40 Replies to “Amazing New Possible Renovation for the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah!”

  1. What about Tawaaf? and this makes the lines have gaps in them…not really a fan. Glad to hear they want an expansion though

  2. Hmm… an ambitious project. I find it a little scary to be honest; especially those big doors!

    I’d prefer a less ‘contemporary’, and more earthy, organic design, myself. I don’t want to feel like I’m praying in a spaceship! 🙂

    The view of the Kaba is a good feature though.

  3. @Jameel my thoughts exactly. I have done tawaaf on the upper levels, and while it takes quite a bit longer and you walk a great distance more, it does offer an alternative when you don’t want to fight your way down near the kabba.

  4. not really Holy any more
    obviously for people whom religion is just the extrinsic this is a great acheivement

    this is actually the destruction of Islamic heritage and soul and a replacement of all forms of spirituality with a sordid outward form that is nothing other than hypocrisy and emptiness that can not look beyond the material-world

  5. aren’t these (atkins) the same guys who provide tanks, ammunition, building material to the UK army which then uses it against Muslims in blowing up masjids and civilian houses in places like Iraq and Afghanistan?
    what can you expect from these devils… even the other building projects are outsourced to the same architects who designed buildings in Las Vegas…

  6. well since we have unprecedented number of worshipers but at the same time unprecedented degredation of the Muslim ummat that means there is something seriously wrong with the worship and the pilgrimage isn’t really benefiting alot of the folks who come there…
    fixed quota system imo would work great…
    we should think of the enivorenment as well… people coming to Mecca and Medina with such gigantic appetites and kuffar eating, drinking habbits would obviously pollute the entire region… just look at arafah after Hajj…its like a garbage dump site…
    Hajj and Umrah are like picnic now…

  7. @maghi85 – So limiting the number of pilgrims even as the Muslim population increases? This would make it harder for many Muslims to go at least once in their lifetime. Being environmentally friend and eating aren’t really related. Eating is related to being healthy. Cleaning up is related to the environment. So more trash cans and healthier foods.

  8. modern architecture is ugly as hell. I heard there is a victoria’s secret store outside the haram. maybe these guys are trying to preserve a view of that store and the other massive skyscrapers (to be built) in mecca

  9. yea destroy all the relics of the Sahaaba and the Prophet and build victorias secret and Mcdonalds next to Haram… i.e. keep the relics of the kuffaar and dirty corporations
    when will we realize that are greatest enemies are within us

  10. there’s no victoria’s secret in makkah as far as i know. and so what if there’s mc donalds? gee, some people are so narrow minded.

    by the way this *ambitious* project has me disturbed as well..one of the hadiths of the last day is the decoration of masajids..truly it’s the end of times..

  11. @muslimah – where are the decorations? I think most scholars say that hadith refers to paintings or pictures on the walls of the masjid. These are structural changes.

    @Farooq – It’s porposed, so it’s not final. There are others like here

  12. what about the chandeliers and all the beautiful architecture in the haramain? rasulAllah’s masjid was so poorly built..the roof couldnt even protect people from rain. and yet it was the most blessed masjid in the history of our ummah. I dont mind the extension of the haram, but the architecture is just too much…

  13. Apparently there is a hadith (I don’t know which book it is from) narrated by Abdullah bin Umar Radhiallahu anhu that the Prophet SallAllahu alaihi wasallam said: “When the belly of Makkah will be cleft open and through it will be dug out river-like passages (tunnels) and the buildings of the Holy City of Makkah will rise higher than it’s mountains, when you observe these signs, then understand that the time of Fitnah is near at hand.”

    These things are happening near enough word for word!

  14. This design proposal is more “Islamic” than the current architecture. It’s form is very basic, environmentally friendly and most importantly functional. Muslims should learn more about minimalistic art.

    Makkah has been and should always be the center of the business world, if there is no Mcdonalds or Victorias secret in Makkah, then it would not be Makkah.

    Just the thought of limiting Muslims coming to Hajj when there are alternate solutions is preposterous! No man has the right to tell me when to go to Hajj.

    I notice many people including respected shaykhs are against building around the Kabaa because it makes the Kabaa seem less “grand”. The Kabaa is just a stone structure, it was destroyed and rebuilt many times. It looks absolutely nothing like it did during the time of the Prophet (saw). Get over it, you are going there for worship and nothing else.

  15. jazak allah khair designer…

    i think your comment defeats everyone elses arguments…the architecture is simple and makkah has always been business hub not just a religious retreat.

    people need to rethink their understanding of issues and not just blame the saudi leadership or the salafi doctrine.

  16. Sallamu Alakum,

    this is truly amazing. It is very moving. My only concern is as was mentioned above by MAGHI85, this proposal would seek out the assistance of the same company that builds defense infrastructure for the UK. This still hasn’t been addressed by the audience here. Does anyone not find this revolting?


  17. We cannot help that most of the best companies in the world are owned by disbelievers. However, we must make sure to choose the best of them and forbid evil and condone good.

  18. If Muslims paid good money to large reputable companies, maybe… just maybe they would not be building weapons and bombs for the other side.

    We can give them money to build masjids or someone else can give them money to build bombs.

    It’s all about money.

  19. Salaam.. i have no problems of anything that will benefit the ummah, but Im sadden that the fact all the Islamic historical sites in Makkah and Madinah are being destroyed in stages… for the sauds who have this mentality of shirk on all these sites, and the places are only blessed during Prophet SAW’s time.. they dont careless of these sites.. as you all know or may not know.. there are so many historical places in Makkah itself, the pillars where RasuluLlah SAW prayed during umrah, when waiting for Bilal to do azan, where the sahabahs iktikaf or prayed sunnah after prayer, babus salam, Saidina Abu Bakr’s mosque which is now a 3rd floor in Hilton Hotel etc.. I hope somebody will captured all these places and document them before everything is vanished and before more Kafir companies establishment in the Haraam area.. WALlahu’alam.. may ALlah SWT guide us..

  20. Coming back from umrah on feb this year.. all i can say, if you dont have big money, youre not entitled to stay at all the high class hotel in front of thecorners of Masjidul Haram.. and what better to make you swayed your intention to come for Haj or Umrah, with luxury shopping complexes underneath these new 5 -7 star hotels. Yes, its no longer just for ibadah, is tourism western compliant.. to those comments that says narrow minded… u should know Islam as our deen and its also our way of life and our identity.. copycat western culture, ideas lifestyle that is non syariah is purely un Islamic.. what be proud for something that is un Islamic.. imitating the westerners, christians etc? have you seen any non muslim imitate muslims.. i dont think so.. islamophobic is more correct. u should know our existence and our purposes in this world, we can have easy on some worldly things but our main focus and our main mission is to comply to Islam and to have ALlah’s redha or blessings in whatever we do in this world, to spread the love and dakwah in Islam.. I see arabs staying in those hotels, they have a lot of money, buy luxury perfumes, clothes, eat plenty but at the same time we have brothers in Ethopia, struggling for food, in India,Afghanistan, refugees camp in lebanon, palestine, all places… where is our Islam unity, brotherhood?….

  21. Wow, how ugly.

    The beauty of the Kaba and the current surrounding Masjid al-Haram is in its simplicity. Somebody mentioned earlier that Muslims need to learn Minimalism, but it is Muslims who were the ones who invented minimalistic architecture. If you look at the grand mosques of the world you will find they are essentially very simple, by having high roofs, tall columns and repeated simplistic patterns the result is the Mosque becomes a place in which the sanctity and power of Allah is reflected and passed onto the worshipers.

    This new design, as well as other designs that have been put forward by other firms convey none of that. Its just big metal, skycraper-Dubai influenced money wasting. The Saudi government makes such a big deal about how much money they spend on improving facilities for pilgrims etc. I went for Hajj this year, and they don’t even have flushes in the toilets in Mina! It’s just essentially a hole in the ground and a pipe, and they are not cleaned for the entire period you are there! (O did I also mention that’s also your shower too!) If the government was truly keen on helping pilgrims and using their money for good they would at least get the basics sorted out first, which goes to show all of this is just about them filling their pockets and making a profit. The expansion by some early Saudi kings had some sense of taste. But now all that is all long gone and they have been replaced by royalty whose only sense of beauty is in the size of the chandelier you can have installed.

  22. Having been on Hajj last year, it was clear to me that change was inevitable in the Holy City of Makkah and Medina. The intention is good but it should not be extravagant which it looks like its going to be. There are plans for a Monorail system, Skycrapers etc not bad ideas .. ..when I walked out of the masjid (Al Gharaam) the Massive Zam Zam towers hits you right in the face and its beautiful inside as well. If you are a person who doesnt enjoy making your solaah you’ll be right at home here instead of Al Masjid-ul-Gharam. Makkah is not going to make you a better Muslim it starts now. I pray that Allah can change the our attitudes toward his Deen.

    I’m not gunning down development but what would our Beloved Nabie (SAW) have said? I wonder?

  23. To be comfortable is not “unislamic” some of us would agree that when we go to perform Umrah we should live in caves. Just remeber Islam tought the west how to live comfortable when the west was still living in the dark ages, just remeber that. Comfort is a good thing since Jannah is comfortable. Besides i would not want my ill parents to be uncomfortable when performing Umrah.

    On topic, i am alittle worried about the part of the old walls they want to knock down and rebuild. The design could have been massivley better, i really dont know why the king could not consult all Muslim countries for a public consulation, since we all perform Umrah.

    The designs are not as good as they could be.

  24. i saw the concept presentation by atkins. i suggest that a competition b held amongst internationally renowned architects from the muslim world
    so that the sanctity of the Holy Kaaba is maintained because only a muslim care about it while designing any additions in such a massive scale.

    His Highness King Abdullah shud also try n look into the accomodation
    problems faced by the pilgrims as i hv bn witnessing this problem since
    1970. all the pilgrims wish to stay nearest to the Holy Mosque and my humble suggestion that an underground accomodation may b created in
    the future extentions to accomodate the pilgrims from the world.

  25. If I was the King of Arabia I would the following:

    1. I would tear down EVERY building that is higher then the Ka’bah and restore all of the relics, masjids, shrines, and other holy and historical places that was destroyed by the Wahhabis in the last century or so.

    2. I would then order an annual Mawlid festival to be done in Makkah and Madinah and decorate all the masjids and streets with beautiful lights

    3. I would institute public Sufi hadras in the Holy cities every week just like in Damascus.

    4. I would then forbid all major western companies like Mc Donalds, etc. from operating within the Hijaz.

    5. I would then build low-level to underground facilities to accommodate the pilgrims. I hate high buildings, I think high buildings are ugly, unnatural, and goes against our fitrah.

    6. I would then put millions in preserving the Hijaz and its natural environment.

    7. I would make Hijaz an independent autonomous region from Saudi Arabia and give it to the Sunni Ash’ari Scholars of Syria to administer.

  26. hey Amir salams wassup … I just happened upon this post and read through all the comments and I gotta agree with you …. these people are majorly high on some supercharged haterade.

    My thoughts:

    1.) To those who said Hajj or Umrah are for the rich only – nonsense. My parents did Hajj back in 2007 and they stayed at the Hilton that’s right next to the Haram Shareef. My mom has trouble walking long distances on foot, and she wanted to be closer to the Haram Shareef so she saved up and shelled out extra money [a few hundred extra, that’s it] to stay at the Hilton. My family is not rich. We’re middle class. My dad is retired and my mom doesn’t work.

    2.) While I’m not a big fan of the Atkins proposed design myself, please …. quit it with the comments about how its so unnatural or ugly, etc. I think it looks beautiful, kinda like a cross between the Sydney Opera House and the Roman Coliseum. Whatever the case may be, the current existing structure is way different than what existed just 100 years ago, and what existed 100 years ago [BEFORE the arrival of the Saudis] was built over what had been torn down from previous centuries. Its called practicality. As the population expands and the dynamics surrounding the annual Hajj change, you HAVE to expand and make more space.

    3.) During the time of Prophet Muhammad [saws], and before, and after him, Makkah was always the center of commerce and business. The Ukaz market – since the time of the Prophet – IS what made Makkah so famous in the first place. It was trade, commerce, BUSINESS and MONEY that built up Makkah in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with business.

    4.) Building below the ground is an absolutely dumb and impractical idea. I will not apologize to the one who suggested it. Its ridiculously expensive and an extremely retarded and unwise way of spending the wealth of the Muslims. Its way more expensive to do that than to simply build straight up. Go learn basic civil engineering or else please dont open your mouth.

    5.) Tall buildings and Judgement Day. – Many people, including some of the commentators above, are making an extremely disingenuous and erroneous link between those ahadith and the tall buildings going up in Makkah. Making tall buildings isnt haram. It was simply pointed out that the construction of such tall buildings in the Arabian peninsula is a sign of Judgement Day. There are many good things that will happen [such as the arrival of Imam Mahdi or nabi Eesa (AS) ] that are also signs of Judgement Day. Do we think that Imam Mahdi is “bad” or “haram” or undesirable, na3udhubellah? GET REAL and stop thinking so emotionally. People need to learn to make the critical distinction between facts and fluff.

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  28. Not good imagination for increasing capacity. the design not suitable for this holy place. I hope not to be accepted from KSA.

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