The Muslims Need a Modern Day Treaty of Hudaibiyyah: Replace Quraysh with the American Government

The Muslims have established Madinah as their home and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has started to establish the laws of Islam as revealed from Allah. The battles of Badr, Uhud and al-Khandaq are in the past and the Muslims were at war with the Quraysh, but yet the Prophet (peace be upon him) and fourteen hundred followers went on Umrah to Makkah. This idea was shocking to many Muslims since they are in a time of war and Makkah was the city of their enemies.

When the Quraysh saw that the Muslims were coming to Makkah unarmed and for their pilgrimage, this shocked them. They wanted to fight Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the companions, but they couldn’t because the Quraysh were known as the people who take care of the pilgrims. They also did not want the Muslims to enter, so they sent Urwah ibn Masud as the negotiator. The outcome of this was known as the “Treaty of Hudaibiyyah.”

These were the major points of the treaty:

  1. The Muslims shall return this time and come back next year, but they shall not stay in Makkah for more than three days.
  2. They shall not come back armed but can bring with them swords only sheathed in scabbards and these shall be kept in bags.
  3. War activities shall be suspended for ten years, during which both parties will live in full security and neither will raise sword against each other.
  4. If anyone from Quraysh goes over to Muhammad (peace be upon him) without his guardian’s permission, he should be sent back to Quraysh, but should any of Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) followers return to Quraysh, he shall not be sent back.
  5. Whosoever wishes to join Muhammad (peace be upon him), or enter in treaty with him, should have the liberty to do so; and likewise whosoever wishes to join Quraysh, or enter treaty with them, should be allowed to do so.

Economic Stimulus Plan for the Quraysh

Point four is clearly unfair, but Allah willed it later that it would be canceled at the request of the Quraysh.  The major reason why the Quraysh wanted this treaty was because their economy had collapsed.  Their caravans kept being under attack by the Muslims, so they needed this time to implement their “stimulus” plan.  Even though this treaty was suppose to help the, point four backfired on them.  Many converts to Islam from Makkah escaped their guardians and went to Madinah with the Muslims, but Muhammad (peace be upon him) said this is against the treaty and they must go back to Makkah to their guardians.  They didn’t want to go back for fear of being tortured or killed, so they settled along the shore where the Makkan caravans would travel frequently.  They settled there because they know they can get food/supplies in order to survive.  So they started attacking the Makkan caravans which did not help the economy of Makkah under the Quraysh rule.  So eventually the Quraysh cancelled point four and Muhammad (peace be upon him) was allowed to accept any person coming to Islam from Makkah.

The Shocked Muslims

When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) agreed to this treaty, he had shocked all the Muslims, including the Sahabah.  In fact they were so shocked, they were speechless and did not even respond verbally to the Prophet (peace be upon him).  They felt like they were betrayed.  They still followed him because they knew in their hearts that the Prophet (peace be upon him) knew what was best for everyone.  This reminds me of many Muslims who accuse many scholars who agree with Muslims making treaties with the non-Muslims as “scholars for dollars” or “sell out scholars” without understanding the wisdom behind them.  Just like the Muslims who had no idea of the benfit of this treaty that Muhammad (peace be upon him) saw.

Applying this to the Muslim Ummah of today

Fast forward today.  We have three major areas of the world where Muslims are occupied by one major supporting government.  You can call them the modern-day Quraysh, the United States government.  They occupy Iraq and Afghanistan.  They also directly finance and assist in the occupation of Palestine.  How can the treaty of Hudaibiyyah be applied to these current situations.  Very simple.  The Quraysh occupied the House of Allah.  Yet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) went into a peace treaty with them for ten years, even though it did not last for ten years, he still agreed to it.

How many Muslim governments or leaders would accept a peace agreement for ten years with America or Israel or any government attacking the Muslims?  The major benefit of the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah was this point

Whosoever wishes to join Muhammad (peace be upon him), or enter into treaty with him, should have the liberty to do so; and likewise whosoever wishes to join Quraysh, or enter into treaty with them, should be allowed to do so.

That single point of the treaty allowed Islam to increase from 1,400 to 10,000 (and those were just the numbers coming to Makkah before the treaty and then after the treaty).  Now if you apply this to the modern day era of the Muslim world, imagine if Palestine and Israel completely ended all fighting, disarmed all groups and stopped fighting.  Imagine all the Palestinians and all the different groups focused on one thing and one thing only: Dawah.  Calling people to Islam.  What would happen in one year?  Two years? Ten years?  The situation can only improve as evidence in the Seerah.

What about Iraq and Afghanistan?  If the Muslim groups completely stop fighting.  Sign a treaty that forces of America will have to leave completely and they will not have to fear any attacks from the Muslims.  Then all the different groups can focus on rebuilding their country and homes.  Establishing Islam and forget about fighting the enemies since the occupying forces would have been gone.

Too many Muslim thugs in the Ummah

Unfortunately, these peace treaties would likely not happen due to the thousands of thugs we have in the ummah who simply just want to kill the kufar and basically any Muslim who is in their way.  I would even say groups like Al-Qaeda or Hamas would never agree to the “Treaty of Hudaibiyyah” and continue to wage warfare.

Solutions are clear, but we aren’t there

The solutions in the seerah are detailed and clear, but we lack the knowledge and time to get there.  Some Muslims who claim jihad are actually looking at the non-Muslims for solutions such as sucicide bombing or attacking non-military forces or beheadings of prisoners of war.  Even the military equipment used by these groups are made by the non-Muslims.   Some of them even were trained by them (before having any military knowledge) and now they are fighting their “teachers”.


“Islam prospers in peaceful times not in war.” – Sh. AbdulBary Yahya

The Prophet (peace be upon him) called the treaty of Hudaibiyyah, “A clear victory”.  May Allah (swt) give the Muslims who are fighting this clear victory.  Ameen!

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  1. Masha allah, Beautifull. I agree we should be loyal to our scholars and leaders, But I dont think we should follow them blindly. But as I type this I dont think Shaykh Yahya meant that. May allah preserve him

  2. Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah…
    MashaAllah Akhi, a very beautiful post, filled with so much Hikmah.
    Ameen to the Duas, may Allah protect you and your beloved ones always, ameeen.

  3. Eventhough this is a lesson to us Muslims in general alhamdulillah, I hope the part about replacing the Quraysh with America is directed to specifically those that do consider America as an enemy to the Muslims or Islam. Afterall in my opinion, America itself isn’t an enemy to the Muslims and Islam, but certain aspects of our country and certain factions in our country are enemies.

    I am an American, and consider myself part of this country, and I definitely don’t think I would consider myself as an enemy to Islam.

    Im not disagreeing with your post, rather making the clarification in my opinion.


  4. @ibn alHyderbadee – I agree. That is why I said the American Government. And even in that case, they aren’t still the enemies, but the foreign policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel are against the Muslims thus making the government responsible.

    After all the Abu Safyan of the Quraysh came to Islam in the end. This was a result of this same treaty. Imagine if we applied it today. SubhanAllah!

  5. There is a stark difference. In the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasalam’s time the Muslims had a state, a true Islamic state that all Muslims could return to. We simply do not have that yet.

    Which is why we must first go through the Badr, Uhud, and Khandaq stage. But it seems that this author is simply not liking the fact that we need to struggle physically in order to gain victory…

  6. Masha’Allah good perspective bro. You are def right that the answers are clearly laid out for us in the Seerah and that in times of peace Islam will truly spread in a much larger scale. Jazak Allah Khair for the post and your thoughts. Allah (swt) knows best and you might have a better understanding than I do, but at the same time I think that the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah is not the perfect match for the situation described, although there is obviously tremendous wisdom we can learn from it and insha’Allah practically apply as you demonstrated. The reason I say that is b/c the Quraysh had a clear incentive for peace and directly saw their financial loss as a result of their aggressions towards the Muslims. I doubt that the same realization would apply for the US government and that in and of itself might not allow this kind of a treaty to take place. We would have to clearly show how peace would in turn lead to financial success for the US Government b/c it was clear that for them war/oil/geopolitical control was intended to lead to financial success. The other thing I see is that for previously influential individuals like Falwell/Robertson and their followers that pushed these wars forward, it is about much more than wealth, but rather a fulfillment of beliefs and events to come. Walahuallum I’m honestly not sure how to relate that aspect to the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, but feel that has a lot to do with where we are at. I also see somewhat of a difference between the Quraysh caravans being raided/control of Mecca and occupation/belligerence/sanctions/etc. towards “Muslim countries”. Although there are similarities and we as Muslims should be the leaders when searching for peace, I feel that practically in today’s case the initiation of this treaty would need to come from their side b/c I honestly believe that almost all Muslim governments and leaders would openly agree to such peace agreements and have proposed some sort of peaceful solution that haven’t been accepted (not the rag-tag war loving extremists of course, like you mentioned). Walahi I’m not trying to be critical and really appreciate that someone is actually taking the Seerah to the next level past just the stories we hear. Your post got me thinking and this is just me trying to get things clear for myself. I sincerely hope that what you said actually happens. Sorry for the long reply.

  7. @Zecchetti – I am in agreement that there are stark differences but there is also stark similatiries. I am not saying we need something exactly like the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, but we need something similar that has the same elements of peace and ceasefire so that the dawah (which is one of our main purposes of life) could be focused on.

    @Asad – I love discussions and critiques. I am not a scholar so take my words just like you take in a breath of air. You long comment (which isn’t really that long, 😀 ) is excellent and worthy of discussion.

  8. not only the prophet muhammad (saw), but the quran itself says that the treaty was a manifest victory in surah fath (the entire surah is actually about this treaty)!

  9. @al-Suyuufi – The Treaty of Hudaibiyyah isn’t really for the Muslims living in non-Muslim lands. I meant it more towards the Muslim world and it’s leaders and all those groups who are currently defending their homes.

    You are correct that after the Treaty, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali did not engage in this type, because the Muslims already were in power and control. They were stronger. Before the Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, the Muslims were weak. This treaty made the Muslims stronger. We need a treaty to make us stronger, because we are weak. It is clear we are weak because of our own actions and our own neglect of the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

  10. @MR

    I see the point you are making, but, I’ll have to disagree slightly that the Muslims were weak before hudaibiyyah. They were strong enough to beat the Quraish not once, not twice, but thrice with not a single defeat. I think we (that includes me) need to learn about the reasons and benefits of hudaybiyyah more closely.

  11. @Zecchetti – They won the battles, but they were still losing the war. The economic state of Madinah was worse then that of Makkah. Makkah was a city compared to Madinah which was a small town.

  12. @ But then why were the Makkans fighting the Medinans? It’s because Madinah was on the way to Syria from Makkah, and so the Muslims were a threat to the trade routes of Makkah to Syria. So in reality, the Medinan economy was doing well and the Makkans were suffering, and that’s one of the key reasons they went to war on Madinah.

  13. assalamu’alaikum

    as the first few words of your post said

    “The Muslims have established Madinah as their home and the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has started to establish the laws of Islam as revealed from Allah.”

    i don’t see how that would apply to muslims today who have not established anywhere as their home and implemented the laws of islam, which country should make this treaty? as islam isnt the ruling ideology in any place.
    in Makkah when Muhammad(saw) had not yet established an islamic society, he was concentrating on aqidah and dawah until a society (ie madinah) accepted islam to be implemented, then the rules came in and were applied. we need muslims to return back to islam fully before things like this can happen.
    when the muslims at this time with no islamic society were being persecuted they made hijra to abyssinia, (ie where they were safe to hold their beliefs).

  14. its reaally fantastic,muslim brothers should avoid using sentiments and follow the sunnah of the prophet s.a.w strictly.

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