf of the sunni cause.

    It should be abundantly clear that even IF one party is decisively in error (and people’s understandings of religion isn’t based in subjective phenomena, i.e. how we look at the past, how we interpret texts) then most certainly the Prophet would not have wanted the parties to attack each other.

    Again IF this is sectarian-motivated, it seems these people seem to believe in their sect more than they believe in God. Loyalties to sect might necessitate violence but not loyalty to God, and yet they choose violence.

    This intolerant ideology that is prevalent on both sides (even if THIS event isn’t sectarian-motivated) is out of a desire to make others uniform with oneself. No one is ever going to achieve that, and indeed there is Divine wisdom pointing the opposite direction, as per Qur’an 11.118 and Qur’an 49.13.

    If we see others following islam “Improperly” how about instead of immediately assuming they are wrong (because we know a few hadiths) let us maybe pause to consider that ones relationship to God is sacred and is not about form but about sincerity of devotion.

  2. Whatever happened to not raising ure voice in the presence of our beloved prophet. The best of creation. ALLAH HU AKBAR.

  3. This is what Ahmed Al-Omran, the famous Saudi (and Shiite) blogger has to say about this:

    I did not want to write about the tension in Madinah over the past few days and the reason is simply because there was no reliable, trusted news sources that I can use to draw any conclusions or make an informed opinion. Mainstream media were sticking to the official story which, as usual, played dumb and pretended that it was no big deal. Websites on both sides, Shia and Sunni, were extremely biased and that was expected considering the sectarian nature of the incidents.

    So what is the truth about the tension in Madinah? I’m not sure if anybody knows.

    But here is what I know: what happened is serious and unacceptable under any circumstances. All parties involved were supposed to respect where they are and exercise some form of self-restraint. The Prophet’s Mosque is Islam’s second most holy site, and the least they could do is to emulate the prophet manners and ideals. Sadly, they all failed to show any respect to this great religion that they claim to represent.

    Now I could delve into some of the disturbing details, or cast blame on either party, or analyse the long lasting effects of these sorry incidents. But I don’t want to do that because it will not make any difference.

    Let me just finish by saying this: I’m truly and deeply ashamed to see what happened in Madinah. It should not have happened, and we must make sure it will not happen again.

    I’m with him here.

  4. subhan allah…this is the first i hear of this…so i looked up the news sites and it says this happened on tuesday.

    anyway this is what i found so far, a couple of videos…you can see who are the aggressors…a3oothbillah kids stealing the sand of the top of the grave of fatima radiya allah anha

    they say the women created a distraction outside the baqi3..while they send the men and kids to go steal sand from the grave site..

  5. what pilgrimage shias are making? this is Rabi’-ul-awal. Were they trying to desecrate the graves or seek blessings?

  6. Subhanallah this is really really bad and completely unacceptable. I hope the appropriate precautions will be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again, ever.

    chuah: do you mean that the women’s salal alan Nabi in the viedo that MR posted were being said as a distraction to facilitate this desecration?

  7. i am with what the religious police has done with those fake muslims.

    All of us that the she’i doctrin urges for cursing the SAHABAH

  8. what does the shias shearcging there they are not believers they are mushrik-keen let ALLAH destroy them all bcs they are traitors of ALLAH traitors of ISLAM and traitors of MUhammad s.a.w.s they have their own faith and they have their own Qiblah and that is that f**ed qerbela by MOWAHID-DEEN


  10. subhanallah, muslim people must respect the grave of the prophet Mohammad s.a.w, wether you are a muslim shi`i or sunni, after all they have nothing to gain whatever the damages they made for it, Allah S.W.T knows best, damaging the prophet`s grave is just a creation of disputes among muslim. May Allah Swt guides you to the right path(shia) you dont know what you did. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!

  11. hope you`ve learnd your lesson, dont do it again(shia) Allah swt will curse you for such doing it again.

  12. What are mushrik shias doing there?Disrespecting rafidha! By God i would not have allowed them in the two cities if the decision was in my hands!

  13. they should ban all shia from the Baqee. they are crazy and all they do is wail and cry like hyenas.

  14. All shia’s should be banned to visit baqee.. These shia’s also tried earlier i.e. July 1986-87,, to damage kaaba as well.. Now they pointed towards madina.. These are not muslims & SAUDI athorities must take some action to never allow these kuffar’s to enter macca & madina.. These shia’s are haters of sahaba’s(ra).. Inshallah ALLAH’s curse will be seen on these peoples soon..

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