Salah gone wrong…

This is hilarious. I have no idea what is going on but I have a theory. The beggar is non-Muslim, because if he was a Muslim, he’d be praying (at least I’d hope so). The beggar is trying to benefit from the generosity of Muslims, especially the ones who come to the Masjid for prayer. They would be the most generous. The first brother who comes late to the salah gives the beggar some money. The second brother does not and faces the punishment of being tripped by the beggar, which causes a domino effect to completely obliterate the entire line of brothers in prayer.

Is this staged? Possibly. Is this for real? Allah knows best.

I just think it’s funny. Hahaha!

Source: Abu Zawjatul-MR

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  1. After some prolonged study, I disagree.
    Too difficult to fake I reckon. The guy is rushing and lunges forth into the row of worshippers. They all fall very realistically.

  2. It is very likely staged – for many obvious reasons. Firstly, who would be ready with a video camera in a small Masjid and that too focusing on just the right frame to get all the action? Secondly, the quality of the video clip suggests that a cellphone camera was used; this means that two people never joined the jama’ah. Thirdly, I don’t think a non-Muslim would even remotely think about begging inside a Masjid. Fourthly, the takbeer-e-tehreema of the muqtadees is too pronounced, almost as if they are acting.

    And if it indeed is staged, I think it’s sad that Muslims would do such a thing. Making Salaah or musallees a part of a joke indicates a very shallow thought process on the part of whoever devised this little skit. I have received this video more than once before as an e-mail FWD. I wish people stop sharing such lame and unthoughtful attempts at making people laugh.

  3. FAKE…

    1. The first guy extended his hand way too much when he gave charity, a little too much emphasis on giving don’t you think?

    2. Who actually carries change with them moments before praying? Especially when you’re rushing for prayer.

    3. How weak were these men to collapse so easily?

    4. Last but not least, if not the only reason…. the camera angle is too perfect to be a random incident. Since when are security cameras placed on the ground?

    Still funny though.

  4. real

    the guy is the shoe collector for those who have been to muslim countries no that shoes are hard to come by. You pay him to watch your shoes for you….the second guy didnt pay so he tried to stop him

  5. wow, people find it necessary to actually do a tafsir to establish if this is real or obviously fake. we’re wasting our time just commenting on this. c’mon ryder…can we put up some videos that are really worth laughing?

  6. @Salam, i thought this was hilarious, but I respect your opinion. If you think commenting on this is wasting your time, then why are you commenting in the first place? And I dont believe it was fake because fake praying is just down straight haraam.

  7. Assalam,

    Fake or not, I don’t think it’s funny. Who are you laughing at? Belivers or the kafir beggar? The whole salah was destroyed. Is that funny? The beliver who made wudu and came to masjid to pray to Allah flew on the ground and humiliated. Is that funny? Not at all! This beggar needs a BIG kick…


  8. Set up or not, it was amusing and I wasnt expecting it. Looking deeper, I see the man sitting on the ground as representing the poor and oppressed of our Ummah, and due to the Ummah not looking after the weak ones amongst us, we all fall down. It is a reflection of us all.

    Did the beggar make the man fall on purpose? He was not sitting in the best place, right were people were rushing to join the salat.

  9. Salam,

    I doubt this video is fake while the link Shazan gave is definitely a fake.

    From the video MR posted, I can see that they’re Northern Yemenis, ie Zaydi Shi’as. I’ve lived with them for quite some time and I’m willing to vouch that they don’t mess around with Salah.

    What brother Farooq said about that guy being a shoe collector is definitely possible.

    We’re only doing a tafsir so that we can maintain a good opinion of these people.

  10. In other countries like Egypt and Jordan etc.. When you go for salah there is a person near the shoes to make sure they are not stolen (usually a poor person does this) and the people tip them a small amount and its also charity, if someone doesnt tip the watcher might let somone take their shoes. So the second person did not tip the watcher, so what im thinking is he just tripped him, not intending the huge scene, but it happened anyways.

    I thought it was funny, ;p

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