New Muslim Cool

“New Muslim Cool” follows the lives of Hamza Perez, a Puerto Rican American Muslim rapper (yes all rolled into one!), his family, and his community as they navigate the paths of religion, race, politics, and culture which intersect their lives in post-9/11 America. It is a moving story that showcases the rich diversity of Islam in America,
and which challenges many preconceived notions of what being Muslim in America means.

Message from the co-producer:

Peace and Blessings everyone,

The highly anticipated trailer for the NEW MUSLIM COOL is finally here!

Check it out on the NEW MUSLIM COOL FB page or on Youtube,

Pass it on! Spread the word! And don’t forget to leave us a message because we want to hear from you.

To all my west coast people, let’s fill those seats at the NEW MUSLIM COOL World Premiere screenings at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Advance tickets will be going on sale soon.

In April, we’ll also be doing a special sneak preview screening of NEW MUSLIM COOL at the Al Jazeera Documentary Festival in Doha, Qatar!

In a couple more weeks we’ll also be able to share the details of our upcoming national broadcast on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series P.O.V. Stay tuned!

The NEW MUSLIM COOL website is now under construction so you can sign up for email alerts at, or go to to send us an email.

Keep a look out for more announcements, posts and photos.

Kauthar Umar
New Muslim Cool

11 Replies to “New Muslim Cool”

  1. May Allah bless Hamza and his community. May Allah keep him free from the illusions on this world and keep him steadfast on as-sirat al mustaqeem.

  2. am i the only one who’s sick and tired of documentaries that dissect the life of the “American Muslim”?
    here you’ll see the american muslim in his habitat…

    muslims have been living in america for years, and we’re going to be here for many years to come. it’s not that amazing!
    i feel like every video or article i read is about the post 9/11 world (it was a tragedy that happened 8 years ago, and we’re still talking about it as if it’s recent news…please realize that if someone holds something against muslims, 9/11 shouldn’t be blamed every single time!) or about the great phenomenon called the ‘american muslim’

    islam is the second most popular religion in the world; when are we going to stop acting like a minority?
    when are we going to stop acting like we don’t belong in america?

    after 9/11, naturally people were hurt and they blamed a whole nation/religion–the muslims…and muslims took it to heart.
    stop crying about racism that happened in the months or years following 9/11.

    in the words of malcolm x :
    Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

    now can we start seeing documentaries with more creative topics??

    hope you enjoyed/ benefited from reading my rant 🙂

  3. @wutr
    i feel what you’re saying, but you know, we all know that muslims have been here for a long time and folks are still ignorant of us. people still come up to me and ask if islam is a black religion? many people are amazed to know that we don’t worship muhammad (pbuh). it’s not like the info isn’t out there, it’s just getting folk to pay attention. sorry to be capt. obvious, i’m just saying whatever’s positive and gets the word out there is cool. it’s for “them” as much as it is for us. besides i like mujahideen team.

  4. @wutr: We “are” a minority in the West, and Muslim leaders have never addressed that issue for years (ie, Muslim minorities in our history). We must read history b/f we comment. Also, we have to know at what “point” in history we quote Malcolm, Islam teaches us that when we get angry, it is easier for shaitan to control us, but “real” change is when we control our anger for the good, and I am sure Malcolm would have said this a/f Hajj and spending time with the Ulama.

  5. @wutr

    I also believe that even though muslims arent a minority in the world they are vastly misunderstood by people in the US, I also am confronted by people everyday who are amazed and some who probably don’t believe me but let it go, that we worship the God of Abraham. Its hurts my heart when I hear things like this. If 9/11 had been committed by a “christian” [and i put quotations b/c it wasn’t done by a true muslim either] people in the west would have shrugged it off and said “must’ve been a bad apple” and thrown away the issue of the perpatrator’s race/religion right then and there! But b/c it was done by someone from a culture they don’t know much about who claimed a religion they don’t know much about, then ALL muslims were thrown into this stereotype!

    and its sad b/c its true muslims HAVE been living in america for a LOOOONG time and will continue to do so, and no one knows enough about them to realise this wasn’t done per teachings of the Qur’an… so YES WE DO NEED TO KEEP TELLING THE STORIES OF AMERICAN MUSLIMS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL THE “BAD APPLES” WILL STICK OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB! UNTIL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND WHAT WE REALLY ARE ABOUT IT NEEDS TO BE REITERATED CONSTANTLY!!!

    May Allah bless Hamza, his family his community and the filmakers!

    May Allah bless the hearts of FBI members who decided to set up cameras and put hardship on these people that they might come to know the truth.

    Thanks for reading my rant! =] You can have your soapbox back =]

  6. AOA i am mexican and accepted islam beautiful religion that close minded people will never understand im glad brother Hamza has Imam amd may ALLAH keep him safe and motivating people inshAllah!!!! Allah Hafiz

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