Imam Siraj Wahhaj Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer – Make Dua!

As Salamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters!

It is well known now that I have been suffering from hypertension. Al Hamdulillah, I have been working with it for a while now, and insha’Allah it’s pretty much under control. As a result of being thoroughly checked by the competent doctors in Atlanta , I have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Al Hamdulillah, inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. (All Praise is for Allah. Truly, to Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.)

My diagnosis is not as bad as it sounds on the surface. Many men have been cured from prostate cancer. My doctors are very optimistic about my cure, and so am I. Insha’Allah the treatment should last about two months. But you and I know that the cure is in the Hands of Allah. If Allah heals me, I will be very grateful. If Allah doesn’t heal me, then I will be patient and happily accept my fate. This is the way of the Believers. I am looking forward to full recovery and getting back to work in the not-too-distant future, insha’Allah.

Many people will ask the question, what can we do? Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for me. Make du’a. But don’t just make du’a for me. There are a lot of Muslims, men and women, with cancer (and other diseases). Make du’a for them also. There are so many among the elderly, who need our help, make du’a for them. There are so many Muslims who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, make du’a for them! Beyond the prayers, go visit the sick, those in prison, and others in need.

Get involved more with Islamic work. Support organizations like MANA, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, CAIR, SIFCA, the community in association with Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, the community of Imam Jamil Al Amin, etc. Support good brothers and sisters, like Mauri’ Saalakhan of the Peace and Justice Foundation. Support Islamic education and schools. If you want to help Imam Siraj, then help support his Masjid, Masjid At-Taqwa, in Brooklyn, New York and all the other struggling Masjids throughout America.

Every challenge we face in life presents us with many opportunities for growth. With a heightened awareness and sensitivity about health-related issues, I will feel better when we, as an ummah, learn more about our health. We have to be very careful about the foods we consume! I urge all of us to cultivate healthy appetites such that we begin to love and crave foods that are good FOR us and eliminate foods that are not. I intend with Allah’s help to share information with you in the coming weeks about our health.

On behalf of MANA, I encourage you to lend your support to our growing Organization. Every MANA project is structured to strengthen American Muslim communities. The SHARE Centers, Healthy Marriage Initiative, Community Reentry Program, and Healing and Reconciliation Project all need input and active service urgently. Please contact the MANA office to find out more and look for regular updates in our newsletters, insha’Allah.

In closing, I am humbled and very thankful for all the prayers, and well wishes of the Muslims, and am very appreciative for all the help extended to me and my family in the past. Alhamdulillah! I am also overwhelmed with gratitude that a number of you want to lend financial support, and have asked how you can do that. Online donations can be made here, or feel free to correspond with me directly at Siraj Wahhaj, P.O. Box 312264, Atlanta, GA 31131.

Thank you kindly. May Allah guide and protect us all.

Your brother in faith,

Imam Siraj Wahhaj

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  1. A paypal account was set up for the online donations. MR, please add this code to the end of the article and delete this comment inshaAllah:

    For online donations for Imam Siraaj’s Treatment, you can click this link and donate through paypal: Imam Siraaj’s Recovery Donations

  2. Sorry disregard my previous message, that paypal account ran into account limitations with paypal so it won’t be used for the donations at this time. I will post an updated email address that we can donate to inshaAllah.

  3. May Allah grant the Imam a fast and speedy recovery and grant him the highest of rewards in this world and the next – Amin.

    Even in his time of difficulty he is thinking more about others and the Islamic Da’wah than himself – I love you Imam!

    Was Salam


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  5. Assalamu Alaikum Brother Siraj,

    Having written several times after our meeting at the ICR, a number of years ago in Rochester to the info you had given me and having no response IWhile it might be great to discuss programet it slide as I am more that aware of your responsibilities.
    Basically, I had hoped to be able to sit with you for a short time & discuss possible new programs.
    However, since then, I’ve had a number of minor operations & at 75 have slowed down considerably. Also, am aware of and pray for you and your health issues. While program discussion is important, so also is health .
    My background also includes caring for the ill and IF there is any chance of your needing any help in that area please feel free to contact me.
    Allah in His understanding will guide us to the everlasting.
    Salaam, Sr. Mary (Nazir’s mother)

  6. Islam,Brother Ive been a listner of yours for quite sometime now I’m Truely Sadden to hear of your bad news, how Allah knows best what his plann is for you ,with Allah’s help you wil overcome this it was something Allah wanted you to take notice of that’s all. with that please get better Islam,Peace

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