The Leap of Faith – Sh. Khalid Abdul Sattar – NYU – March 28 & 29, 2009

The Leap of Faith
By Shaykh Khalid Abdul Sattar

Saturday, March 28th – Sunday, March 29th; 2009
NYU Furman Hall room 216
245 Sullivan Street

This Program is brought to you by Islamic Center at NYU, Shuruq 2009 & the Stony Brook MSA.

**Please Note this event requires an advanced registration. If you plan on attending please email Hussain at **


While struggling to maintain a balance between our academic and professional lives, often times, we push our desire to discover Islam further downstream. Although we find ourselves in a less than ideal world, facing situations that are far from easy; it is important to remember that today’s problems are not new, nor are their solutions impossible to find.
This interactive seminar will define some of these major challenges, and discuss practical ways to address them as we walk this tightrope of faith. Learn to win the every day battles we face; and more importantly, how to gauge your progress on this path. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to gain some valuable insights in a uniquely comfortable setting. Remember to bring your friends along!


Shaykh Khalid Abdul Sattar was born in Chicago in 1974. After completing his undergraduate degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University (NYU) in 1997, Shaykh Khalid began studying with local scholars; and subsequently traveled to Pakistan to further advance his knowledge of the traditional Islamic sciences. There, he committed himself to a full-time course of study under some of the most accomplished scholars of the sub-continent. In 2008, he formally graduated with a degree in Islamic Studies and received his teaching licenses in various Islamic sciences, including among others- Classical Arabic, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Hadith and purification of the soul.

Currently, Shaykh Khalid works full-time as a consultant, and spends his free time teaching and lecturing on sacred knowledge across the United States. Shaykh Khalid resides in Maryland with his family.

To register for this event or for more information, please contact Hussain at or 631.974.1823.

Shuruq, meaning “sunrise”, brings light to the diversity of life, culture, art, music, literature, religion, and politics in the Muslim world. “The Muslim world”- defined as representative and inclusive of peoples from all over the globe, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Shuruq celebrates the aforementioned diversity by hosting various events in order to educate the NYU community and examine and deconstruct misrepresentations and stereotypes of Muslims and Islam in today’s society. Furthermore, Shuruq strives to expose its audience to the experiential reality of Muslims through an emphasis on artistic expression, various perspectives, and other facets that are often ignored.

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  1. Maulana Khalid is Masha’Allah a gem in our community, we were blessed to be in his company during the Itikaf in Chicago with Shaykh Hussain Abdul Sattar last year and it was wonderful…this is going to be a great event Insha’Allah.

  2. MashAllah, also he’ll be coming to AACC on April 18th to speak about the character of the Prophet (saw) inshaAllah. Click on my url if you want more info.

  3. Shaykh Khalid Abdul Sattar / Shaykh Hussain Abdul Sattar – both related by any chance?

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