We’re not thankful enough!

Even non-Muslims are thinking about the current state of themselves:

Even though everyone is laughing, their are some valid points in the discussion.

7 Replies to “We’re not thankful enough!”

  1. Oh man how true. I’m sure alot of us feel very ashamed right now… 🙂
    7amdullah for everything.

  2. Who was that guy? He was incredible.

    That mans’ bit reminded of some Hamza Yusuf lectures, actually….he’s a pretty good comedian himself.

  3. His name’s Louis CK, he’s a comedian, that’s all i got!

    Did you get this off my blog or is it that popular so fast? 🙂

    Anyways, I love watching this, makes me feel like an idiot and helps me stop complaining. Finally a joke that has some benefits.

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