Somali President will agree with al-Shabab and establish Shariah, but not the “strict” version

(CNN) — Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said Saturday he will give in to a rebel demand that he impose Islamic law, or sharia, in an effort to halt fighting between Somali forces and Islamic insurgents.

However, Ahmed told a news conference he won’t agree to a strict interpretation of the law, which forbids girls from attending school, requires veils for women and beards for men, and bans music and television.

The president, speaking at his palace in the capital, Mogadishu, said local elders and religious leaders, acting as liaisons with the militants, brought him a message saying the rebels wanted a truce in the two-year-old fighting. He also asked African peacekeepers to stand down.

Ahmed, who was elected January 31, said he would ask the AU contingent to leave once there is a solid political solution to the conflict.

More than 40,000 Somalis have returned to abandoned neighborhoods in Mogadishu over the past six weeks, despite some of the heaviest fighting in months, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said Friday.

They are part of the more than a million residents who have been displaced by fighting in Somalia, including 100,000 who fled to neighboring countries last year alone, according to the United Nations.

Ethiopian troops entered the country at its request in December 2006. The Ethiopians ousted the Islamic Courts Union, an Islamic movement that had claimed control of Mogadishu earlier that year.

Ethiopia’s action had the blessing of the United States, which accused the Islamic Courts Union of harboring fugitives from al Qaeda. But various Islamist groups — including al-Shabab, which the United States has designated a terror organization — rejected the presence of Ethiopian forces and mounted an insurgent campaign against the Ethiopians and the transitional government.

Allah hu Akbar! This is excellent news. Seriously though, where in the shariah does it prevent girls from going to school? I have to wonder about some of these groups, if they actually read the Qur’an and listen to the Ulema. Who was the 2nd great scholar of Islam after the Prophet Muhammad (saas)? Who was it! It is clear who it was. It was none other than “Umm al-Mumineen” (Mother of the Believers), Aishah (radiallahuanhuma).

I’m liking the new President of Somalia. May Allah preserve him and continue to bless his plans on bringing peace to the people of Somalia. Ameen!


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  1. they should’ve used the word “not follow the “literalist” interpretation of the Shariah
    which is absolutely wrong and goes against the purpose of Shariah and Islam and turns Islam in to something that is the opposite of Mercy for All Human kind

  2. salams

    There are a few Sahabah who ahead of Umm al-Mumineen Aishah (ra) in the position of the leaders scholars of the people at the time. Abu Bakr (ra) was the most senior Shaykh of the Muslims whose knowledge and insight cannot be compared to anyones, and of course there is Umar Ibn Khattab (ra), Uthman ibn Affan (ra) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra).

    Then there was also Ibn Abbas and Abdullah ibn Masud (ra) Zayd ibn Thabit (ra) and Abu Musa al-Ash`ari (ra) and Ibn `Umar (ra).

    I believe that Umm al-Mumineen Aishah (ra) would sit comfortably amongst Ibn Abbas etc, but certainly not the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs (ra) as their status is extremely high.

    your point is a very good one though. Women should be educated and the shariya actively promotes this.

  3. First of all, any truthful and sincere muslim who research the traditions of Rasulullah (SA W) will know that after him, Ali (As) was the most prominent scholar among all of the companions. The holy Prophet (SAW) said: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate”, and the muslims must enter the city by it’s gate. History has proven that among the companions such Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman had testified that Ali was the most learned man after the Holy Prophet (SAW). Even during their reign they always consulted Ali in matters of law and interpretation of Qur’an etc. Ali (AS) was raised by the Holy Prophet (SAW). All prophets had a duty to impart knowledge to their household first. Muslims should read Nahjul-Balagha, a book that contains sermons, letters and sayings of Ali (AS). Especially young muslims should study this book. Students and scholars of every faith study this book. Even politicians, doctors, scientist and military men gain knowledge from his teaching. Nahjul-Balagha is taught in some of the most prestigious universities on the earth. Whoever, made the comment about A’isha being the most knowledgeable person after the Holy Phophet (SAW) was mistaken. After Khadijah, Fatimah (AS) was the most knowledgeable among the woman in Islam. Many hadiths has been fabricated concerning the companions and often contradict their status. The only Sahih book in Islam is the Qur’an. Allah says: “This is the book, there is no doubt in it……..” Some of these hadiths I have read from all the so-called schools are contrary to the Qur’an. During the later stages of Islam the hypocrits (muslims outwardly) among the muslims was fabricating hadiths about the Prophet (SAW) in great numbers that when it was bought to his attention, he had summor the muslims and warned the muslims to always compare hadiths with the Qur’an and if they agree then accept them and if they disagree then reject them. Young muslims it’s your time to advance the cause of Islam, but only with truth. Unlike some of our predecessors, can you “Handle the Truth”. May Allah guide you all with the light of reason.

  4. The tragedy of this situation is that had the West not intervened and given approval to their Ethiopian proxies to invade Somalia, there would have been little to no violence to begin with. Sheikh Sharif was a part of the original Islamic Courts Union that sought to restore order to lawless Somalia in 2006. Imagine where Somalia could have been after 3 years of peace and stability? Instead they gave an opportunity to let the Al Qaeda nihilists establish their presence in the country to justify future conflict and occupation….a true pity, I sincerely hope Sheikh Sharif is supported by other African and Muslim countries. If this should occur, then you would have the first “democratically” aka Shura elected islamic government in Africa since at least 1992 when the FIS won in Algeria and elections were subsequently cancelled. Very exciting, but look for Al Qaeda and lthe eaders of other “Muslim” countries to attempt to torpedo Sheikh Sharif’s efforts.

  5. there’s an interview of Shaykh Shareef on al-Jazeerah… he says there aren’t any al qaeda in Somalia and it’s basically a lie made by Ethiopians to justify the war…
    the guy is Idreesee 🙂
    im loving him

  6. I hope Somalia will recover… AnonyMuslim I agree with the first part. Abdualihi Yusuf is a stupid guy. He helped to put Somalia in the ground. He allowed Mel@ss Zenawi himar to enter Somalia.

  7. AA- MR,

    I’m not sure where the issue of girls schooling came from. I don’t recall the Shabab ever making that an issue. Its not clear that Ahmed even said that in his news conference – its more like CNN assisting the reader to understand what is ‘strict’ Shariah. Very insidious of them.

    On a related note, the Shabab have denied accepting the truce with the Somali president. Here is the Al-Jazeera article.

  8. @MR: naeem said what I was going to about the schooling for girls; CNN’s the one that says that, it’s trying to make you think that the Shariah says that, not the Sharif.

    I hope this guy is the real thing, and will actually bring good.

    It may seem like a good sign, but you have to remember, this country is very fractured along tribal lines, and the children of this nation are ignorant. They have been carrying around guns for the last 16 years, going uneducated, surviving famine and hardship, and it will be very hard to recover this lost generation.

    It’s a terrible situation in Somalia, one with little hope for remedy.

    –A Somalian.

  9. Politics based on religion will not succeed in Somalia. It is not Al Shabab anymore but Hizbul Islam and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa groups who all oppose each other and the government. They have let religion divide them just like tribalism because they have no sincerity to create peace. Now they are using shariah establishment as an excuse to keep fighting and try to outlast each other in the hope their group will come to power. It is not about beards, schools or veils, it is simply about having peace and stability. Isn’t peace and stability part of the shariah?

  10. AA- Kalimat,

    What are you basing your opinion on? Any sources? I’d be very interested to read more about your perspective…

  11. @naeem

    I am basing my opinion on what is happening in Somalia now. Hizb ul Islam and Al shabab are both opposed to the new government. If they insist on not engaging in dialogue with Sheikh Sharif, then he is likely to arm militias who will fight them. He already has the support of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a group who fought the Al Shabab and expelled them from their towns. He is now trying to appease Al Shabab by saying he will establish Sharia, just like president Sadat of Egypt did by amending the constitution and making Sharia law as the only source of legislation. The islamists still assassinated him though.

    Al Shabab are using the establishment of Sharia and the presence of the AU forces as an obstacle against recognising the goverment. Is it so important to establish Sharia when people do not even have basic needs? Is the president expected to sanction the stoning of 13 year old girls for him to be upon their version of islam? This is the reason i think Al Shabab are not sincere about working with the government and will come with every excuse under the sun to keep control of Somalia. They fought the Ethiopians for their own political gains and now want to rule without no interference from the government or outside forces. All sides here are exploiting Islam.

  12. Their ‘strict’ shariah is only versioned to keep their own power hungry selves in power. They seem to be the “Nation of Islam” of Somalia

  13. This is so fraustrating! Since when does Shari’a prevent girls from going to schools? This is nonsense! The so-called new Somali president is a joke and a puppet for the kufar. What does he mean he won’t stick to the “strict” shari’a law? There is shari’a law or nothing! There is no such thing as strict or “moderate” shari’a law. If what is written about Sharif in here is true then he’s a hypocrit who sold his faith for a small price. I’m a Muslim Somali woman and I would be a 100% happy with “Strict” Shari’a Law in Somalia. That is the only way for our people to be successful, happy and peacefull. May Allah destroy those who wish to rule with other things besides the Quran and the Sunna of our great Prophet(PBUH).

  14. This new President sounds like an idiot. May Allah protect us from such people. There is a verse in the Qur’an that warns the muslims not to be like the Jews and Christians who took the rabbis and priests for lords besides Allah. The Holy Prophet (AS) was asked how did the jews and christians take their rabbis and priests for lords besides Allah. He answered: “They changed the laws of Allah”. I was just listening to a Christain Preacher (Joel Osteen) teaching christains about eating pork reciting bibical scriptions and scientific proof why the pig is not clean and should not be eaten. Yet the priest tells the people that in this age the pig can be clean etc.
    If this president wants to make changes in the shari’ah by mixing kafars laws to govern the people then he is know better than the kafars.
    I met a sister from Somali a few weeks ago and helped her carry some dawah material to a place in Brooklyn to be sold so she could earn some money to send to her family in Somali. This sister (May Allah bless her and make her stronger) came here to America for a better education. I am for education of our sisters in Islam. In fact, women are the first teachers of the family, Mr. Somali President. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was once asked, “besides Allah and His Messenger who should we obey or listen to. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said your mother on three seperate times. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an to the believers to “reverend the wombs that bore you.” That is to respect your mothers and in general women. The word for womb in arabic is arham from the root word rahima to have mercy. Mr. Somali President was your mother educated, is you children’s mother educated. The teaching in Islam tell us to seek knowledge from the cradle (from our mothers) to the grave. And also to seek knowledge even unto China (which was the furtherest place known then). Islam is suppose to be in the forfront of civilization. How can this be achieved if we keep our women ignorant. Have you Mr. Somali President ever heard that old saying “behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” Our Holy Prophet (SAW) was a great man and his wife Khadijah (AS) was a great woman. If you deny the young girls in your country education, you will have no respect from civilization and Somali will be like the days of Jahiliyah (ignorance). Salam.

  15. @Muhammad Siddeeq, w’alaikum asalaam,

    I think you have misunderstood. President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed didn’t say that shariah “forbids girls from attending school” but that he will NOT support laws that “forbid girls from attending school” even though some (not him) interpret shariah that way (namely the Al-Shabab group)

  16. Can I point something out to you? What proof do you have that Al-Shabaab are against girls education?

  17. As-salamu Alaykum, Kearns. My apologies to misunderstanding the President of Somali. May Allah bless him in during the right thing by the people of Samali. I have lived though a periods of tyranny and oppression where corrupt muslims abuse their authority. I love the people of Somali. There is a rich culture and history of that country. Every muslim and or Somalians should do everything within their power to make that country a model of righteousness, justice, freedom and equality. May Allah bless the people of Somali. Salam
    Once again, My apologies for misunderstanding the President of Somali. May Allah give him the wisdom, strenght and courage to make Somali a great country on that continent.

  18. wow wat is the world comming the new president is so sad…how dare he say he won’t agree to a strict interpretation of the law, which forbids girls from attending school, requires veils for women and beards for men, and bans music and television. Does he honestly think that somali is going to peaceful and bliss if hes thinking like that.

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